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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Hanging Out With Evan

Evan and I used to hang out a lot especially during JC and university days. We knew each other during first three months of JC and then I left for another JC after that. We continued to keep in touch and hung out even when we were in different schools.

We were like BFFs in university. Apart from the 1st semester, we chose the exact same modules every semester for the next 3 years. I was quite the lazy person and depended heavily on Evan to scan through all the modules we were interested in while meeting the requirements and fitting everything into our timetable. It was no mean feat to fit everything in whilst de-conflicting the exam dates for all 5-6 modules each semester. Apart from that, we always strive to create possible off days by packing a lot more lectures and tutorials in a day.

Of course I was no parasite. It was a mutual symbiotic relationship... Lol. I recall the times when she pang seh me, like when she could not make it for lectures. I would be there sitting alone and copying down notes frantically so that I could lend her the next time we met. I also had to find lunch buddies and people to hang out with till the next lesson whenever she wasn't around.

Of course we were no geeks. It wasn't all school school school. In fact, we were just those crazy and fun-loving gals who loved to hang out till the wee hours doing stupid things and taking photos. All the drinking sessions, clubbing and pubbing, and checking out new places... Those were the fun days!

We did not hang out as much as before once we started working. Nevertheless, we would make it a point to meet each other during our birthday period and Christmas. As we got even busier with work and planning our overseas trips, it could sometimes get increasingly tough trying to find a day to meet. There were years when we didn't meet during those occasions because either of us were overseas.

I was glad that Evan and I managed to meet up for her birthday this year.

We decided on Wild Honey for all day breakfast.

Somehow some people love eating breakfast food during dinner time.

I chose the English Breakfast... I think.

After dinner, we adjourned to an empty couch in Mandarin Gallery and chatted for hours on end even though there was work the next day. Each time we did that, we promised to meet up more often as there was simply too much to chat about.

Aside: We were rather tickled by the sign above the couch.

I was glad that we managed to meet up more often this year. By a twist of fate, she could join me for dinner one fine day when I was searching for someone to have dinner with me since my course ended early. We met up at Skinny Pizza but ordered no pizza. I had the Meatball Rigatoni.

She had some sort of mushroom risotto.

The very next day, we met up for breakfast together with my hubz at Wimbly Lu before heading over to Evan's new place. Her new home is a few months old (or a year) but I've yet to crash it yet. I'm always a sucker for visiting friends' homes to gain inspiration for interior design for our new home.

Cappuccino for Kh would never go wrong.

For me, I love anything matcha so no prize for guessing whose drinks belong to whom in this photo.

Kh had Eggs Benedict.

He loved it!

I had some sort of crepe which I can't remember the name. It was the Garlic Mushroom and Mozarella Crepe I think.

It was delicious but far too little for me. I was still hungry after chowing it down in 5 minutes.

I can't remember what Evan had too. All the menu I found on Google and even on their official webpage seems to be outdated.

All I know is that her appetite that day was small and she was so full just from her main course to even eat her share of the sides.

Truffle fries are always yummy!

I was a tad disappointed by these chicken bites. The menu described this as home made ginger-infused chicken pieces which sounded really delicious. However, it tasted just like those frozen microwavable Japanese chicken bites. In fact, the taste is strikingly similar that I wondered if they were in fact those microwave version. I like those microwave Japanese chicken bites but I was expecting something less commercial and more home made when I ordered that.

The Root Beer Cake with Vanilla Ice Cream is a supposedly must-try. Who would have thought of marrying Root Beer and chocolate cake to get Root Beer Cake? It has a distinctive root beer flavour which the hubz could not pick up at all. It was unique and I like root beer though I would prefer my dark chocolate cake without any taste of root beer.

When I was editing this photo, I simply had to do something to myself.

Q: Could you spot the difference between the 2 photos?

A: Photo on the left shows a protruding vein on my forehead. Photo on the right is edited to remove it as much as possible with my limited Photoscape tools.

