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Saturday, May 09, 2015

I Love Long Weekends

The 1st of May (Friday) was Labour Day and I had a really fulfilling long May Day weekend last week.

But first...

The days before the enjoyable long weekend summed up a pretty stressful week. I was practically on my phone intermittently throughout the day to settle some personal issues despite the piling work in the office. Fortunately, my colleagues were understanding towards my situation and nobody spoke about me being constantly on the phone.

I was also beyond thankful for the company of a gal pal who at short notice made the time to meet me after work for a good listening ear and words of wisdom even though she was drowning in work and had planned to OT. And then in a separate day of alignment of the planets, I met up with another gal pal for an impromptu dinner and chat at such a short notice too. Prior to arranging the impromptu dinner, we were texting and lots of coincidence in our situations were revealed and so we thought "Heck, it's a sign for us to meet."

Those signalled the start of a really good long weekend!

~*On Friday We Slept and Ate*~

I don't sleep a lot during the weekdays. My daily sleep averages to about 3 to 5 hours a day. Hence, I usually spend Saturdays sleeping till the afternoon to catch up on my sleep debt, leaving me with very little constructive weekend time. (Yeah, I seem to infer that sleep isn't constructive but you know what I mean... productive awake moments) Thanks to the long weekend, I spent three quarters of Friday sleeping and then headed out straight for dinner as hubby had cravings for the blue cheese mussels at Brussels Sprouts.

As usual, the hubby loves to over-order. He simply cannot gauge the amount of food logically whenever he is too hungry. We had grilled portobello mushrooms, beer battered onion rings and free flow of fries that came with the full pot of Fromage Bleu mussels and half pot of Laksa mussels. Hubby totally forgot about the free flow of fries when he insisted on ordering the giant onion rings. I didn't snap any pictures of those as it was too dark. Here's a picture of how we ruined our healthy lifestyle with booze. At 4.5% alcohol content, Lindermans Apple beer is just like sweet sparkling apple juice.

~*On Saturday We Ate, Cycle and Ate*~

The bimbo sisters had been talking about cycling for many months but it was difficult to find a perfect slot in everyone's schedule. When Tiff and I met up on Thursday night, we decided to just set aside Saturday evening for cycling and even if nobody else in the group could make it, we would still proceed to be on track with our healthy lifestyle goals.

It was great that cycling fitted into Zanne's schedule that Saturday so there would be 3 of us! And yes, you are seeing double of the same bicycle shot coz I couldn't make up my mind which effect I like better. Thanx to Tiff for the great photo of the Tiffany blue city bicycles!

I reached Punggol Settlement first at 4pm and was almost toasted just by standing in the afternoon sun for a minute! It really was a mystery how the weather app stated thunderstorm in the afternoon for the whole of Singapore.

With the time alone, I recced the place and found a bicycle kiosk nearer to the beach side which was less busy than the one at the end of the row of shops along the waterway. I was totally seduced by the Tiffany blue bicycles with cute rattan baskets that I had to drag Zanne and Tiff all the way there after Tiff nearly settled for a metallic purple city bike at the busier kiosk.

Psst... the rental for these pretty city bikes are $8 for 2 hours (1 hour free for 1 hour rental) unlike the not so pretty city bikes at the busier kiosk at $10 for 2 hours. Ok fine, if you don't need your bike to look pretty while cycling, you can settle for their BMX or mountain bikes at either kiosk.

Hungry Tiff was the last to arrive. In view of the scorching sun, we decided to eat a fuller meal since Tiff was dying of famine. And if you were on my Facebook/Instagram, you would have seen the caption for this photo which goes something like this:
"What kinda weather forecast is this? The sun is freaking hot. Let's go and eat till the sun is down then cycle." ‪
#‎whatkindahealthylifestyleisthis‬ ‪#‎bimbosisters‬ ‪#‎bestie‬ ‪#‎bff‬ ‪#‎galpal‬ ‪#‎ilovemyfriends‬

We had crispy chicken strips and homemade fish fingers at Georges by the Bay. They looked golden brown and absolutely should not belong to the check list of Healthy Lifestyle but we deceived ourselves by saying that these were protein-rich food.

Oh yeah, could you spot a non-food item here? A shout out to Benefit Dream Screen. Tiff loves how smooth and non-oily the application is and so, good things are meant to be shared with good friends. The lotion to powder texture feels just like those Japanese brand sunscreen like Sunplay and Sunkiller only that my pores don't feel clogged with Benefit Dream Screen.

