Friday, May 15, 2009

Laughing Over Photos of Yesteryears

“A person is neither whole nor healthy without the memories of photo albums. They are the storybook of our lives. They provide a nostalgic escape from the tormented days of the present.” -- Patrick Garry

My er jie has been hounding kh and me for our photos as she has to start doing our wedding photo montage soon.

Hence, over the weekend I decided to get my ass down to choosing some photos.

My family and I had many good laughs over some of the silliest photos of fashion-gone-wrong, weird hairdo and strange expressions. My sisters and I would pick random ugly photos of one another, point and burst out laughing like hyenas. Then, we would pick some of our parents, point and laugh right in their faces.

We were really quite rude to one another but it was fun(ny).

We spent many nostalgic moments browsing through our parents' black and white photos. My dad was such a handsome beng while my mum looked so clean.

We would then look at my dad, sigh and ask him,

"Daddy, what happened to you???"

Over at kh's house, I was greeted with a rude shock when I discovered what an ugly baby he was. *LOL* Fortunately that only lasted till he was one year old. After that, he looked quite cute that I wondered aloud,

"What happened now?"

He insisted that I was nowhere better. He teased me for having such a fat face with features squeezed in the middle.

Then, we also spent some time looking at his parents' photos. Like mine, his dad was such a handsome beng while his mum looked so clean.

Kh sighed and wondered what happened to his dad as well.

Haha... We're so mean.

Our wedding is less than TWO months away and we're still having problems with our tables and guest list.

How last minute can we get?

I know of someone who's getting married this December and she's done with all the planning. All she had to do was to wait for the actual day and get married.

Everything about the wedding prep has been left status quo for at least 2 months. We've to get back in momentum.

Up till now, we're still picking photos for the montage whenever we have the free time.

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  1. Copied & pasted from tagbox for remembrance:

    15 May 09, 09:50
    Justina: Planning is tedious process la... but enjoyable though! So, enjoy!

    17 May 09, 21:07
    Jo to Justina: Yep... I'm enjoying... coz I dun feel stressed at all. My frenz are more gan chiong for me than I am for myself. Heh...


    16 May 09, 03:19
    joy: err...who's the person who is getting married in dec and is all planned out? definately not me coz i haven't done loads of things yet!!!

    17 May 09, 21:09
    Jo to joy: Haha... of coz not referring to u. I know u stil got tonnes to plan and do too. Referring to some1 else whom I tink V may know. I forgot if I've told her. Dora looks so long now!


    20 May 09, 11:45
    Justina: Hey Jo! Seems like some clown"Anon" is being concern who is posting on Lil Char's blog eh... Haha, wad a joker!

    24 May 09, 03:41
    Jo to Justina: Haha..I do find it a joker too. I'm giving e benefit of doubt tt e last anon is a diff anon fr e 1 who keeps coming back. I'm tracking its every move. Oh btw anon, if u r reading this. HELLO! *waves*



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