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Monday, January 06, 2014

The Christmas Season 2013

Edited to add on 8 January 2014
Argh... My photobucket has exceeded it's bandwidth again. Though it will reset on the 10th of each month for this account, I'm wondering if its GMT or Singapore time zone. Additionally, I reckon the bandwidth would exceed again very soon after the 10th as I've forgotten to reduce the file size of the December photos.


"Either open this page, wait for it to load and go do something else before coming back or just click the X button on the top right hand corner of your browser window and don’t come back."

We have almost passed the one-week's mark of the new year. I caught a nasty bug from the hubby and caught up with lots of lost sleep from the whole Christmas and New Year festive season. And then this whole weekend was plagued with prolonged tummy pain from after dinner till the next morning. It sucks to be sick but I felt very happy chronicling all the love and joy during this festive season in this post. Also, thank you for all your lovely comments on my past few posts. They really made my day. I will get down to replying and visiting your blogs during pockets of free time.

You have been warned, this is a looooooooooooooooong and image-heavy post. =)

~*Shining Bright Like A Diamond Christmas Theme Gathering*~

The Saturday before Christmas, we gathered at Gerra and Clement's cozy home for a night of snacks, drinks, Taboo and lots of photos.

 photo IMG_4811e_zps0d7539da.jpg

Pre-gathering prep
For the bimbos: Vintage butterfly magnets, magnetic tin holder with cute words and chocolates.
For the one himbo: Marks and Spencer shaving balm, magnetic tin holder with cute words and chocolates.
I forgot if I threw in other stuff.
No prizes for getting right which quotes suit who best. It's pretty obvious.

 photo IMG_4746e_zps842b5bae.jpg

Pre-gathering prep: Gift cards with notes at the back.

 photo IMG_9289e_zpscec9c9f3.jpg

Pre-gathering prep: Chocolates from Marks and Spencer for the other Himbos. Boys... They are always so surprised when they get a share of gifts/ goodies too. "Yay!!! We got presents too!" were their unanimous replies.

 photo IMG_4748e_zps4bffaac0.jpg

The gift for the official gift exchange was actually wrapped by the hubz with a textured plastic bag. Why was it wrapped by him? Coz he made no contribution to the whole gathering and I forced him to help me to wrap while I prepared the other gifts.
PS: Later at the gathering, all of us Bimbos realized that we suck at wrapping presents. Hence, when Gerra picked my name and was presented this, she was truly impressed by how a plastic bag could actually look so decent as a wrapper and also impressed by kh's wrapping skill.

 photo IMG_4749e_zps9f3398b7.jpg

Before the gathering, I was craving for Aston's wagyu steak. Alas, we could no longer find the restaurant at Sembawang Shopping Centre and settled for something with no queue -- Ajitsen Ramen!

 photo collageXmasHousePartyAjitsen_zps9574823d.jpg

Super love Ajitsen for its affordable yet delicious ramen.

 photo IMG_9297e_zps675a69b0.jpg

Snacks were served 24 hours at Gerra and Clement's place.

 photo IMG_4754e_zps09f5ef51.jpg

What's on the menu that evening?

 photo IMG_4753e_zpsce2ff2af.jpg

Finger food of potatoes and chicken wings.

 photo collageXmasHouseParty1_zps04b1c67e.jpg

What do we do with a nice wall like this?

 photo IMG_4763e_zps5ef80e5f.jpg

Use it as a background for our individual photoshoot of course!

 photo anigifHouseParty1_zpsb563d707.gif

Let's see who played according to the Shining Bright Like a Diamond Theme!

