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Thursday, July 19, 2007

To be updated: Deardear's Birthday on 18th July

No time for updates now. Got tonnes of work to do.

Entertain yourselves with an overload of our handsome and pretty faces for now...

Wahaha... =D

WHAT? It's like watching a horror movie?


Ok... how about a photo of something tantalising to the tastebuds?

The best steak in Singapore sure isn't a horror movie. Unless of course you're a vegetarian... or an animal activist...

Or else then you're a cow.



  1. hi hi..
    when tying the knot like your fren reg.. :)

  2. Wahaha... Not so soon la.. Must ask him. Also not me who pop the question. =P

  3. Definitely not a horror movie. I think you are reallie pretty and your deardear and you very match.



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