As if the chicken and fish weren't enough, Zanne and I had to agree on adding steak to share for our "tea-time snacks". What kinda healthy lifestyle is this?

I was totally mesmerized by Zanne's rainbow-coloured contact lens. The photo don't do justice. In real life, the amalgamation of colours reminded me of opal though more subtle.

Punggol is a really busy place! The whole park was filled with loads of people. At last, we found a scenic spot with not many potential photo-bombers and quickly snapped some pictures of us and our bikes. Watch the flipagram here.

How could we not take a wefie in the setting sun?

Join us, Zanne!

Soon the sun set and the moon was up. There was no more good light for photo-taking and isn't this a cycling outing? We were busy cycling instead of taking photos as you could see. We covered a long stretch and got lost at one point as we thought that taking a certain path would loop us back to where we came from. Instead, it brought us back to our halfway point.

By the time we returned our bikes, it was exactly 2 hours later when the sky was dark. From the buckets of perspiration, it sure was a good cardio workout!

So after cycling, it was dinner time. Time to eat AGAIN! We met up with Paul and had Din Tai Fung for dinner. Once again, our food looked brown or fried. Duh... we probably exercise only to eat.

Match the shoes to the characters!
Ok I reveal the answers...
I super love Tiff shoes coz they look so atas. This gal... go sports also so atas.
Love Zanne's pairing of bold-coloured lace with her Converse.
My Puma had a little plaster as its sole totally split till the heel and I couldn't tear it all out since it is connected all the way to the back. I was walking like a clown before the Zanne's plaster came to the rescue.

I thought of glueing the sole back and realised that these sneakers had served me for 7-8 years. Perhaps that's an excuse to buy new sneakers. I really do keep this pair of sneakers clean, don't I?

See, even Meow Meow couldn't be bothered to show respect to her fellow cat family. The fur that got in between the parts to glue made me lazy to glue them back.

My after workout (and eat) selfie.
Do you like my new "curry pok" fringe?
For my non-Singaporean readers, curry pok hair simply refers to hair that is combed backwards and hairsprayed till pouffy, puffy whatever.
I'm glad that my fringe is long enough to be styled this way now though I feel like cutting bangs again for many bimbotic reasons.

~*On Sunday We Shopped, Ate, Avenged and Ate*~

As I was typing the sub heading for each portion of this post, I realised that the long weekend consisted of lots of eating. I was supposed to shop for new sneakers but I ended up buying other stuff instead. Instead of standing around, the hubz went to TCC to drink some coffee while waiting for me. He saw that there was some bimbotic girly tea set on promotion and knew I would love to order it just because it was photo-worthy.

Just look at the shoe cupcake!

Actually, I always prefer the savoury items in tea sets coz the sweet ones are usually as sweet as they look.

Complimentary sample cookies were served to entice us to order the full set. I tasted unique taste in the cookies like bacon, tom yam and other savoury sensation. Not too bad at all. We didn't order the full size though as we reckon that this would make up for the overall bad service at TCC Shaw. Only 1 particular waiter saved the bad experience and coz of him I shan't complain about the overall bad service we had that evening.

After catching Avengers -- Age of Ultron, we checked out La Strada, a subsidiary of the award winning Les Amis Group. It is located at the sidewalk of Shaw Centre.

“Built on the name La Strada, which literally means ‘The Street’ in Italian, the team was inspired during a trip to Italy by the people’s love to socialise at the sidewalks over a meal or a cup of coffee"

The rustic décor, wood panels and green awnings exudes a homely Italian feel in this ristoronte.

For antipasti, we had Wagyu Carpaccio with Baby Arugula, Aged Balsamic Reduction.

Kh loves Carbonaro to bits. I usually cannot finish a whole creamy pasta on my own and would never order Carbonaro. OMG, his Carbonara with crispy ham, egg confit, shaved parmesan and truffle butter sauce was AMAZING! I've never tasted any creamy pasta that was so light yet flavourful. An oxymoron I know and that's why it was amazing.

What with ham, egg yolk, cream sauce and truffle butter, you really would expect a very heavy and cloying taste but no, I could finish this Carbonara all on my own. I wished there were more and I wished I had ordered his dish. His was the Chitarra ala Carbonara btw.

I know I ordered a tomato-based pasta but I cannot seem to find it on the menu on their website. I think mine was the Tagliolini al Granchio -- Homemade Thin Cylindrical Pasta with Mud Crab, Cherry Tomatoes, White Wine, Chili and Garlic. It was supposed to be Tagliolini pasta but they probably ran out of it. Porbably if the original thin cylindrical pasta was used, I would have liked it better. It was good too just that kh's Carbonara won hands down.