Bimbo Xtina with the millions of stardust sparkles on her blouse and shiny belt.

 photo IMG_4756e_zpsf134f4aa.jpg

Bimbo Zanne with a bling bling sequin top.

 photo IMG_4759e_zps5c8e159b.jpg

Bimbo Gerra with a bling bling sequin top as well.

 photo IMG_4760e_zps71fcd5da.jpg

Bimbo Jo with bling bling sequin mesh top and bow on head.

 photo IMG_4764e_zpsecda5124.jpg

Bimbo Tiff had no shiny stuff on her. She said Paul was her bling. Figurative words don't cound and so she needed the shiny pink Bottega bottle to fulfil the theme.

 photo IMG_4766e_zpsd864a6f7.jpg

Himbo Jimson with shiny prints on his T-shirt.

 photo IMG_4761e_zps86593280.jpg

Lester with shiny sequin bow tie.

 photo IMG_4757e_zpsd44773fe.jpg

Kh with shiny sequin bow tie too.

 photo IMG_4765e_zpsf310f558.jpg

Paul had no shiny stuff except for the "gold bars".

 photo IMG_4762e_zps9cc7d791.jpg

CoCo made Clement steal his gold bar back from Paul.

 photo IMG_4767e_zps69f9f346.jpg

I like all the randomness in Gerra's house, just like this cushion.

 photo IMG_4768e_zpsdbd87b59.jpg

And the objects on this table. Heck, I did not take any pictures of Gerra's artsy room of randomness!

 photo IMG_4818e_zps40f4849a.jpg

Taboo time!

 photo IMG_4769e_zpsb65c6c28.jpg

 photo IMG_4770e_zpsc7741a5f.jpg

The gals were obviously winning!

 photo IMG_4771e_zpse5b7496e.jpg

Time for the official gift exchange. Jimson had left by then but we did the exchange on his behalf.

 photo IMG_4775e_zps89b0f465.jpg

Who got what?

 photo IMG_4778e_zps75a714e0.jpg

It was time for a break.

 photo IMG_4780e_zps6aa49dc3.jpg

An Australian eating Singaporeans' childhood snacks. Hope he likes them. I super love Mamee even though it is super unhealthy. Haven't eaten Mamee for a whole year already.

 photo IMG_4779e_zpsab461962.jpg

Moscato has since become the Bimbos' favourite alcoholic beverage. Featured here is the Bottega moscato (Pink Bottle). All the Bimbos and Himbos were quite enthusiastic in tasting a Bottega moscato possibly because it is BOTTEGA.

 photo IMG_4782e_zpsb2cdb504.jpg

Well, it is THE moscato with one of THE prettiest bottle but it is not the prettiest-tasting moscato. I opened a bottle with my family a few months back feeling so happy that we were about to drink a BRANDED moscato only to be disappointed by how it does not taste like moscato. It is too bubbly for moscato and tastes more like champagne instead. And then kh had to repeat the Bottega moscato story to everyone:
"When she saw the bottle, her eyes were so big and she was like 'WAH! BOTTEGA leh! Must buy!' She doesn't even care whether it tastes nice as long as it is branded."

 photo BOTTEGA-Moscato-Dolce_zpse9d4dcce.jpg

This photo features the unique coffee table with Xtina who just happened to be a model in the background.

 photo IMG_4783e_zps6897181a.jpg

Tiff brought this Brown Brothers Moscato Rosa. Possibly one of the best Moscato around!

 photo IMG_4784e_zpsc3a18cb7.jpg

From Primary 1 to Primary 4 and onwards. Cheers to 21--24 years of friendship! I hope I counted correctly.

 photo IMG_4786e_zpsfc9be453.jpg

Check out how matching these 2 Bling Bow Boys were! Checkered and grey vs Grey and checkered with similar bow ties to boot!
That's the easiest way to dress our guys up to the theme-- $2 bow tie from Daiso.

 photo collageXmasHouseParty2_zpsf1b73f88.jpg

Bling Bow Us

 photo collageXmasHouseParty4_zps78bb63a6.jpg

 photo collageXmasHouseParty3_zps1701c22d.jpg

Our pink-hair host. That's her real hair.

 photo IMG_4806e_zps0543db94.jpg

The shining couple. They did not need any bling to shine.

 photo IMG_4785e_zps128a7f43.jpg

Pretty boys in a row.

 photo IMG_4789e_zps9ffda5ea.jpg

We tested to see if they were bhimbotic enough for BHimbo shots. They were confident that they could outdo us. At the count of normal, cute, cool, silly and girlish.