For the first time in my life, I realized that I have a very distinctive vein running down the left of my forehead and ending at my left eye. I had never ever noticed it before until I started to keep my bangs long, exposing my forehead.

I'm rather disturbed by this distinctive ugly vein. Not only is it physically disturbing, it disturbs me at the back of my mind as I start to link things up.

I suffer from very bad headaches quite frequently to the point of nausea. It had been going on for years. Furthermore, I notice that when I get very bad headaches that last the whole day, I would always complain about it being a left headache and left eye ache to the extent of wishing to pluck out my left eye to massage the muscles behind. (Yeah I'm gross and morbid).

I notice that whenever I have problem with my eye, it is always the left eye. My left eye is beyond 600 degree. I had cornea infection with ulcers in my left eye. I experienced pain and blur vision due to thick mucus in my left eye even when my right eye was well and normal from wearing contact lens.

I started reading up a lot on protruding forehead veins after my eldest sis nagged at me to do a CT scan ever since she woke up from her brain surgery. In my family, my mum, my eldest sis and I are very prone to bad headaches.

From the websites I've read, protruding forehead vein isn't much to worry about except for it being physically disturbing. Heck, there is a whole blog post dedicated to celebrities with big forehead vein! I have the exact same type of vein as Nina Dobrev and Julia Roberts-- two celebs whom I don't exactly like. My sis has what she calls an angry vein which would protrude out during anger. I told her mine is a happy vein coz it would protrude out only when I smile in a certain manner.

Ok enough about the protruding vein. Kh dropped us off at Evan's place and was happy he got rid of me for that Saturday. I love her welcome mat!

Besides chatting and chatting and chatting, I got lots of advice from Evan on renovation and dealing with contractors. We also picnicked on the fake grass in the balcony, took photos to show that we picnicked on fake grass and headed back to the cool air-conditioned comfort when it got too hot and humid. What a pleasant laid-back Saturday spent with a good old gal pal.

I hope that as we grow older, we would still continue to nurture this friendship. I always feel very thankful to have good friends all around to be crazy with me and to share our ups and downs in life with each other. I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of great friends who have given me a heart full of joy whether in times of happiness or sadness.


  1. every piece of food here I want to eat. because I'm not a big fan of Asian food most of the time but English breakfast and sausages (German stuff)... mmmmhmmm.

    I'm having goo lo yuk (I don't know how to say in english only Cantonese) right now at a restaurant. with steamed rice. I'm not having a good time.

    1. Wow! A Turtle VIP guest comment! Love seeing you here. Wait a minute, your 1st para up there is a dichotomy. Or maybe it's you and your humour once more. Ah, we call goo lo yuk here in English as sweet sour pork. I used to love them until I overate them and stopped ordering them.

  2. The one thing that I noticed and love about you is what an amazing friend you are, Jo. I am the opposite, I guess I am also naturally an introvert so I am horrible at keeping in touch. I've only kept in touch with 2 best friends in Malaysia well, both are my only true friends. I have lost touch with my high school friends too, last I heard out of 4 of us only one is still in Malaysia. I'm in Canada, another in US and London. We're all scattered all around the world. LOL! I honestly wish we're living close, I think you and me would be great friends too. xx

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    1. Hey Shirleen, Thanks for the sweet compliments. Well I guess it is reciprocal. I have amazing friends and so that's why I'm also an amazing friend. If I were to be relocated to another city, I might well be just like you who only keep in touch with a couple of friends. As everything globalized, it is common to have friends in all parts of the world and I'm very glad for technology and social media. Yes, I think we would make good friends! Singapore and Malaysia culture is quite similar and ah, we have loads to talk about those Asian stuff!

