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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Dead, I am not. Sick, I am.

Great! I’ve finally fallen sick. Everyone is happy. I am happy coz having no classes today, I can finally take MC, stay home and rest. The rest are happy, as they’ve hit the nail in the head by predicting my future accurately. They are also happy coz they seem to take delight in telling me off and utter their all time favourite “See I told you” phrase.

It’s one of those illnesses we all love to hate: the sore throat, bad cough and dreadful cold kind of illness which require few days of recovery.

I have been suffering from a bad throat since Monday. I always end up with quite little voice left after teaching so many classes on Saturdays and Sundays but the sore throat set in only few days ago.

I’m to blame. With the “yi3 du2 gong1 du2” mentality, I continued eating sambal Kangkong, fish crackers, chocolates, jackfruit, Kacang Puteh, Pa Pa Dam (that Indian cracker) etc. From past experiences, no matter how much honey, liang cha etc I drink, my bad throat persisted. Therefore instead of finding ways to soothe it, I might as well continue eating as per normal.

Then my sore throat made my voice raspy and a mild cough settled in merrily. This morning, it blossomed into serious cough and cold. At the same time, I was robbed of my voice. I took time off in the morning to sleep more. However being highly responsible and absolutely dedicated to my job, I woke up to finish my materials of rabbit finger puppets so that I could get back to work in the afternoon to present my creation. But then I got so weak that I could not even drag myself out of the house to see a doc, much less to go to work.

My aunt cancelled the tuition at night as she was shocked to hear how bad I sounded. Thus, I have the whole night to watch TV. It feels real good to not do anything but watch TV! Oh yes, I said I wanna blog about TV. I’ll do so the next time.


  1. The thing about working your ass off is that you forget about the important things in life. That includes your family, your friends, your cat (?!) and most significantly yourself.

    I've been slogging the past 3 weeks or so and I feel I've lost a bit of myself in the process. It's a difficult emotion to describe, this emptiness. I just hope it goes away.

    Just a warning. Don't burn yourself out so early, you've got a long way ahead of you. And I'm not gonna say I told you so. At least not till next time.

  2. Heya Joel! Looooooooooong time never talk to you liao. I think about a month? Ok it is really weird to reply u now as we are also talking on MSN.

    Hope you are free-er now. As for me, after this wednesday, i'm gonna give all my tuitees and me a break... I'm not gonna give tuition the whole of next week. So I will have more time for myself and my friends. I do spend alot of time with my family as all of us, cept my da jie, are late sleepers. Often watching taped shows and dvds late at night. My baba will not be neglected too as she never fails to make her presence known...

    Thanx for ur concern and take care too!!!! Ü

  3. Do take care. I hope you are better now.



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