 photo anigifHouseParty2_zpsb8c61197.gif

The Bimbo's turn!

 photo IMG_4804e_zps30bc3b9f.jpg

Our signature 1 to 10 poser shots.

 photo anigifHouseParty3_zps5aed3326.gif

It has since become a large group's favourite to use this function of my camera.

 photo anigifHouseParty4_zpsc69c6a21.gif

♥ FleurFaerie Embellished Mesh Tank Top
♥ Uniqlo inner lace spaghetti strap top
♥ Cotton On Q Short Super Marble
♥ Daiso bow party hair band

 photo collageXmasHouseParty5_zpsb5065b2b.jpg

Face: Dr Young 2p BB Cream; The Body Shop Brilliance Powder
Eyes: FreshKon Misty Grey lens; Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner; Sasa Retractable Glittering Eyeliner in White, Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow in Green Copper; fake lashes

 photo IMG_4823e_zpsf08b1d2a.jpg

[All photos in this section were taken using Canon S95 and iPhone 4s.]

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Vios Bling Bling Christmas Dinner*~

As usual, each gathering with Vios would have a dress theme. Initially, the theme was "Glitter and Glam" which was changed to "Bling Bling" thereafter as it was a lot easier to dress bling than to dress glitter or glam. Kh and I were so glad that we could reuse ideas from the gathering with the Bimbos the previous day.

Kh recycled his bow tie from the previous day with an additional bling bling glowing ball. The glowing ball was from Daiso as well. It came with an unbroken mini light stick to be squeezed into the ball after breaking the tube. It is quite intriguing how the mini lightstick could be squeezed into the ball with just the many tiny spaces on the surface of the ball, exactly like what you see in the photo.

 photo collageVios1_zpse6391349.jpg

As for me, I didn't want to be dressed in bling all the way. Instead, my outfit was plain black and the subtle bling came in the form of shiny eyeshadow, diamond necklace, diamond rings, faux diamond cuffs, faux diamond heels.

Little Black Dress gifted by my colleague
Kiyo teal grey heels

 photo collageVios5_zps3d3211f7.jpg

Face: Dr Young 2p BB Cream
Eyes: FreshKon Misty Grey lens; Heavy Rotation Perfect Eyeliner; Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow in Green Copper; fake lashes
Accessories: Tiffany and Co engagement ring; Ling Jewellery wedding band; No label faux diamond bangle

 photo collageVios6_zps2e5dacfa.jpg

Forgot to add this into the collage: Ling Jewellery tear drop diamond pendant with necklace

 photo IMG_4884e_zpsdaf87bdc.jpg

Pre-gathering prep: The usual generic gifts for the whole group-- Chocolates from Marks and Spencer.

 photo IMG_4828e_zps6ff6c2eb.jpg

Dinner was at Flamingg Mangos. I ate there twice before and I found the food so-so. I don't understand the 4-star rating on Hungry Go Where. Probably we always caught them during their peak period with slow service and so-so food. Nevertheless, I loved their Christmas decorations though the restaurant was not quite conducive for taking photos due to the dim lighting. That's fine coz it is always the company that matters!

 photo collageVios3_zpsd886887b.jpg

We shared all the finger food which wasn't too bad. For mains, I had medium rare steak that tasted like medium well done instead. I was still craving for Aston's medium rare wagyu steak at that time when I ordered steak for my mains. The hubz is really into beer recently (which is no good).

 photo collageVios2_zpsed261520.jpg

While waiting for our main course to arrive, we did the official gift exchange.

 photo IMG_4841e_zps20ed730b.jpg

Each of us drew lots and got to pick a number. For example, picking the lot which states #1 simply meant that you would be the first one to choose a gift from the gift pool. There was a catch though. Snatching of gift was allowed for each person ONCE. Hence, drawing the later numbers meant you had lesser gifts from the pool to choose from but you would stand a better chance of snatching gifts without the one you had picked being snatched. I was number 10 and I simply chose 1 from the remaining 3 gifts as I was too lazy to snatch. This anigif is rather grainy as the file size had to be compressed.