I would end this post with my failed attempt at OOTD (it's a selfie really). Well, the hubz doesn't like to take OOTD shots for me and it was dark anyway so selfie in the room to the rescue.

When I posted the pic of me and the cupcake shoes, some people asked about my top. This is a sold-out item on Fleurfaerie. We had lots of enquiries for restock both on FB and Carousell but unfortunately when we tried to re-stock, our supplier's new stock could not pass our QC. The material of the first batch was really good and the exact same top was selling on BYSI and other individual retailers for $40++ then. We wondered whether we should continue our hunt for this top with the frequent requests of restock even up till now.

It is another weekend, Mother's Day weekend in fact. Later, we would be taking our parents out for casual French food. I hope they like French food as much as we do.

Here's wishing all of you a wonderful weekend!


  1. I'm glad you had a lovely May Day and extended weekend! Making up on sleep can mean a lot...3-5 hours a sleep on average? that's not nearly enough. I've been sleeping 5 hours a day for the last week or so but only because it is so damn hot here. It feels like Summer...In fact, I believe it is summer already.

    Anyhow, cycling always sounds like fun...and meeting up with your girls must have made it even better.

    1. Hey Ivana, it is also freaking hot here in SG. I melt as soon as I step outta air con. The air is still and radiating with heat. I can't stand it. Urgh... I hope it isn't too hot over at your side considering I still saw snow in your pics only a while back or maybe time passes too quickly.

    2. the weather does change suddenly here sometimes...the snow on the photos was in the heels...the regions I live in Dalmatia (In Croatia) and Herzegovina (in Bosnia and Herzegovina) have a Mediterranean climate so snow is not common at ground level, but we do have it in the mountains and hills. ( I'm often in Croatia because I don't have health insurance here despite the fact I have to pay for it- I'm not a regular citizen in BIH yet, it takes 8 years to get it, really complicated)

      Today it is again dreadfully hot but still I much prefer that time to cold weather, even if this heat is making practically dizzy, I still feel like I have more energy and manage to do more when it's warm- I know it doesn't make sense but so it is.

    3. Your residence and citizenship sounds kinda complicated to me and I reckon it is also partly because I'm ignorant about your side of the world. Thank you for enlightening me though! It's great to know more new things from people around the world! I know, you make sense about the warmth. I know what you mean. =)

  2. Wow, Jo, only 3-5 hours sleep per day? This will never be enough for me! We also have the apple beer here, and it is called apple cider. Today I had 3! It is really good for warmer days! I want to buy a bike similar to those blue above! You girls look so beautiful! The tea set is cute; your hubby knows what you like! The food looks delicious! Enjoy the weekend, Jo!


    1. Hi Sany, I've always thought apple cider was sourish and tasted like vinegar. At least the apple cider we have here smell and taste almost like vinegar. Maybe we have the same terms of naming different items. I dislike overly sweet stuff but I simply love the apple beer. I want a bike like that too. Go great for photography, don't you think? Lol...

  3. I'm with meow meow on this one. Bike ride? Yeah let me just lay up under here and you tell me how it was ;X) Cannot believe how gorgeous you look after all that hot bike riding. Shot 22 especially is just wonderful and exciting for me! Wow!! I adore your mid ride healthy lunch. That steak was cracking me up.

    RYC (<<I like that BTW) Buddy is actually not as long as that picture makes him out to be. It was just some off perspecive thing that took place and I adored it. Made him look giant. As for the email, while I am very curious and hopeful of your reply to my query, I am in no hurry. I will just keep on as I have been for now :) You get to me when you are able, I am not going anywhere :) Stay safe from agressive monkeys.

    1. Why??? You have to work those lady legs by cycling or doing some form of exercise. Kermit legs could transform to Barbie legs. You actually count the photo? I'm too lazy to scroll and count but I can already guess which photo it is from the way you describe. Hahaha...

      I do love perspective shot. It always made my late simba look fatter than she really was. Yep... I've got 5 pending email, FB msgs etc on my end and I would get down to them soon. It is different replying emails as opposed to blog and IG. I know you know what I mean.

  4. Jo, I love long weekends too...I often wish we could have three days off per week, I could be so much more productive. I too need one day where I can sleep in as I rarely sleep either as you know... I love the idea that they have over in Singapore where you can rent a bike... I wish we had that here too... I would adore trying it out to see if it is something I would like to do regularly. Many years ago I use to bike everywhere then I moved somewhere that I had no room to store the bike... I miss it ... I think if I had a bike I could drive back and forth to work on nice days.

