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Monday, December 19, 2005

New Toys

The late night shopping madness and crazy sale at Suntec burnt a hole in my pocket. However I was happy to have it burnt. =)

My xmas present for myself… PINK Panasonic Lumix FX8!

I’ve never gotten myself a present that expensive. Yes, it may seem like a splurge or an impulse buy but I’ve thought of it for over a year and I still can’t shake this camera off my mind. Back then it was still FX7.

I have never own a single walkman, discman, md player, mp3 player etc etc before. My 1st electronic toy was my fujifilm F450 digital camera and I was not exactly thrilled owning it. It was more of a hurried decision made on the last day of the SITEX exhibition when all the pink FX7 have been sold out.

Ok I’m merely giving myself valid excuse but I feel that I should really pamper myself at times. I know I would be truly happy with this camera. Feelings of longing that linger for one year is definitely not an impulse buy.

Another new toy…

An Oakley dartboard shades in berry red. This is my xmas present from kh but considering that we are both buying Oakleys for each other, it would be burning a hole in my pocket too.

I absolutely love my new toy. Was wavering between this Oakley ($314 full priced… Oakley doesn’t participate in SALE) and a Dior one ($346 which is already 50% off during the sale! *coughs* Imagine that at full price, it is even more expensive than my cam). Apparently it is a “Diorlywood” sunglasses with the chic yet ah lian Dior logo at the side made of Swarovski crystal.

This is how the Diorlywood looks like. Colour would b closer to the 2nd pic.

I think I’ve made the right decision to go for the quality and not the brand.

I am a contented poor girl this month.


  1. Nice Nice camera!!! I was looking at it recently only. Thinking of upgrading from my Canon A70 (forgot the model number). Hmm .. I shall wait .. and maybe check out the deals at the next Computer fair. How much did you pay for it?

  2. SMART GAL! you definitely made the right choice with the panasonic lumix. i have been researching this particular cam for quite a while. so i guessed fx9 was not on sale?

  3. Your new toys are really pretty! You love pink a lot?
    But I want to sidetrack, where do you go to shape your eyebrows? Do you draw them? The halloween one look thin. Usually I dont really like thin eyebrows but your arc is nice.
    Hope you will reply.

  4. Hi! Sorry for this late reply. Hmm.. seems like everyone is reseaching on this camera. I hope I've made the right choice too!

    NICEEEE right? I paid $649 for it. Includes free cordless phone, cleaning kit, card reader worth $60+, crumpler pouch, 512. But the promotion ended the day I bought it.

    You may want to check out for better deals at individual shops instead of those big stores. Big stores may provide good packages but small shops would be able to give you further reduction. Heard from my colleague that the shop near her place is selling fx8 for $500+.

    Yeah I'm smart *smirks* I waited 1 year for betta models to come up at a fraction of the price of fx7.

    fx9 was on sale too... $749 for the same freebies as fx8.

    Actually I'm still suspecting that fx8 may have some internal fault as fx9 broke into the market shortly after it did. The main difference is fx 9 has 1 mp more, has better screen, more colours which doesn't really bother me. fx8 has longer batt life and I think that's more important to me.

    And btw... how did you find me? Tru rune/orion's blog?

    I like pink but only certain shades of pink for certain things. =)

    I thread my eyebrows at this indian place somewhere near my place. And nope, I don't draw my eyebrows... I find that I have too much of it to get rid of. Heh...


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