 photo anigifVios1_zps55e3acc4.gif

#1 kh
 photo IMG_4843e_zps826ec72b.jpg

#2 Flor

 photo IMG_4845e_zps827117db.jpg

#3 WL

 photo IMG_4847e_zpsa496449c.jpg

#4 Jac

 photo IMG_4848e_zps6290603b.jpg

#5 Ben

 photo IMG_4849e_zps9e5e8f3c.jpg

#6 Jerm

 photo IMG_4850e_zpsf8f7bb07.jpg

#7 Dot

 photo IMG_4851e_zpsd1ceaf8d.jpg

#8 Pegs

 photo IMG_4852e_zpsdeff8cf3.jpg

#9 SL

 photo IMG_4853e_zpsc4923f3e.jpg

#10 Me

 photo IMG_4854e_zps512b48e5.jpg

#11 Jon decided to snatch from Ben. Everyone had been very civilized so far till it was Jon's turn. BTW, Ben was made to wear my bling bow hairband as we all felt his item for bling was a complete failure. He used a flashing torchlight app on his phone and insisted that was his bling item. -_-|||

 photo IMG_4855e_zpsb3952994.jpg

#12 Jules decided to snatch from kh

 photo IMG_4856e_zps05f84d74.jpg

We ended up getting matching presents, obviously given by a couple who turned out to be Jerm and Dot.

 photo IMG_4857e_zps07ab5787.jpg

Flor handed out bak kwa shaped in Christmas tree to everyone and then all of a sudden almost all the gals had mini gifts/goodies for everyone which were passed down the table.

 photo IMG_4858e_zps29bb0d8a.jpg

After that we headed to WL's place. Byng had just given birth to a baby boy, Iden.

 photo IMG_4863e_zpsd8ed6cac.jpg

Took a full length photo with SL who was the most blingly dressed that evening. Besides her sequin tank top and shiny heels, the back of her pants had got bling bling words too!

 photo IMG_4862e_zpsbc64d0c6.jpg

Everyone was too busy in November to celebrate the Vios November babies' birthday. Hence, we had a mini symbolic singing of the happy birthday song but with tubs of ice cream and a lighter instead of the traditional cake and candles for WL, SL and Ben.

 photo IMG_4865e_zpsac809ff6.jpg

After the November babies had the first scoop of ice cream, everyone had a share too. So rude of the hubby to eat with such a big ladle.

 photo collageVios4_zps596e69f0.jpg

Like I said previously, it has since become a large group's favourite to use this function of my camera.

 photo anigifVios2_zpsff99e022.gif

For the parting shots, everyone disregard the bling theme and went for the baby theme.

 photo IMG_4868e_zps8b0a04dd.jpg

[All photos in this section were taken using Canon S95 and iPhone 4s. Some of the photos appear grainy as I had to up the brightness level in the dim restaurant.]

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Christmas Eve Eve Dinner*~

That Group That Shall Not Be Named (aka AVJ) met up on Christmas Eve Eve for dinner at Cedele.

 photo IMG_9857e_zpse565870a.jpg

Cedele started off as a bakery though some of the outlets are bakery cafes and all-day dining restaurants. Cedele serves delicious yet nutritious food, championing naturally healthy ingredients and time-honoured, artisan techniques. In my opinion, the food tasted healthy and delicious but the portion was too little. Maybe that's part of the championing healthy eating.

 photo IMG_9844e_zps1cf26dbe.jpg

I love the cute girl illustration on their menu.

 photo IMG_9845e_zps1935841c.jpg

Viv and April with their Little Twin Star bags. I know Viv likes Little Twin Star. As for April, I guess it should be fine for her as long as it isn't Hello Kitty and PINK and too girlish.