  3. Awww, Jo this was a lovely post! I'm only starting off into adult hood and already it's the harsh reality that it's not possible to spend as much time as we'd like with friends unless our jobs allow us to have lots of free time! I'm glad that I've got a handful of great cherished friends and that I still easily make new ones but the ones that you know will last and have lasted for years is another smaller group of course! I've never eaten at Wild Honey although I just may later today (meeting up with a girlfriend I made over beauty blogging whose visiting singapore) and I also am DYING to go to Wimbly Lu! It's not to difficult for me to go there either as I have a bus that goes to serangoon mrt! I really hope that vein and the pain in your forehead/headache is really nothing but your sis does have a point about going to investigate it thoroughly!

    1. Hi Sharlynn, friends are good investment of time coz when you have the right ones and you yourself is a right one, the returns are invaluable and treasured. It is great to have a handful of cherished friends and believe me, time and work would really drift everyone apart so do make the effort to keep them. I've been to Wild Honey probably thrice and I find their food ok. Not superbly delicious. Wimbly Lu is more famous for their chocolates but their savourys are good too. I do love my very unfilling crepe. Hope you get to try these out soon. And how exciting it is to meet a blogger who is visiting!

  4. So wonderful to have such a dear friend. I do not keep in touch with anyone from school more than some light Facebooking. it would be great to have a relationship such as that, Glad your vein in not a concern. Being vain about a vein is an ironic balance only a poet could love :) I had not noticed it previously. Loved you in Pretty Woman btw :) xoxo

    1. Some light facebooking is also just as good. =)
      Oh I'm so vain about my vein. More vain about how ugly it protrudes than concerned for it being a health issue.

  5. Investing the time into keeping our relationships and friendship is a time well spent, I always say. It is great that you and your friend manage to get together for her birthday...and eat delicious food (apart from that microwave chicken- it is possible they indeed buy the micowave version. My husband got food poising when we were dinning in Italy- I knew those were microwave lasagna as soon as I saw them! sometimes dinning can be somewhat of an adventure:))

    Anyhow, I'm so sorry hear about your headaches...In my case, I'm pretty sure they're due to stress...but how not to stress when life gets stressful! I know that vein on your forehead must be irritating, I think I have one too but more closer to the sides of my head (right or left, I can't remember right now), but if it is not dangerous, at least that's a good news.

    Do you know what causes your headaches? Sometimes it is good to try to find some solution or cure for it and sometimes it is better not to stress too much about it. I don't think that I'm ignoring my health problems if I sometimes choose not to think about them. I usually have some sort of plan, I do visit my doctors as often as I need to, but at the same time I don't want my life to turn into looking for cures and worrying about thing I can't change, so I'm never certain what advice to give to people. I don't know if this makes sense, but it is just my personal experience.

    1. Hi Ivana, Agreed! friends are good investment of time coz when you have the right ones and you yourself is a right one, the returns are invaluable and treasured. It's really easy to discern which are microwave food many a times. My sis's angry veins are at the sides of her head. When you get mad or angry, notice if your side ones protrude out. I don't know what cause my headache coz I could get them even when I'm at home and not working on anything so I'm not sure of they are stress headaches. One of my gal pal did a CT scan coz of her frequent headaches and she turned out well but she said at least it puts her mind at ease. Thanx for your concern, dear. I red up a lot and my headache seems to belong to one of those non-threatening but annoying ones that affect work and life.

    2. If it is a typical migraine, that it is really hard to husband has them and in his case I think they are genetic because his mother used to have them as well. In Croatia, there is a special center for migraine in Zagreb where they are doing a lot of research on this subject, but still as those doctors say ( I watched a documentary on TV once) every case is different. Getting a head scan is not a bad idea, especially as it can put somebody's mind to rest. There are so many causes to headache, some can be harmless and some can indicate serious health problems.

