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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

If you have a beautiful face, you don't need to have fake boobs to get anyone's attention

professed Paris Hilton.

Dear Paris, you could afford to make the above claim for you indeed have a beautiful face. You are without doubt slutty (WARNING: Please do not click here if you are under 18 or if you cannot tolerate titillating or offensive images)…

but undeniably beautiful.
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And all so sweet at times.
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Other than having a beautiful face, you have great hair.
Be it long...
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or short.
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You have a beautifully tanned body and a sunny disposition. Posted by Hello

You look like a chio Ang Mo lian spewing refined vulgarities on your cell phone.
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You look absolutely chic and elegant even when you are all dirty and muddy. Posted by Hello

You are beautifully tall and look simply stunning in short skirts.
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You are so beautiful it blots out your fashion disasters. Posted by Hello

Most importantly, you can afford to make that above claim as you already have an ample bosom yourself.
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In fact, your cleavage is so wonderful, nobody would believe you haven’t gotten yourself a boob job. Your busts are so well rounded and defined, they look well supported even without a bra. Your busts certainly won’t look like this if you haven’t done anything to them.
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Why am I so positive that your boobs are not real? Few years back, you look as flat as a runway and all of a sudden, your anorexic frame sports an ample in front.

I am very sure you have undergone some kind of surgical implants, as real boobs made of fatty tissues will never look as perky when lain down.
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So when I read that quote in today’s Life! section, or rather yesterday’s, I was quite puzzled as I thought that you have had a boob job.

Yes, I agree you not only have a beautiful face, but beautiful hair, beautiful body, beautiful tan, beautiful aura, beautiful poise. But if you lie about you not having fake boobs, that isn’t beautiful anymore. Lies, liars and lying aren’t beautiful at all.

I however, would not be surprised if the above sentence was uttered by Sammi Cheng. She has a beautiful face, crystal clear SKII complexion, gorgeous eyelashes, and at times great hair. She is someone who exudes not only grace and beauty, but a cool Ah Lian seh as well. And she is practically boobless. Beautiful face and flat boobs aside, Sammi would never utter such a phrase for she isn’t an ounce as bitchy as you.

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