Jo: It's Sanrio but it's not Hello Kitty. It's sweet pastel colours and it's not all pink. You could let Talya use the bag next time.
April: Ah, this is ok. There is a boy there. (pointing to Kiki the blue-haired boy)

 photo collageXmasAVJ1_zps578d014e.jpg

While waiting for our food, Viv snapped this. I thought she was so adept at arranging quite quickly and presentably until I saw the next photo...

 photo IMG_9848e_zps6b766fd9.jpg

From my view that evening, I thought the mouse was crouching in an awkward manner as if in pain. I did not notice that Viv had placed the tin upside down! No wonder the magnetic paws kept sticking onto the tin in that position.

 photo IMG_9849e_zpse23f33a8.jpg

Viv had some mushroom risotto.

 photo collageXmasAVJ2_zps2444bcf4.jpg

I had prawn salad which was under the mains menu. It wasn't enough.

 photo collageXmasAVJ3_zps5d2d46fa.jpg

April had beef steak salad, also under the mains menu.

 photo collageXmasAVJ4_zps9ec44311.jpg

We shared a slice of carrot cake and dark chocolate fudge cake and were full after that.

 photo IMG_9856e_zps698aea77.jpg

After dinner, we advanced to Coffee Club for drinks and more catching up.

 photo IMG_9864e_zps60614dc3.jpg

It has almost become a tradition for Viv to give her friends beautifully hand made Christmas cards. She claimed that for that year, the cards were not too well done as she was using up leftover scrap materials from card-making over the years. April and I begged to differ as we thought the cards were still quite pretty.

 photo IMG_9859e_zpsd126e4bc.jpg

We were so thrilled by the cute chipmunks and the laminated back.

 photo IMG_9860e_zps38658ed5.jpg

April's gift to us.

 photo IMG_9861e_zpsa5473441.jpg

As I do not open my presents till Boxing Day, Viv opened hers as we were both very curious to know what could be so heavy. It was a Christmas candle! I always hear people talking about how good real Christmas trees smell and I'm very sure I would love this!

 photo IMG_9863e_zps46a4f08b.jpg

When Viv was opening the present, April was so smug about her wrapping skills, claiming that she used quite some creativity to wrap the candle. In place of ribbons, she used her hub's old shoelace. The collage further depicts the step-by-step unwrapping. We all had a good laugh over how she could be so CREATIVE. Yeah, we indulged in her all right.

 photo collageXmas9_zpsa0ca5980.jpg

[All photos in this section were taken using iPhone 5.]

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Christmas Eve Lunch at The Lighthouse*~

Those who did not apply for leave had to go back to work for half a day on Christmas Eve. However, the mood in the office was merry and it was a joy working that day. I was the latest to leave the office and I still felt cheerful while thinking about the cheese platter at The Lighthouse, Fullerton Hotel. The hubz had made a Christmas eve lunch reservation for 2 that day as we both had craving for their cheese platter. After we dined there for my birthday last year, we both felt that the restaurant serves the BEST cheese platter we had ever eaten.

 photo IMG_9410e_zpsde36a1ac.jpg

This was what our lunch with a view looked like-- MBS under a slightly overcast sky. I wondered what the little balls of white in the water were. The looked like some kind of buoy.

 photo IMG_9411e_zps437c9139.jpg

We were so hungry that we ate up all the bread.

 photo IMG_4892e_zps1ac08fa9.jpg

I had Moscato while Kh had white wine. Moscato wasn't on the wine list but they readily offered a glass when I asked for it. We later found out that it was on the dessert menu under dessert wine.

 photo IMG_4899e_zps1feb01c0.jpg

Antipasti to share -- Proscuitto
18 Months Langhirano Aged Ham, Grilled Smoked Scamorza Cheese and Preserved Eggplant

 photo IMG_4893e_zps4a9529b9.jpg

Antipasti to share -- Fritto Misto
Crispy Fried Seafood with Smoked Pepper Sauce

 photo IMG_4894e_zps7680378e.jpg

Kh's mains-- Delzia al Tartufo
“Truffle Delight” Mini Ravioli, Melting Heart Truffle and Mascarpone Cheese in Aromatic Truffle Sauce

 photo IMG_4895e_zps4d020c60.jpg

My mains-- Paccheri di Gragnano
Gragnano’s Paccheri in Naples Style with Tomato Braised Beef Ragout and Ricotta Cheese Flakes

 photo IMG_4897e_zpsd8b2d4b4.jpg

Look at the size of our mains. Mine looked like a feast and kh's looked like some side dish. The menu was different from the last time. Kh was craving for the Home-made Pappardelle which was The Lighthouse's signature wild boar ragout or else then anything with truffles.