    I love the sweet cupcake shoe... how adorable is that... people can be so creative. I never attempt to make things like this as I think it takes a great deal of time to just serve someone and have them eat it in a couple of seconds xox... but I do enjoy seeing food art like this...

    I hope you enjoyed your weekend, I think it is good that you walk or bike whenever you can... I wish I enjoyed working out to a TV show but I never stick with those types of workouts... The older I get the more I want to get into yoga and get my flexibility back... everything in time though xox <3

    1. Hey Launna, I absolutely agree that we should have 3 weekends a week. That would make everyone more productive. Renting bikes at parks is so common in Singapore that I had no idea it isn't a common thing elsewhere. See, that's why I enjoy interacting with all of you people. We learn from each other. I seldom cook and when I do, the presentation is never great but they taste quite good if I were to be proud of it. Hehehe... I always feel that taking photos of food is an appreciation of the chef's presentation and it seals the memory before we "destroy" the art though the hubby thinks it is silly.

      I would love to try yoga though I know I wouldn't be disciplined enough to go for classes regularly. Do you like yoga?

  5. This tea set is so wonderful, looks incredibly lovely. These cupcakes which look like a pair of shoes attract my attention immediately:) You always share so many photographs of different food, special dishes and sweets that excites my appetite a lot! You should stop doing that, seriously:) Haha:)
    I can't but mention that I do like that hair style you have been doing lately, you look extremely pretty and unbelievably young (I used to think that you are still a teenager, I know you are older, though:)
    Have a nice day, dear! And thanks a bunch for all those thoughtful comments which you leave to me. It's always interesting to read your blog & comments.

    1. Regarding your questions which you left in my blog, I can say that by education I'm a teacher of English, but I'm not working as a teacher at school. I give private lessons to several children. I am tutoring a few pupils under 15 who are having significant trouble learning the basics of the language. That's all:)

    2. Hehehe... I cannot help taking photos of food coz that's my favourite. I always feel that taking photos of food is an appreciation of the chef's presentation and it seals the memory before we "destroy" the art though the hubby thinks it is silly as all he wants to do is to sink his teeth into them.

      Thank you for your compliment. Recently my friends all like this new all up hairstyle too. I've been sporting bangs for very long and so it is a refreshing change. However, I do wanna cut them due to many bimbotic reasons. And yes, I'm very very old actually. I just don't look my age. *winkz*

      Teacher of English? High 5. No wonder you write so beautifully! I used to teach English (pri and sec level) and also math, sci (pri level). Not a formal school teacher but at an education centre. I admire people who teach a language that isn't their native or 1st language. Pardon me but I assume English isn't your first language. Is being a private teacher to these kids your full time job?

      I love knowing more about my blog friends. There are some whom I've known for years and it seems like we are as close as real friends. I recently connected with a couple of them on Facebook and I love it! I always love all these engagement and interaction with fellow blog friends and I'm so happy to slowly learn more about you, Alex!

  6. I hope your personal issues are resolved now, Jo, sounds like something serious. And yay to long weekends! We have one coming up, next Monday is some kind of holiday here in Canada, no idea what though. I'm still not familiar with Canada's holidays. LOL! And whyyyyy must you mentioned 'curry pok'??? Now I'm seriously craving for one, you haaaa! LOL!

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Hey Shireen, thank you for your concern. The shallow part of is sort of resolved for now but this would always be a permanent thing somehow. Did you only recently moved to Canada? I thought that you've been there for quite a while. No matter what, a long weekend is always good even w/o knowing what the occasion is. Hehe... Hahaha... Do you all use "curry pok hair" in Malaysia to describe such style? I used to love eating curry puff. I could eat them for breakfast every day but somehow my craving died down.

    2. Yea, some of my friends used that term too because that's how the hair really looks like. Haha! We moved here last September, it's been some time now but I'm still trying to get used to some stuff. I do look forward to flying back to Malaysia next year for CNY, I have a longgggg list of food I want to eat! LOL!

    3. I must have missed out your comment dear. And because we had that little conversation on Sonia's and your blog, I wanna say that the issue is related to that. It's been very stressful really for all of us in the family. I won't be revealing much here since I don't talk too much about portraying people in negative light on my blog. But just a heads up since you could understand. If you wanna know more, you could pm me. :)

  7. Sleep, exercise, eat is the perfect formula for a long weekend! I wish you slept more--andI hope the personal issue is resolved.