      I remember that sometimes ginger tea helped me a bit my headaches, but I'm sure you heard about that. I don't want to be like those boring people who give advice to everyone, whether asked for or not:)...but yes, tea really helps me sometimes. I've also drank some I bought at local organic pharmacy. Taking a pain killer seems to help some with their headache, but I gave up on that because it never helps me when I have a headache. It is possible that the head vein I have is related to anger because it doesn't seem very visible when I'm relaxed....and it is on the right side of my forehead:)

      thank you so much for your sweet comment. I really appreciate it! I've been very hyperactive blogger this month, I put myself to this challenge of doing one DIY for day and it has been really fun and I think I've learned a lot...but next month I will go back to normal blogging schedule, once a day is a bit too much for me.

    3. I wished that we had centres that specialize in headache and migraines here. I wished to be a test subject if so. Hahaha... It would be really great to have my head analyzed but I know it really isn't easy to be a test subject with lots of prerequisites and lifestyle change to fulfil. Panadol most of the time helps with my very bad headache should I not take them for a long time. I try not to take too much of them unless I really need to work well w/o the pain. It's great tha ginger tea helps you. It doesn't for me but thanks I appreciate your taking the time to write this.

      Thank you always for your sweet and sincere comments! xo

  6. Jo, I loved reading about you friend and friendship... you definitely treasure your friends and that is so important... I find the more technology is available the less we work on face to face relationships, so it is refreshing to read when people take the time...

    I try to take more time and lately I am getting better at it as I do enjoy just getting together with people chatting and laughing... time goes but a good time is had by all...

    I hope the protruding vein is not serious, have you seen a doctor about it, I could not tell in the picture... maybe I just to check things so closely... ;) .... I do hope you were checked with what you sister had in case it can be inherited... I do hope your sister is doing well and back on the mend...

    Have a lovely week a head... with lots of fun times... I know work can take up many hours of it, I am right there with you xox

    1. Hello Launna, I'm glad to hear that you are getting better at socializing and enjoying the get togethers. I always feel that friends are good investment of time coz when you have the right ones and you yourself is a right one, the returns are invaluable and treasured.

      About the protruding veins. I often edit them away when I post them on Instagram or choose the ones that least depict the veins. You would notice that sometimes I don't do anything to them but just Instagram filters which sort of mask them away yet still visible. I don't know what cause my headache coz I could get them even when I'm at home and not working on anything so I'm not sure of they are stress headaches. One of my gal pal did a CT scan coz of her frequent headaches and she turned out well but she said at least it puts her mind at ease. Thanx for your concern, dear. I red up a lot and my headache seems to belong to one of those non-threatening but annoying ones that affect work and life.

      We are having long weekend as Monday is Vesak Day here in Singapore. I'm trying very hard to catch up on social media and my shop. Lots of overseas order recently. Busy but happy problem! =D

  7. Happy birthday princess (your mom is the queen, right???)! :)
    Drinking sessions? Well, I guess most of us experienced that at some point. Better to get it over with during school days. Having such a good friend must have made those years so much better. I wish I'd had a friend smart enough that I could trust them to take notes in class. lol

    1. PA - every couch should have a sign like that over it!

    2. Hehehe... Yeah I agree that drinking sessions are for school days. Somehow I don't quite fancy many types of alcohol as I grow older. I totally agree with the couch sign too!

  8. Jo, kudos to you for keeping in touch with your friends. I try to do that too and now that I'm older, I find that I'm so picky with friends. I only want to go out with people that I genuinely like. I love anything matcha too! Your food pics always look good and I'm sure they are too! And I'm sorry to hear about that annoying vein you have on your forehead, I hope it doesn't bother you too much in the future.

    xo Jo

    1. Hey Jo, I'm also very picky with the friends I choose to go out with. Anybody can bemy friend on social media but as for true friends to go out with, yes, they must be people I genuinely like and find that the time spent is worthwhile.

  9. This looks like such a wonderful time, friendship is so important. Am glad you two enjoyed yourselves :)) Happy weekend xx

    1. Indeed friendship is important. I will enjoy my weekend as we are having long weekend as Monday is Vesak Day here in Singapore!

  10. Oh very cute pics like always, your post made me hungry~


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