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Thursday, February 15, 2007

My New Baby

I got myself a new baby.

I’d been eyeing it since last year when M1 sent a brochure to my sis on upcoming handsets yet to be in stores. It was strawberries and cream and oh so pretty.

At that time, my hp was dying but my sis told me to wait. I waited and waited and it hit our shores. I waited and waited but the price just didn’t drop. So, I waited and waited for other handphones to hit our shores but all the handphones in the market now are just so not suitable for me… except this.

I haven’t really gotten down to playing with it but I’m already liking it. Many people have commented that the handphone is so me. All the glitches about this model which I’ve read online proved to me of no problem for me.

I’m a techno idiot. As long as I can call and sms, it’s fine. All other functions are added perks.

Finally I can show off to my 2 tutees. 1 of them is using the latest nokia mp3 phone 5300 while the other is using 6300 and they must be secretly laughing at me for using 7250i and 3315.

One tutee on my 7250i,
“Teacher, you know my maid also has this phone.”

Another tutee on my 3315,
“My dad has the same phone as you.”

I thought 7250i was still ok. But whenever I complain about my hp hanging on me, people would ask to see what model it is and say “Oh that’s so ancient.” Very ancient meh? It’s merely the first coloured camera hp from Nokia mah.

Some others also commented that I can dress until so nice then suddenly whip out a bulky ‘hit crab’ 3315 and lose all image. What’s wrong? It’s a trusty phone ok?

My dear 7250i has been loyal to me since 2003. It threatened to die on me many times when it got cranky after 3 years but has managed to pull through till now. I have thus consigned the role of sms line to it until its deathbed.

My 3315 has also been loyal for the same amount of time just that it died on me in December, never to be revived.

Another phone which I like is the famous ‘walk on the blue side’ 8250. It was the very first hp I owned and it was with me till I traded it in for $80 when it threatened to die and I got my 7250i. It’s a wonderfully slim yet hardy little phone. I dropped it like 10437430943 times and it still worked quite well. And I simply love sms-ing with it. Love the feel of the buttons. I got to use an 8250 again when my colleague lent me her spare one to replace my sms line. I suddenly missed it sooooo much that I could hardly bear to return it to my colleague.

I have yet to transfer my entire contact list on the phone memory of my old hp into this hp as I’m impossibly lazy. And since, only 20% of my contacts are saved on sim card memory, please forgive me if I keep asking “Hi, May I know who is this?”

Also, my ex main line handset is currently used for my sms line and the sim card has gone haywire. Contacts which are saved without the ‘+65’ on my sms line will be shown without the person’s name attached to it.

So in any case, if you message both my numbers, I won’t know who you are. I’ll try to solve all these as soon as I don’t get lazy.


  1. New Nokia cellphones suck!

  2. Yess my dear EATEATEAT. I experienced your "May I know who is this" sms. You BIATCH! You had better save my number!

    2nd to no other BIATCH

  3. How is this model? I heard bad reviews too.

  4. anon1,
    I've heard about nokia's service but so far this hp is so good. Are you the same anon who posted on the African Grey?

    anon2 greatest BIATCH,
    Hahaha... Ooi... Not everybody know eateateat can?

    So far so good.


  5. Yay! Someone with the same phone with me. Now more ppl getting it as the price has dropped further.

  6. How do you find your hp? So far so good? The price had dropped further? Darn... btw maybe next time do leave a nickname k? =)


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