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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

♥♪♪♥My recent online shopping loots♥♪♪♥

It's the time of the year when I suddenly unleash my spendthrift nature after saving so hard.

My latest splurge… a pink Gucci tote bag!

The snooty brand conscious people would say “Oh that’s so last season” but I don’t care. It is the limited edition pink range from last year. I still remember walking into the Gucci boutique and admiring all the pink range… lemming for a small shoulder one but refusing to spend $800+ on a bag. Now I’ve got a big one for a good deal. The boutique was selling the big one at $1080 last year.

And then in the background, kh would go “What??!! $XXX for a bag?”

I don’t care coz it makes me happy.

Besides $XXX for an authentic Gucci tote is real cheap!

I was talking to evan on msn the other day and raving to her about my new buy. Upon ending the conversation, she went, "Gucci night!" Haha...

This gorgeous jacket just arrived at my doorstep yesterday…

Abercrombie Casey Fur Bomber Jacket

Isn’t this jacket simply lovely? I love it to bits… the design, cutting, the fit.

“It’s nice but why do you keep buying jackets and boots when Singapore is so hot?” my mother wondered.

“It’s nice, it makes me happy and now I have a winter jacket,” I answered.

“But there is no winter here.”

I got it for a steal of $90 inclusive of postage. The original price is $178. However, although it is authentic, the jacket came directly from the factory and I spent lots of time cutting the loose threads. That’s what you get for buying things at a steal. As Abercrombie is well-known for their quality, I was a little upset by the workmanship especially the furring of stitches of the moose logo. I hope the seller gets back to me.

On the topic of Abercrombie, I got this humour tee a few months back…

Abercrombie cute and classy humour tee

Initially, I thought the humour was in the irony that one cannot be cute and classy at the same time. Everybody else who saw me in that tee thought the same too.

"Are you sure you are cute and classy?"

Before you read on, use your blink 2 seconds judgement and try to spot the intended humour...

One fine day, I was just lying on my bed, staring at this tee hanging on my door and it suddenly dawned on me that the words ‘cute ass’ is in a darker shade than the other words!

That the humour dawned on me only recently really left me speechless. I was stunned at my foolishness in realising it so late. I just lay there dumbfounded, with my stupidity as a consolation and encouragement to all stupid people in the world. Yes that includes all those who saw my tee. We are stupid people.

xmas present from my 2nd sister...

Papillio Zebra brown Arizona

Ya I know xmas is so 4 months ago. Anyway, I forced this xmas present out from her. We were ordering from her friend and when the goods arrived, I acted like a brat and simply refused to pay her, saying that I’ll treat it as my xmas present. So she tried to swindle a pair of addidas sneakers out from me and we ended up buying shoes for each other. Nope, we are not supertitious about buying shoes and running away.

By the way, she deems my taste very bad. She says nobody else would choose this obiang zebra pattern. I, on the other hand, think it’s cute, quirky and unique! I’ve seen so many people wearing the same Whisper White as me, I’m sure nobody would wear a Zebra Brown.


  1. Jolene why did you install the right click function? I wanted to copy and paste some words here but have to type them out. Haha!

    I love all the things you bought. You have great taste!

    I agree with so many things you say. As long as we feel happy, its ok. I love your pink Gucci tote can. It is so super sweet. And the furry jacket too. I did not see the cute ass until I read what you wrote. And its so funny when you say that your stupidity is a consolation to all stupid people in the world. Very witty girl! I am a stupid people too. Maybe the zebra print slippers is quirky but I think you can carry it off so it will look good on your feet. No worries yes?

    Oh update more. I'm so happy to see your updates.


  2. hey hey!

    i lOve the furry jacket! i'll prObably get One befOre scOOting Off tO france Or italy! wOOhOO! and i'll get a pair Of tO-die-fOr bOOts tOO...

    anyway, hOpe yOu feel better knOwing yOu have a smart friend here. i saw the "cute ass" right away! *sniggers*

    meet up sOOn!

  3. Oh. anyway, i think yOu can pull Off wearing that tee and it's damn yOu! sO quit feeling stupid.


  4. Yen,
    Haha... so it seems like WE have grat taste! I simply love reading your comments coz they are ever so sweet. Is your tongue marinated with honey or something? Heh.. =)Thanx for all your sweet words, gal!

    crabby evan,
    Ooh! So srprised to see your comment, you silent reader! You must be damn proud to know that you are the ONE and ONLY person so far who spotted the humour immediately.

    You can get the furry jacket from yahoo auction. This seller has really great Abercrombie jackets! I got this for $90 inclusive postage but se was trying to clear stock and it's the last 1 so quality not as fantastic. This jacket actually retails for $178. Ooh!!! Dun go France or Italy so soon! Save up save up save up!!! =)

    When will we meet up again??????? I MISS YA!!!!

  5. I was surfing around when I chanced upon your site. May I know where you get such good deals for the gucci and abercrmbie and fitch? Are they definitely the real deal?

  6. Marinated with honey? You are the sweet one babe. ^_^

  7. am dying tO gO fOr my next trip. think might gO in Oct if i can manage tO save up sO fast! is the furry jacket thick enOugh fOr winter? i dOubt sO right? the seller did nOt give a discOunt Or Offer tO exchange since the quality isn't great?

    gOtta meet up again. we can Only manage a few hOurs each meetup. hardly enOugh tO b*tch!

  8. anon,
    From Yahoo auctions SG. As far as I know, they are authentic.


    crabby evan,
    The seller says it's more like autumn jacket. Me thinks the fur is quite thick and it's suitable for those warm winter. Not those below 0 deg C kind probably. =)

    I'm in the process of getting an exchange. Very sincere seller I must say. Told her I was upset with the loose threads when A&F is supposed to emphasise on quality control. She actually offered a partial $10 refund when she could not do an exchange as that was the last piece.She used to sell it for $149 on her auction.

    Should I take the $10 refund? or exchange for this but topping up another $10?

    She's agreeable to it. But now I can't decide...

    I hate the indecisive me.

  9. Cannot right click cannot see.

  10. Erm... are you ems? If you could have come to the comments page, you would have been able to right click. =)

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