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Friday, August 01, 2008


Simba was very much alive.
I could not believe my eyes when I saw her.
Everything was white and hazy.

She stared at me with huge beady eyes and started purring.
I rushed to carry her, sayang her, smell her and kiss her.

I could feel her warm body against mine.
I could feel her soft, silky fur.
I could smell her distinct soft toy smell.
I got swollen lips after kissing her.

Hugging her, I ran around the house to find the rest.
I squealed with obvious delight
that Simba was still very much alive.

Nobody heard me.
Nobody saw me.
I screamed and waved wildy.

But still,
nobody could hear me,
nobody could see me.

Something drew me
further and further away...
Like a giant vacuum cleaner
sucking me from all the whiteness.

There I lay in my bed
but Simba was gone.
How I miss her.

Telling myself that she had gone to rainbow bridge,
I made a mental note not to watch too many lion videos.


  1. Jo, u realised that Aug 1, 2008 is the start of the 7th month.. =P
    - Zanne

  2. EEEKKKS! Zanne why you say that? I thought it was sad and then funny at the end den when I read your comment I got scared.

  3. Zanne,

    Let me recall... I had that dream a night before I posted this entry!

    Anyway... I really don't mind seeing baba again. =P

    Hey are you anybody I know?


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