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Sunday, July 04, 2004

A Tribute to Tweety

From my last entry, my friends commented that I’ve never sounded so serious in my blog. After crying the past few days at the wake, my cheerful disposition is back again. Having not blogged for 3 days, I’m suffering from a mind block now and I simply do not know what to write about.

Let’s start off with my Deardear. (Ok ok… stop sniggering or being all so overwhelmed with disgust coz besides “EH!”, that’s how we address each other.) He’s finally back from Aussieland for an 18-day stint here. Ooh and he bought me something, something which I had a love-hate relationship with over the years.

I liked it when I was a young and impressionable pre-schooler and used to think it was cute. I remembered marveling at its capability of avoiding being eaten by the black and white cat. “I taut I taw a putty tat!” I often muttered to elicit responses from gushing adults such as “Oh! She’s so cute!”, “Oh! Hear her imitate!”, “Oh! She looks like Tweety!”

And then as I got older, I disliked it. It has been too well liked by all that I started loathing it. I often wondered how it could fly with wings as small as yellow chrysanthemum petals and feet as big as boxing gloves. Not to mention its big head. No such bird would survive in the real world with bodily characteristics like these. It defies the nature of evolution. It is a mutant!

After some time, that little big-head-bird did not irk me like before. I even thought that it’s big head and equally big feet were cute. Since then, I did not feel any aversion towards that bird-brain.

Until recently, I started being turned off by that yellow bird yet again when a few people commented that my head looked like a “Tweety-head”. What exactly does a “Tweety-head” looks like? Big? Rounded? Yellow? Fat cheeks? Swollen mouth? Please bear in mind that people exclaiming you look like Tweety when you were a lousy baby and when you are a beautiful adult are two very different issues which bring about two very dissimilar reactions.

“You like Tweety?”, “You look like Tweety!”, “Come to think of it, I didn’t realize your head is so big” were responses I got when I decided to put this photo which I took with countless Tweeties at Movie World as my MSN display picture. Needless to say, I’ve since changed the picture.

After divagating and rambling for five paragrapghs, can you see where all these are heading? Yup, my Deardear bought me a HUGE Tweety soft toy from the same store I hugged those countless Tweeties and posed with them. It’s so huge, it takes up half my bed. It’s so huge, it’s amazing I did not kick it off my bed the night before.

Huge Tweety with huge head. See! My head isn't big. Posted by Hello

Surprisingly, when he presented me with that toy, I did not feel any disgust for Tweety anymore. Moreover, when my mum saw the toy, she reminded me that the uncle who just passed away used to call me “Tweety Bird”. All the memories came back to me. He used to pinch my cheeks with his thumb and fingers on each side of my face such that my mouth will resemble Tweety. Then, he’ll laugh non-stop and repeat the same act. I enjoyed it! He used to carry me a lot when I was a toddler too. Each time he came my house, he would greet me with “Hello, Tweety Bird” and I would beam.

I ought thank my Deardear for buying me that present. At the beginning I was still protesting and he threatened to give it to some Mary or Sharon instead. I seem to lose all animosity towards Tweety now. In fact, I must say that I’m beginning to re-like Tweety and I do not think that I would grow to dislike it in the future.


  1. Beautiful adult? Adult yes, beautiful no.

    And Tweetie's (tweety?) cuter :P

    When's your graduation ceremony?


  2. Hey, i've not been online for 3 days.. feels like ages..

    Tweety is cuter.. (cuter than u?) Haha.. no doubt Tweety is cuter.. but I'M e cutest. =P

    My convocation is on the 15th of July. Wanna come n take photo with me??

  3. Hm.. I'm actually working. What time is it?

  4. 15th July morning session. Wil be arranging to try to meet the afternoon session frenz, mainly the Geog majors. Report sick n come take photos! =P


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