Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jumbled thoughts... Outta sorts

In January, I promised myself to finish updating January's happenings by the end of the month.

In February, I promised myself to finish updating January and February's happenings by the end of the month.

In March, I promised myself to finish updating January, February and March's happenings by the end of the month.

Ok fine, you get the drift.

May is coming to an end and I've got 5 months worth of photos lying in the folders never to see the light of day.


"No need to update la. Just give us the photos."

I'm supposed to upload some group photos to share on Facebook. I haven't gotten my lazy ass down to it as I've got no bulk uploader like most of you la.


Yayness. My temp mei mei is coming back tomorrow! After 2 weeks of leave, her presence is greatly missed by my dept. We're drowning in work you see.


I have almost forgotten how it feels like to be marking till the wee hours of the morning.


Dunno is it I give my tutees 2 weeks break or they gimme 2 weeks break. Anyhow, it makes me treasure my Sundays.


My da jie jumped on the Pet Society bandwagon just 2 months ago. She is currently 30K points higher than me with 2 scrolls to my right and 1 position on my er jie's right who happened to be on Pet Society for the longest period among the 3 of us.


Yum cha, high tea and dinner with friends you love are one of the best things in life.


"Godma Jolene, you know orr just now I saw you on the newspaper."

My god! It's not me. It's not me.

(strangers don't ask what this is about)


Thanx for all the birthday wishes via sms.

I haven't gotten a new hp and am using my dad's spare Sony Ericsson for my main line at the moment. I haven't saved any numbers in as I don't really know how to operate a Sony.

Also, for those who sms me on that line, please forgive me if I don't reply at times. I can't master the skill of sms-ing on that hp that even typing "Usin spare hp No # saved who r u" with no punctuation and sometimes no spacing took me a few minutes.


Shifted to the new office building and still trying to adjust.


While packing, I came across the liquer chocolates from Germany given to me by last year's temp mei mei. Wanted to offer to the rest until I saw the expiry date of 2008. Decided it was a good excuse to keep it for myself. Am eating it all by myself now. Liquor has crystalised and lacks the rich velvety smoothness.


as the saga rages on
as the plot thickens
as the mystery unfolds
emo monster will just sit back, relax, eat popcorn
and enjoy the show
or so she thought

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