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Monday, July 12, 2004

Rankle & Rant

I’m in an irritated mood now. I’m jobless yet I have no time for myself. I’m not spending enough time with my boyfriend. I do not have time to read my library books together with those few books I borrowed from people. I do not have time to read the papers. I feel like a frog in the well. Whenever I’m not giving tuition, I’ll be at home doing the laundry (that includes washing, hanging and folding.) My house is still in a mess. My hotmail is exploding, my yahoomail is spamming and I’m getting sick of listening to everybody’s ranting and nagging. I’m sick of being the middle person, the peacemaker, the one who listens to poor souls who have no one else to pour their problems to. These poor souls are people I love and care for but when they start all their ranting and nagging, they metamorphose into people I dread and do not give a shit for. I’m highly charged with stress over the days… other people’s stress. I can’t ask them to shut up and give me a break coz if I do not listen to them, they would keep all the pent-up emotions in them and that’s very unhealthy. I’m only glad that my deardear is back in Singapore to mollify and calm me down.

Many things happened the past few days which I thought might be worth blogging. But I hate writing backdated stuff and with my current mood, I guess I’ll leave it for another day or skip it in all. OH! I just noticed that my ad on top of this page is on Tweety merchandise!


  1. yoz, chill babe!! try not to get too emotionally bogged down by everyone's problems k!

  2. ey woman dun stress urself out! take it easy.. u noe who to call if u wanna go out gai gai la..


  3. Hey thanx gals! I think i'm fine now.


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