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Friday, July 16, 2004

I'm Officially an Arts Graduate

To be updated later... ...


I'm finally gonna update this entry. I'm Officially an Arts Graduate on the 15th when my commencement took place. And since i'm too lazy to type much, it will be more of a photo blogging.

Me and my proud parents. Obviously their faces in this photo do not do justice to how they were feeling that time. Posted by Hello

Tammy and Teoks were the 1st two friends to arrive. Posted by Hello

The elites reunited! Minus workaholic Julie. Pity pity...  Posted by Hello

Mum wearing my "square head" as what she calls a mortar board. Posted by Hello

Dad's turn! Posted by Hello

From Tammy's camera, she did a really nice monochrome finish to this shot. Luv it! Posted by Hello

Us again. Teoks is trying to blow the balloon's brains into the mortar board.Posted by Hello

I think Weiquan looks kinda reluctantly-funny-cute here. Yell at me if you want me to remove this photo. Posted by Hello

Caleb is forever bullying Teoks. Evidence? Flip through your albums from JC1 onwards. Most photos captured him in the act. Posted by Hello

My only individual shot.  Posted by Hello

Jamie my primary school classmate and me. Posted by Hello

Joel and me.  Posted by Hello

Tammy looks very sweet here so i decided to post this up. Once again, yell at me if you want me to take this down. Posted by Hello

We queued for some time up just for this stairs backdrop and so decided to hog it as evident by the next few shots.  Posted by Hello

There! Posted by Hello

Kh finally arrived and presented me with a yellow PIG! I swear it is part of his ploy to adorn my room with yellow stuff toys (Remember Tweety?). Posted by Hello

There... stair shots again! Posted by Hello

Me and Tam. She refuses to hold my balloons. Posted by Hello

Group shot. Posted by Hello

Evan (in academic gown) and her cousin. Posted by Hello

Through the looking glass. Posted by Hello

Both our parents. Posted by Hello

Deardear's turn. Posted by Hello

Clockwise from top left: Marcus, Chris, me & evan.Posted by Hello

Evan and I spent so much time snapping that the afternoon session people soon began to throng the UCC and we managed to take a photo with Samantha and Tingfang. If NUS has placed us all as Geography 1st major, the 4 of us would have been sitting together in a row. I thought that would have been very cool. Posted by Hello

Thursday, 15th of July has been a memorable day for me considering that I haven't been that enthusiastic about my graduation at the beginning. I know I have been thanking you all profusely that you all might as well smash my mouth with a brick bat. But I truly appreciate those of you who turned up that day. And for those who couldn't come, I appreciate all your well wishes via sms. I recalled not replying many smses as my handphone wasn't always with me. Hope to see the rest of you real soon!!!


  1. dear jo! please update! i can't wait!

  2. From the way you speak, i guess you must be Tammy. I've updated this entry. Go take a look!!! Ü

  3. Great pictures! You have fabulous hair... How did you get such hair?

  4. Maybe coz what you see are times of good hair days... LOL


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