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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Letter to nai nai

Last night, or rather, in the wee hours of this morning, I was in the shower and started thinking about nai nai again. I still can't believe that she's gone. I stood there and bawled my eyes out. I haven't cried for the longest time. With tears streaming down, I sat at my desk and started penning down my thoughts.

Written in a spur of the moment, I don't know if there is any mistake or whether my sentences are grammatically stringed. I hope nai nai will understand my lousy Chinese because these are my zhen xin hua.


  1. I dont really understand chinese but roughly. Please dont be too sad. Take care sweets. Hope your loved one is save in the arms of god.

  2. from this post...

    thot u v angmoh-pai but u can write mandarin characters and its neat writing!

    reminded me of something i wrote...send to u nx time...

  3. hey babe, hope u're feeling better now. Your chinese has always been quite good, and it sure hasn't deteriorated after all these years so I'm sure your nainai will understand what you wrote. :)

    Don't worry k, your nainai will always be looking down upon you from heaven. She has just entered a different realm that's all. Memories of her will always be alive in your heart.

  4. May I know whats your chinese name? What is the second word? Ling? I never seen that character befor.

  5. oh ya, anonymous reminded me, that i wanted to say from ur post, i know ur chi name too...

    anonymous: your mandarin is not up to mark that's all. that character is not even in ancient chinese character...

  6. Opps. Take good care of yourself.

    Your nai nai wherever she is now, will be glad to know that she has a important place in your heart. This I believe is most people will like to achieve.

    Couple of things that I wanted to pen here to console you, well, kind of eh hmm..

    Anyway, I know you will get over it, and look back fondly abt your good times with your nai nai, sharing fire place stories with your kids' next time.


  7. dear jolene,
    hope you are feeling much better now. your spur of the moment chinese is quite good, im sure your nai nai knows what you are saying. what matters is that is your true feelings which cannot be hidden. your "nai nai" has gone to heaven and she will be glad to know that you keep her in your heart. she will be watching you from above and looking out for you. treasure the memories of her in your heart. ^_^ cheer up babe.

    sidetrack.. your chinese handwriting is quite nice. i had the impression that you are quite english educated. guess i was wrong. and is the 2nd character of your name ling in simplified chinese? i cant find that word in chinese dictionary.

  8. ger u ok? You nvr reply my sms. hope u r ok le. pls reply me k? I'm worried for u.

  9. Dear all,
    I'm fine. Really thank you sooo much... I'm so touched by all your lovely comforting comments. Thank you soooo much! I'll definitely be keeping those memories and I'm very sure nai nai is happy in heaven. =) Thanx and take care too. Happy Valentine's Day in advance. *BiG HugZ to all of you*

    Actually that's my fast, untidy handwriting. Ya I'm v ang mo pai. The last time I wrote Chinese letter was during O-levels. Haha...

    "Your chinese has always been quite good, and it sure hasn't deteriorated after all these years" You have no idea how many people will scoff and snigger at this, esp kh. Hahaha... It's only my grades la... My spoken Mandarin is really CMI. Thanx for your sweet words.

    anonymous and paperleaf,
    Yes it's 'ling2'. It's fan ti zi that's why not in dictionary. I am really quite a 'potato'... I guess it's nai nai that gives me the impetus to write such things. =)

  10. Big hugs to you Jo. Your mandarin isn't lousy at all. Your letter is very touching and I'm sure your nai nai will understand. Happy Valentine's Day and gong xi gong xi in advance.

    Ah Yen

  11. Hi Ah Yen,
    Are you the same as Yen? Anyway, thanx your your sweet and kind words. Happy V-day cum friendship day and happy Lunar New Year to you!

  12. Yes. I'm 100% the same Yen. ^_^


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