I chose the beef ragout as I thought it was the closest to the wild boar ragout and that I could share it wth kh. In the end after a few mouthfuls, I got sick of the rich tomato cream with cheese that I exchanged it for Kh's truffle ravioli. OMG. That was soooooooooo good!

 photo collageXmasEve1_zpsf0ae3884.jpg

We did not see any cheese platter on the menu too. When we asked about it, the affable waiter said that it could be arranged for us. The cheese platter we had that day was not up to our expectation though. The various types of fruits and honey sauces that complemented the cheese we had the last time was absent this time round. You could compare the photos here to see how different the entire platter looked.

 photo IMG_4900e_zpscc3e99ed.jpg

Tiramisu for desserts.

 photo IMG_4901e_zps11c16897.jpg

Kh had to have his coffee fix at any time of the day. The "f" does not stand for Facebook.

 photo IMG_4902e_zps36abd453.jpg

I love the beautiful Christmas decorations in Fullerton Hotel.

 photo IMG_4904e_zpsb3efd00b.jpg

 photo IMG_4905e_zps415c589f.jpg

The lumps of black stuff in the foreground on the table looked like they did not belong at all. I was rather intrigued by them...

 photo IMG_4906e_zpsbf5d18e8.jpg

... until I read the sign board. Lumps of charcoal sweets? Interesting! I didn't dare to touch them though. They looked inedible.

 photo collageXmasEve2_zps3835789a.jpg

A beary merry Christmas tree.

 photo IMG_4910e_zps01319e17.jpg

A beary merry bear. The gingerbread man is so cute!

 photo IMG_4911e_zpsf6021298.jpg

Even the Koi pond had Christmas trees in them.

 photo IMG_4915e_zps695d3721.jpg

I look like a dwarf here. Oh well, maybe a dwarf/ pixie/ elf to match the Christmas theme.

 photo IMG_4913e_zps1817ade3.jpg

After lunch, we had planned to catch a movie with Disney's Frozen as the number one choice since it is a Christmassy movie. Alas, all the tickets were sold out so we ended up watching The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug. When we drove past The Fullerton Hotel, we looked up to try to spot where we were just now.

 photo IMG_4916e_zpsce9355e3.jpg

[All photos in this section were taken using Canon S95.]

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Christmas Day*~

Christmas day was spent sleeping in till afternoon and running errands as the hubz would be going away for a short work trip after Christmas. As I was still craving for Aston's Wagyu steak since the beginning of the whole Christmas season, I suggested going to Aston's for a really late lunch or really early dinner.

 photo collageXmas3_zps36944b33.jpg

My craving was finally satisfied. Yummy! My usual side dishes would be mashed potato and garden vegetables. The restaurant only had carrots left. Kh ordered 2 servings of mac and cheese with the intention to share with me. Our plates look so yellow and unhealthy.

 photo collageXmas2_zps6af5e408.jpg

Remind me never to order Snapple again. Snapple tastes like sugared water. Have some fun with the facts on the inside of the bottle cap.

 photo collageXmas1_zps4b5747dd.jpg

One of kh's errands to run that day was to buy soccer boots and being an ardent fan of Adidas, he would not settle for any other brands of soccer boots. He said that it is tried and tested that other brands are just not as good.

 photo IMG_9482e_zps83531ad3.jpg

I'm a brand snob. When it comes to sports apparel, I feel that Adidas is the best too. It is good AND fashionable. However, I just cannot fathom their bright gaudy colours for shoes this season. Fluorescent colours might look fashionable for casual wear but as soccer boots? They are totally OFF. The gaudy colours aren't limited to their soccer boots. Their running shoes, basketball shoes, trainers etc all sport the same ugly colours. Oh yes, in the end the hubz bought his soccer boots there.

