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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sleep, Slack, Sit Around, Surf

I just kept sleeping and sleeping till 2+pm. I really hate to sleep till afternoon but I just could not pluck myself outta of bed with stuffy nose, clouded mind and backache.

Sick? Lethargic? Or sheer laziness? I think it’s a bit of all combined. My body must be instructing my mind to continue sleeping and to replenish all the lost hours while at the same time misleading me to think I’m sick.

No tuition the whole day coz I postponed the first session and the second one was timely cancelled by the mum as tutee was bz doing his project.

Managed to finish marking a stack and then slacked, sat around and watched the last episode of CSI. Simple pleasures but so heavenly.

Oh, I got to earn some meez coinz from a random newsletter and so my Little meez Consicence is sporting an almost complete look from Halloween 2006. YAY! I’m just lacking the Halloween background so continue TRYING to support. Eh gera and tiff ah. It’s very easy to sign up mah. How come you all spent so much time trying to figure out? Really live up to your bimbo status leh. I’ve helped kh signed up for an a/c from that url.

Hehe he made a meez that really resembled him a lot. But some stupid items have to be bought so I didn’t save it.

Presenting Little MEez Conscience...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

She/ I look kinda retarded carrying the big Trick or Treat bag and blinking non-stop. The animation is supposed to be much longer when she/ I would swing the bag here and there very innocently.


Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

I prefer the new flirty Conscience. Once again, the animation is supposed to be a lot longer which is viewable when you click here.

Photobucket is GREAT! I'm slow to jump on the Photobucket bandwagon but I realised the reason I took so long to sign up for an a/c was because the nicknames I always used have all been taken up. I was too lazy to think of a new username that I simply didn't sign up till now.

Wanna blog about the meet up with tf too. That will have to wait. Hope none of your students know of my blog. BTW babe, the photos have been uploaded onto Multiply. Go and check it out. Pweet pweet you back. So sweet of you to pin up our polaroid on your noticeboard. I'm gonna stare at you everyday so you better not eat snake. Wahaha…

Note to frenz:
I've read your comments. Thanx a lot. I'll reply them another day ya? Have a great day ahead! =)


  1. hahaha! you'd never know. some of them might be ardent fans of your blog about makeup fashion and silly photos! (i know i am) i also wanna blog about u too man but so busssssssssssssssssssssssy!! :P

  2. Dearest Jolene!!! :D

    Hope u feel better soon!!!
    Take good care! And I really think your work can be
    too tiring and stressful for u sometimes!!!

    Do remember to work hard~

    Yes! I super LoVe to use PHOTOBUCKET alots!!!
    They are so user-friendly!!!
    And so useful! Can be use for blogging, foruming etc!!! :D

    The Meez DOLLS are so cute!!!
    Definitely remind me of u and yr friends' costumes tat time!!!
    U all looked really good tat time!!!
    Unique! Stand out from the crowd!!!

    Take care always, my dear friend!!!
    Keep in touch!!! :D

  3. Yoz tf,

    Haha I hope I can blog about that day after replying to all my msgs but look at the time now. It’s getting late. Maybe just post photos with no words. Then you go and caption and add words in yourself. =D

    Hope the week that just passed had been fine with no troublemaker. I got some prob with some classes manz. Thankfully, my Saturday problem class was ok and the whole weekend went well.

    Dear bubbly vivien,

    Work is tiring and stressful at times but so far still ok. Heh… And they are trying to relieve me of some workload liao. So no worries for now ya? I will definitely PLAY VERY HARD when it’s time to play. Thanx for your concern.

    I’m still trying to navigate round Photobucket. Right now, I’m only using it to upload photos to generate html code. Dun even know how to arrange them in albums. If I delete the photos, will the url be spoilt and my pic will not be viewable anymore?

    Really reminds you of us? That’s great! Thanx. Just hope my frenz will also create theirs and then that’ll be really cute. Next time I’ll come and fan you when I start to play with that chio chio Korean doll site.

    I long time never read blogs liao. I will kpo your cheery “Spa” blog soon. Wahaha… In the meantime, take care and be happy everyday! =)


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