    1. Thank you for your concern, Rick. The shallow part of is sort of resolved for now but this would always be a permanent thing somehow. =(

  8. A long relaxing weekend is just what's called for after a stressful week. Sorry to hear about the stress but it's good your colleagues were so understanding and I hope everything was settled. Catching up on sleep, exercise, eating and shopping with friends are a great way to relieve stress. Some of my faves as well. That top in your last pic is really cute and feminine. I can definitely see why people inquire about it. It's too bad the supplier couldn't match the quality of the first batch. Btw curry pok hair is such a funny term which I've never heard before. It totally suits you since you have a small delicate forehead. I always feel self conscious about my forehead which I think is big so I tend not to sweep my hair back.

    Thanks for your super sweet comment about my photography on my Instagram post Jo. You're most kind :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Hey Rowena, Thank you for your concern. The shallow part of is sort of resolved for now but this would always be a permanent thing somehow. =( Curry pok is the dialect for curry puff and somehow in SIngapore and Malaysia, we use that term to describe upswept hair that puff. Ah, I'm actually concerned about my forehead coz I have too much baby hair and a very protruding vein that I recently noticed only because I could see my forehead more. Thanx for your kind words. xo

  9. I love weekend outside with food and friends! Great post!


    1. Thank you. And I love seeing newcomers here. =)

  10. You have amazing skin dear like a porclain doll :) I hope you had a fun weekend.

    Check out my new post...Swedish summer houses to kill for :)

    Have a fab new week.

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor

    1. Thank you, Maria. I love seeing newcomers here and hope to see you around more often. =)

  11. Oh wow you seriously spent that long weekend super well! I haven't seen such pretty bikes like that in a while! I would love to go bike riding like that! I'm a huge fan of biking, and used to do a lot more biking when I was younger! The food you enjoyed that weekend looked great too! I've had mussels at Brussels sprouts some time ago and absolutely am a fan of tin tai fung! Love that set your ate at TCC and those pasta dishes! UGH, I'm dying over here! (being a crazy foodie, however currently trying to save up better so I'm not eating out at restaurants as much) Oh and thanks for letting me know about the coke cans, right after I commented I actually went to google it and saw that it was still going on! However I had so much going on and the last day was also my boyfriend's birthday so I didn't go down to any of the outlets! It's fine though, I don't regret missing it but I love the idea of the cans! Also don't worry too much about not being as active as before! Life gets busy and we need to find ways to balance out our activity with food and other things to make up for the lack of activity I guess! :p

    1. Also Jo about the grumpy cats! I personally love the fat faced ones, I do find the grumpy ones cute but sometimes they aren't really too appealing. Totally get what you mean by 'stupid' that's how my boyfriend and many other friends feel too but you need to google 'exotic shorthair', that's the breed I'm just oogly eyes over!

      That's terrible that you had that troll on your blog, at least it was only one such time. That's why everytime I have a friend that suggests youtube, I just tell them it's not for me. It's a whole different set of challenges and issues and I don't want to have to read so much rubbish and abusive comments. I can blog half naked and know one would know! I just prefer everything with blogging. I too had one or two 'negative' comments. In the sense that one person basically left a 3000 word rant on an empties posts of mine, telling me how using shampoo daily would cause my hair to fall out and that I should switch over to other types of hair products. I read the comment about half way and then just deleted it, I don't know what these people think if we'd really let their crap stay on your blogs!

      Hope you have a great time in Bali, there is really so much to see and do and food is sooo good and cheap! Ugh, that's what I miss already!

    2. Hey Sharlynn, Yeah I was so surprised to see those beautiful bicycles coz I tot those kind only exist in Japan and Taiwan whereby ladies wear dainty long skirt to cycle on. It's ok to miss the coke can personalization. The queue plus how much you have to buy isn't too worth it esp if you're in a rush and not particularly a fan of it. I've been eating so much it feels like I'm working out only to burn more so that I could eat more. Haha... Also my gastrointestinal problems are getting bad... it's almost every day this week so it is hindering my workout sessions.

      I went to google exotic shorthair and saw many of the same white and ginger cat. I think that cat is supposed to be a famous internet sensation. That one is quite cute but I don't quite like all the rest. I think I still prefer the "stray cat" kinda breed. Hehehe...

      I wouldn't treat that shampoo one as a troll. Hahaha... That's rather amusing to read if I had that. Well well well... I'm finally collecting my renewal passport tomorrow and I haven't planned any trip yet! Gasp!

