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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Zalora Presents The CNY Boutique

It seems like Christmas and New Year were just over and then not long after, horses have replaced reindeer decorations. Chinese New Year is in more than a week's time and we would be welcoming the year of the Horse.

Besides springcleaning, many would be scrambling to the malls to buy Chinese New Year clothes. If you haven't already shopped for CNY clothes, you might be interested in checking out The CNY Boutique from Zalora Singapore.

The CNY Boutique features apparels from the following labels: Ezra, Inner Circle, Melinda Looi x Amber Chia and Clothier. Click on the banners below to explore the various CNY collections from these labels.

Get re-oriented with opulence & glamour in ERZA’s CNY Collection

~*Inner Circle*~
Welcome the Lunar New Year in rich textures & oriental blooms

~*Melinda Looi x Amber Chia*~
ML x AC Collection is a collaboration of two of Malaysia’s biggest names in fashion and celebrity circles. Jointly designed by accomplished fashion designer Melinda Looi and top celebrity model Amber Chia, the collection combines bright, auspicious colors with a variety of fabrics, textures and silhouettes that are perfect for a modern CNY look and beyond.

A stylish fusion of Chinese traditional wear and Western sartorial charm

I really love cheongsams and the only time I wore a traditional one was during Halloween 2008. I borrowed it from one of my besties and hmm... actually it wasn't really traditional since nobody has really heard of a traditional cheongsam in black.

The thing about traditional cheongsams is that it is just so difficult to find a form-fitting and figure-flattering one where you could still breathe normally. Also, I do know of friends who relate their embarrassing cheongsam stories whereby people mistook them for the restaurant's waitress!

I particularly love how the modern cheongsams from Ezra and Inner Circle look so "Shanghai Chic" instead of "Chinese waitress chick". These cheongsams with a modern twist are just so pretty.

Besides the gorgeous CNY apparels available, there are many perks when you shop at Zalora. Get a $10 SHOPPING VOUCHER when you sign up for their newsletter! Enjoy FREE DELIVERY when you spend $40 and above. 30 days free return and cash on delivery option is also available.

Excuse me while I go trawl Zalora's page now.

Zalora Homepage
Zalora Twitter
Zalora Facebook


  1. These are absolutely beautiful. I love the dress in the bottom section on the left and the blue jacket in the section above that, amazing!! Will have a look at their site, stunning pieces. Hope your week is going well doll so far xx

    1. You know, Kizzy. I could see that those you mentioned were totally your style!

  2. Those fabrics are so pretty. I love the richness in them. So funny that people mistake for a waitress when in a Chinese outfit. Lol.

    1. Their collection this time round is really exquisite!

  3. Jo! I haven't commented on your blog in forever, but I lurk around your Facebook every now and then when I have the time, muwahaha. :) I'm glad that you're doing so well! The patterns on these pieces are absolutely gorgeous. Such vibrant colors and eclectic looking flowers. I love 'em!

    1. Ali! Where have you been??? I missed you and your cute writing! I can imahine you wearing a Chinese cheongsam with your lovely hair all bunned up!

      How did you lurk around my Facebook? You got me so confused wondering if there was any friend request from you on FB. After I scrolled through my whole friend list, I couldn't find you. You mean you lurk around whatever you could see on my public profile?

  4. These are so gorgeous! CNY is Friday! Wear lots of RED.

  5. All of the above look incredibly beautiful! :) It's always so much fun discovering fashion in another part of the world! very inspiring :)


    1. Me too! I always love discovering new things in another part of the world, be it fashion or others.

  6. That dress in the middle of the first picture is STUNNING!!!

    Corinne x

    1. Woa! High 5! That's my ultimate favourite too! Too bad it's not available anymore. =(


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