 photo IMG_9480e_zps147da427.jpg

Since we are on the topic of bright colours, here is a picture of my froyo. Supposedly healthy, I made it sinful with toppings of strawberries, chocolate chips and fruity cornflakes.

 photo IMG_9484e_zps9d661ed7.jpg

The whole Christmas weekend had been so hot and humid that there wasn't any chance for 2nd day curls. I had to wash my hair every night and recurl them for the next gathering. Hence, I was glad that the weather on Christmas Eve and Christmas day itself was cooling for unwashed 2nd day loose curls.

 photo IMG_9525e_zps0856314e.jpg

The backview of the loose curls look almost straight.

 photo IMG_9474e_zps88d3be94.jpg

[All photos in this section were taken using Canon S95 and iPhone 4s.]

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Boxing Day*~

At the stroke of midnight, I started opening my presents.

 photo IMG_9549e_zps53fe0914.jpg

If you knew me from way before, there were times when I would just leave my Christmas presents and especially Teachers' Day presents unopened till the next year. My mother would nag at me when she saw paper bags full of presents. I used to tell her that the thought of giving and receiving presents in itself really made me happy and that the presents inside did not really mattered. I also used to say that many of the presents look prettier wrapped up than when opened (referring to the many useless gifts that my students used to give). Don't get me wrong, I really appreciate my students' thoughts but I just did not know what to do with their gifts. Every week before Teachers' Day, I would remind students not to buy anything and that if they really wanted to give me something, a card would be lovely. I ended up with a lot less unnecessary clutter and a lot more lovely notes.

 photo IMG_9466e_zps4abfe98f.png

Gifts from all my good friends whom I had met up so far.

 photo IMG_4937e_zps146f31d7.jpg

Hand-made cards from Viv. I got a super belated birthday card too!

 photo collageXmas10_zpsfceeb9ba.jpg

When I first joined this organization/this department in 2012, I was taken aback when I heard my colleagues discussing about Christmas gifts and how some of them had already bought the gifts way before Christmas. From their conversation, I also discovered that many of them do not give generic gifts to their branch or clique. Back then in all the places I worked in, there were 2 sets of generic gifts for EVERYONE -- the closer ones and the not so close ones and giving generic gifts was already considered generous.

The many many gifts from the lovely people at work.
My good friends were all shocked by the number of presents received at work.
Them:"You mean your colleagues don't give generic gifts to everyone?"
Me:"Yup, that itself is a blessing and a curse."

 photo IMG_4928e_zpsbc71aaf9.jpg

While many people would pen down the usual Christmas greetings, I'm always very pleased to see handwritten notes and other details which indicate that the gifter actually put in some effort to do a little personalization for their recipient. I am one who likes to personalize my gifts in little ways and so I really appreciate it when I see people doing that too coz I know it requires a little more time and effort doing so.

 photo collageXmas4_zpsb24e5c28.jpg

Knowing my love for cats, two of my colleagues chose cat-themed stickers and gift tags for me. It's the little details like this that sets my heart fluttering.

 photo collageXmas5_zpsc0f62f6c.jpg

This colleague also wowed me not only with my gift but gifts she gave to others as well. A group of colleagues bought me the Valentina Acqua Floreale perfume for my birthday last year. From there, said colleague knew that I am definitely tuned to Valentino's perfume and got me a miniature shower gel! I'm so in love with the bottle! She also got miniature perfume-related gifts for some colleagues as she knew their tastes in perfume as well.

 photo collageXmas6_zps0444198b.jpg

There are too many gifts and I didn't take photos of them all. Just a few which I want to male special mention.
I'm so ashamed when I opened my gift from this new colleague/SM. She gifted me an Etude House BB Magic Mist when I only gave her a generic gift.
Right (top to bottom):
Cute cute stuff like a penguin handcream, a mouse luggage tag (the letter J is form of little personalization details as well), a gingerbread house mug cover.

 photo collageXmas7_zpsd534c9d4.jpg

For the official departmental gift exchange, I got the first choice on my wish list. I read lots of raves on this compact powder and had very strong recommendations from Sasa promoters too. Ever since I started on BB cream, I stopped using compact powder except for under the eye to prevent my eyeliner from smudging. I don't like the overly powdered and cakey look I see on many ladies here in Singapore but I'm so tempted to try this for my whole face.

 photo collageXmas8_zps7eb35e04.jpg

Shirasu bids the Christmas season farewell.
Disclaimer: Shirasu is NOT my cat. You could find her owner's page here.

 photo IMG_9465e_zps29b25f15.png

[All photos in this section were taken using Canon S95.]

