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Monday, July 30, 2007

1.5 years later, tf and me met again

Yay! Met up with tf Last Sunday after about 1.5 years yes? The last I could recall was last February.

The constant “when-are-you-free-to-meet-up” smses, the double date that never materialise… It was just sooooo difficult to find a common time to meet up.

That was the first time I see the sporty tf sporting such long hair!

Tf had wanted to eat at HK café but since we were at Far East Plaza, we/I were/was too lazy to walk in my new and pretty pointy shoes and so went to this Jap ramen place (which she said was not too bad) for dinner.

Walking in my shoes…

The only pair of pointy shoes which can hold my narrow feet securely and doesn’t give me blisters. But it gave me cramped toes and aching nails. I hate my feet! And then somebody in the background would go, “Cut it off. Cut it off.” (You know who you are) "Cut off your toes. Cut off your toes." (You know who you are has corrected me.)

On the topic of that restaurant, I wouldn’t visit it again. Forgot the name of the place but it is located at Level 1. The food was so so and the service was damn slow. If I’m not wrong, we waited 45 minutes for the food. Luckily we were too engrossed in our conversation to feel impatient and pissed off. Ok, at least that was what we feel but apparently tf’s tone to the waitress proved otherwise. She was curt and sounded pissed off when asking why our food was taking so long. Haiz… what has t**c***g done to you? So bitchy and so fierce now. Haha… You know ah after our meet up, I was super bitchy and fierce to my noisy classes for a day. But they really deserved it la.

To add on about not visiting that restaurant again, there is something about the whole environment that is not agreeable coz both of us started to have achey heads after sitting there for some time. It must be the combination of lighting and music that caused the achey head.

Huge portions food which we greedily finished…

We adjourned to Lido for a change in environment. I was surprised to see such an empty Lido. The last time I saw an empty Lido was during JC time on a weekday.

Tf got a polaroid for her birthday and she was so excited about using it that she brought that bulky thing out.

So we took photos of us with the polaroid as well as of us and the polaroids.

On our way to the loo
We bumped into Lord You-Know-Who
Saved we were in the nick of time
By the courageous Harry Potter and Sirius Black too

Next, we dropped by the Simpson’s living room for some Itchy and Scratchy show.

In a time when computer animation brings us worlds of unsurpassed beauty, one film dares to be UGLY – The Simpson’s movie in 2-D.

That night, they were pretty much 3-D like you and me and they were really ecstatic about that. Homer was downing is Duff beer and yelling away, “Doh! Do we look 2-D to you? We have character and substance! We’re definitely not flat!”

Can’t wait to watch the movie. I heard from my sister’s friend that “You haven’t even laugh finish then you will laugh at the next one”. I love the subversive wit, the satire and the morbid humour of the Simpsons. The cartoons never fail to crack me up. Tf also likes Simpsons. High-5 man! You are the first friend I know who appreciates Simpson’s humour.

It was a great evening catching up with you my dear. There is never an awkward moment of silence with you. Although we are both not as siao char bor as before, we will always be so buddy buddy and 38 38 with each other. Anytime you wanna rant about your job, you can find me coz I’ll perfectly empathise your situation and angst. I won’t get sian of listening to all your stories. I learnt about soooo many things which I never knew.

Hope everything will go on smoothly on your side and hope to hear happy news from you. In the meantime, gambatte to all workaholics in this world!


  1. Oh! I LoVe the Simpsons Photos, dearest Jo!!!
    Isit located at Lido???

    I also like to watch this cartoon when I was young!!! :D

    I think nowadays other cinemas in Orchard
    overtake the good, old Lido le!!!

    It was such a hip place to hang out
    when I was younger! *WAHAHA*!!! :D

  2. Yup, it's at Lido! Hurry there and take a pic with the 3D Simpsons family! Oh you like this cartoon too? High 5! And I agree. Last time Lido was such a hip place to hang out at.

  3. Yoyoyo!!

    Is it telepathy or wat?!! i got the same pointy white shoes!!! hahaha! but mine are flats though..

    read ur latest blog.. take care and get well soon!

    take vit c every day and u will soon be able to fight the once again viruses. Have you ever wonder why auditors dun seem to fall sick during peak period even though they work into the early morning everyday?? tat's the auditors' secret. 1 vit c a day keeps the doc away!

    All the best!


  4. Mine are flats too!!!! Got From Far East. I think so many times we got telepathy!

    This has to be one of my worst cold, cough, bad throat ever. 3 weeks liao.

    I went to buy Redoxen today. Hope will get well soon. Haha my ying xiang zhong is u alwiz fall sick from cold. So now your immunity system is a lot stronger after the miraculous Vit C? I shall try it everyday. =D


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