  12. hi, just stopping to say hi:)
    I hope the weather is not as hot and humid as it was...I know that kind of weather is hard to handle.
    However, I'm really happy that the warmer days are finally here, you know. There is something about warmer weather that makes me more, perhaps because I can't sleep that well....ha ha:)

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog.

    1. xoxo babe... I'm glad to hear of the nice weather you have over there!

  13. I thought I got little sleep! You barely rest Jo (during the week). I always find there's something to do. Well your weekend was amazing! I love mussels and those chicken & fish strips look so delicious. I love those! I love a bicycle with a basket on it. Something about it is so charming. You and your girlfriends look like you had a blast AND dinner afterwards. Very rewarding! I love those cupcakes that are like high heels. Too cute!

    1. Hahaha... I really should get more sleep, Kim. That's really unhealthy. My friends on FB have been sharing an article on sleep and how it could shave years off our lives. My weekends have been packed consecutively for the past weeks and I wished for a stay home weekend soon. Thank you for your sweetness!

  14. This looks like a marvellous time, love all the food. And the time all of you share together is really wonderful. I loved the little shoe shaped treats, they were so pretty!! I could have eaten right along with you :))) xx

    1. Hahaha... That cupcake really reminds me of shoe bakery that you shared a while back!

  15. Jo, your weekend looked amazing but wait a minute... you only sleep 3 to 5 hours every night? you are crazy girl! we need beauty sleep, at least I know I do lol I'm trying to go to bed by 10 and wake up around 5:30am to work out or draw (whatever I feel like doing) that is like 7 hours plus and I'm still sleepy.... so I can't imagine sleeping less! why do you sleep so little?

    I loved your cycling day stories, your friends seem so kind and fun :) loved the rainbow contact lens and the beautiful mint bikes! Also the food look delicious. I'm sorry your sneakers broke :( but at least you have an excuse to start shopping for new ones, I don't like the ones I have currently and I'm waiting for them to break so I an get new ones. It might take 8 years lol I'm hoping it won't happen in a public place though, the duck walk does not sound appealing.

    Thanks for your sweet words in regards to my illustrations, they truly meant a lot to me. I normally sketch with a regular pencil until I'm happy with the drawing. Then, redraw it in bristol paper and color it with Copic markers (they are water-based so they work kind of like watercolors) and then I finish up small touches with a black ink pen or pencil. I scan them and post them, I don't really re touch them with any computer software.

    My day time job is as a graphic designer in a bicycle company (this is the job that demands the long hours). I work with my sister in law on the Hello Lupi Boutique (she owns a store so we made a space for it - I will post pictures), so I'm constantly looking for new inventory, trends and stuff for the boutique which is really fun. And guess what... I'm thinking about going back to school to study computer science and hopefully become a software/web developer one day, something I hope to mix with my graphic design skills. I feel pretty busy and kind of stressed out but happy.

    How are you girl?
    BTW my bangs are much longer too and I'm doing the "curry pok" too lol


    1. Hey Milu, I really should sleep more. I'm shaving not only beauty but years off my life with so little sleep. I sleep so little because I take about 2 hours to reach home by walking, bus, MRT, bus and walking. So on days when I leave office late, I would reach home about 9 plus 10. And by the time I eat, shower and all, it would be really late. Sometimes while being awake after shower, I would settle all social media stuff. (I hate to be behind blog stuff for too long). Also I try to incorporate work out to Youtube videos on days I get home earlier so everything sorta add up.

      Thanxs for the detailed explanation on how you do your illustration, esp the info on Copic markers being like watercolours. I often see "water-colour" illustration on instagram and wonder if those are really water colour or using software. I would love to check out the art stores for those markers and venture into such illustrations too. I'm but an amateur though. Not at all like you. Also, thanx for filling me in on what you do. I like to know my blog friends better. It makes the relationship more like real friendship. Hahaha... You pick up fast, "curry pok" look. xo

  16. Lovely photos~ this looks like a wonderful time! All the food looks so good oh my gosh (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa<3

    1. Thank you for your comment. Love seeing newcomers here!

  17. Omg Jo, I cannot survive with the amount of sleep you have. I need my 8 hours sleep a night or else I get super grumpy. Delicious foods as usual. And those contact lens! I'm mesmerized too! Btw, my post for the beauty tag will be up tomorrow so when you have time, check it out.

    xo Jo

    1. Haha... I'm shaving years off my life and... Ah, I am so going to check out the post right now after I hit the send button!


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