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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Saturday nights...

Two Saturdays ago...
Met up with em, hs and wy… the fateful day I was forbidden to eat raw food, spicy food and milky food. I was such a good girl. I ate my dinner at home so that I would not be tempted to eat any sashimis.

I love to meet up with this group of people! We used to see each other everyday. Now, it’s so difficult to find a day to meet.

em brought us goodies all the way from Japan. She even wrapped them up in a sweet pink checkered plastic bag. How thoughtful! That lucky bitch went on a free tour with her sister who won tickets to Japan. Envy envy! So nice of you to think of us even when in Japan. Heh..


Can you spot the pink checkered bag underneath the goodies?

We shared desserts.

They were not bad. Oopsy. I could not resist not eating milky stuff.

So many updates...

So happy to hear about all the updates of our ex company as well as some of my ex students who have been continuing the program till now. I cannot imagine if i'm still teaching them, I would have seen them grow from 1 year old babies to a 4 year olds!!!

em and hs gambatte ne with your jobs. =) Don't stress. Don't stress.

Oh btw hs, My tutee's mum was at that abercrombie fair you went to at Suntec that day. Did you see a pretty and fashionable lady with long straight hair manning any booth?

I'm so happy for wy that her bf proposed to her! He's such a sweetie. You don't be a spoilsport ok? I really can't wait to he1 your xi3 jiu3!!! =D

It was good catching up with all of you.
Those few hours weren’t enough. I feel like we still had a lot more to update. We should meet up more often.

One Saturday ago...
Kh dad has got two free tickets to a buffet at Café Georges in Le Meridien Hotel. I didn’t expect such a café with convivial atmosphere exist in this hotel. The inside of the hotel building is very different from the outside.

The place exudes an old world charm, from its red leather seats, golden bars lined ledges and majestic French lamps. We really thought it was quite classy, peaceful and quiet.

As the waiter led us deeper in, we saw hordes of families and the peace and quiet was disrupted. All of a sudden, the old world nostalgia vanished as voices of children screaming and people talking at the top of their voices in every tongue pierced the air.

It wasn’t all too bad. If the place was too classy, I would not be so much at ease coz I’m a very unclassy person when it comes to eating.

That night, I committed the 3 sins of eating raw, spicy and milky food.

The sahshimis didn’t look as fresh as they should be but they taste good! And the wasabi was POWER man. Shiok!

Still haunted by my last raw oysters consumption which were nothing close to fresh, I didn’t dare touch the oysters. Kh took some and said that they were quite good.

I love the creamed potato soup and mushroom salad best! For desserts, the chocolate mousse was heavenly. In fact, I’m craving for that smooth and rich chocolaty taste now.

We didn’t eat a lot that night considering that both of us are people with huge appetites. We were very full by the time it came to desserts but we forced ourselves to try them. We skipped the ice creams though.

The service was good. Our plates were cleared very quickly, our glasses were topped up every now and then. The waiters and waitresses pandered to our needs yet managed to keep a professional distance to ensure a pleasant dining experience.

Nuff said, time for photos…

What we ate minus the shashimis.

I realised that buffet food photos always don’t look good. Or maybe I should really get a new camera. I know an Olympus with food feature.

The very un-photogenic kh..

“I look like an idiot.”
“Do not take a photo of me!”

K la some more natural ones…


My da jie came back from Yunnan that Saturday and cluttered the whole house with...

Flowers all the way from Yunnan!!!

Very beautiful right?

These are cold climate flowers and they won’t last too long here. I can’t believe she actually have them packed in cargo boxes and ship them home!

They smell good too!


  1. Kh look fine. You are hard on him. ^_^ Why you cut off half your face?

    I like the way you describe your experience at the buffet. You sound like a food editor for a magazine. The ceiling look very highclass.

    Oh mine and the flowers from your sister is so BEAUTIFUL! Look really like in another country.


  2. Yen,

    Hard on him? WAHAHA...

    The face wasn't cut off as much in the original picture. =)

    Sound like a food editor? Uh oh you'll be disappointed to know that I actually got some lines off the internet. *sheepish smile*

    Yes indeed, the flowers were beautiful. Right now, they are all withering liao. Such beauty does not last long.

  3. It's ok. No matter what, you are still a very good writer. You write much better than so many other famous bloggers.

    And I agree with you that sometimes temporary beauty is beautiful but do not last long.

  4. Yoz Jo....glad u like the snacks and the pink checkered wrapper.

    Thanks for calling me a (lucky) bitch too...hmmm think it must be some form of release from the material making days in 2 year old team ya? =P

    Oh i like ur Abercombie WINTER Jacket too...


  5. Yen,
    Thanx.. guo4 jiang3 le. I'm not comparable to those famous bloggers.

    Yoz yoz lucky bitch yo!

    Always pleasantly surprised to see your comments. Last time you always comment to me face to face. Now cannot liao.. haha...

    I love the acket too but upset about the loose threads at the logo. Hey if you are reading this, can you help me check if this jacket is nice? Seller is willing to do an exchange. Either top up for tt jacket or she refund me partial $10 for being upset.. Haha..


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