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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Of Being Triumphant and My Darling Simba

I’m feeling very proud of myself now as I’ve just killed a cockroach in the toilet. I had to, for I do not want my Simba (better known as Baba) to play with it and get her paws so dirty and disgusting. I was about to go to the loo when I spotted a brown thing on the floor and dismissed it as some dried money plant. Baba was trying to follow me into the toilet, as she wanted some attention and food. I gently kicked her away and saw the brown thing move! That was no money plant!

I walked calmly out, for fear of inciting that hideous creature to fly. I contemplated walking back to my room without washing my face and relieving myself but the disgusting thought of Baba getting her paws dirty prompted me to do something about that roach.

So I armed myself with a broom and strut bravely back to the loo, carefully inspecting the surrounding before taking another step forward. That revolting creature was behind the door. I took a closer look at it and was so relieved that it doesn’t have a yellow band around its neck. (Do roaches even have necks?)

“Pah!” went the broom. “Piak” went the roach.

Ok I was just being disgusting. It didn’t go piak. I hate to crush roaches as I didn’t like their roach juice oozing all over the place. I hit it just enough to weaken it.

It fell from the wall and crawled towards me! I gave it another hit and it ended up on its back with all its repulsive legs twitching in the air.

Have you all ever wondered why do roaches always end up on their backs no matter how they are positioned before that? I often see crushed cockroaches on the pavement. And although they are crushed, anyone could see that they died on their backs. Why does this happen? I mean if a cockroach were to be happily crawling about, minding its own business and unfortunately get stepped on by some unwitting people, won’t their backs be facing up instead?

And since I’ve already digressed from my cockroach encounter, let me digress more.

How many dead, crushed, smashed, decapitated and mutilated roaches can a flight of stairs have?

Answer would be FIVE.

Yes, a freaking FIVE! That is the number of dead, crushed, smashed, decapitated, mutilated roaches on a flight of stairs at the 2nd floor of my block! I really hate my neighbours below. They are such dirty, inconsiderate and uncouth inhabitants. They litter the entire level below the 4th floor with loads of rubbish and because our 4th floor is very clean, they got jealous and started throwing litter on my level and even outside our door. They are probably jealous of our flat which looks really nice on the outside. Food styrofoam boxes, snack wrappers, spit-out chewing gum etc were disposed right at our doorstep! They even stole our beautiful plants! Whole pots of them and pluck our money plant to grow some for their own. I have half the mind to install some CCTV, but that could not be done of course. I don’t know what we have done to deserve this.

My neighbours are really incorrigible and I shall bitch about them some other time, as I’m still halfway into my cockroach story.

Right, where did I stop? Oh yes, it fell from the wall and crawled towards me! I gave it another hit and it ended up on its back with all its repulsive legs twitching in the air. It was pretty much alive still and I was afraid that if I were to sweep it up, it would overturn itself right side up and crawl away. Alas, this has to be done quickly for I saw Baba catwalking into the toilet. I swiftly swept the roach, threw it into the toilet bowl, flushed it and used a wet serviette to clean up any roach juice on the part of the floor where I had hit it.

I emerged from the loo triumphantly. As if I’ve just fought a fierce battle with the Spartans. That was my first time killing roaches without a can of insecticide.

My Simba is “tail-tailing” and rubbing against me right now. She’s really cute but she isn’t exactly photogenic. Most of her cute moments either did not turn out cute on the camera or were not captured in time.

Zzzzzz… Posted by Hello

Yawning… Posted by Hello

These are the few pictures of her I have on this comp.

Ever since my da jie switched Baba’s food to Science Diet, her fur has grown a lot softer and smoother. Science Diet is specially formulated to meet nutitional balance and target certain problems in cats. For example, they have Science Diet “for sensitive stomach”, “for sensitive skin” etc. And these words are printed quite largely on the packet. So when my sis bought the most recent one, I was puzzled as to why there wasn’t any of such words. I looked all over the packet and at last I saw the word “Lite” and “for cats who are prone to gain weight”. I thought that was really funny and after I read that, fat Baba came strolling towards me and I was pointing and laughing at her. Poor Baba looked at me so innocently with her big black eyes and went “meow”.

Just like this... Posted by Hello

Da jie and Er jie never fail to exclaim that Puss in Boots looks like Baba and Baba looks like Puss in Boots. I think that the above look of Puss in Boots is cuter than Baba but Baba beats Puss in Boots in cuteness for all other scenes in the show.

And these are some of the older pictures of her. The newer and fatter ones are not on my computer.

Baba Posted by Hello

Baba again Posted by Hello

I think if I start talking about Baba, I would write a really loooong entry, so I shan’t write about her now.

Gosh… look at the time now. History is repeating itself again!

I’ve got like so much to say for the week which has just passed that maybe I’ll just not blog about it.


  1. hello jolene.. well done :) very proud of you re: the cockroach incident. just dropping by to see what's up!

  2. A very brave chio bu. You are the first girl I know who kills cockroaches with a broom. Nice cat you have there.


  3. N i really love your style of blogging. Do post more often.

  4. Hi SY,

    Thanx for dropping by!

    Eh... DL i dunno who r u...


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