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Prepping for the Christmas season*~

Since I'm on the topic on gifts, I would insert a pre-Christmas prep section here. I thought that I would save lots of time by not making/drawing/writing Christmas cards for 2013 but in the end, I still spent lots of time. I had been lacking lots of sleep this Christmas season as I was busy 1) trying to think of what to give, 2) shopping for the gifts and packaging, 3) thinking of how to package the gifts in a presentable manner, 4) writing personalized gift tags.

 photo IMG_9280e_zps0eb3432c.jpg

For generic gifts, I decided on Marks and Spencer chocolate bars and Christmas button chocolates as they look presentable enough. I swept almost all the chocolates off the shelves at 2 outlets and at the 2nd outlet, the person decided to let me have the box too. Lol. I also included them into those gift bags of non generic gifts too and bought about 200--250 bars in all. OMG... as I'm typing this, I just mentally calculated how much I've spent solely on chocolates. GASP!

 photo IMG_9271e_zps3697f769.jpg

Generic chocolate gifts were packed into Hello Kitty Ziploc bags...

 photo IMG_9276e_zps32533dad.jpg

or goody bags from Daiso as seen in the previous sections. All the Daiso outlets in Singapore seemed to have run out of paper packaging and I had to use plastic ones. Dear peeps, always opt for paper to save the environment. Have you seen how kids and adults alike throw all these wrappers away?

 photo IMG_4748e_zps4bffaac0.jpg

Non generic mid range gifts were packed into the bear and rabbit plastic bags (also from Daiso).

 photo IMG_9277e_zps244c3094.jpg

The rest of the non generic gifts were packed into Little Twin Stars bags (also from Daiso).

 photo IMG_9279e_zpsdfbbf791.jpg

I love all the designs on the magnetic metal tin holder so much that I wanna keep one of each for my own. Nyah... I didn't take a picture of all the other goodies inside unless my friends did when they received them.

 photo collageGifts_zpsac72d53a.jpg

[All photos in this section were taken using Canon S95 and iPhone 4s.]

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Post Christmas Weekend Lunch at VeganBurg*~

The OEBabes met up for vegetarian lunch at VeganBurg the Saturday after Christmas. VeganBurg serves healthy yet great-tasting vegan food. I had VeganBurg once with my gal pal who is a vegan and I was amazed by the meaty texture of the patty.

 photo IMG_4984e_zps81fa1e47.jpg

This short lunch gathering was possible courtesy of CW who had an unused voucher for a kids' party at VeganBurg The Grand Stand, 200 Turf Club Road. I love the decor of the kids' party area. The good people at Veganburg maintain that parties are not just for kiddoes and you could read more about it here.

 photo IMG_4969e_zps559efafe.jpg

Pre-gathering prep: Nespresso for my secret santee LP. Fortunately LP and her hubz would drink these flavours. It was really funny how the sales assistant and I "stalked" LP's hubz to gather sensing of what flavours would suit them.
Like I already proclaim many times, I don't wrap well and I tend to wrap my gifts with magazine papers (and in this instance a plastic bag again) since most people toss the wrapper into the bin after that. The beautifully textured plastic bag was already used to wrap the gift which Gerra received (scroll to the first section if you've forgotten) and my poor secret santee LP had to make do with this.

 photo collageVeganburg1_zps4fc2231a.jpg

Gifts for the adults whom I've not met and the kids.

 photo IMG_4968e_zps1461cdf2.jpg

The kids got a goody bag of pencil, a Percy Pig chocolate and a chocolate bar. I made it clear to the kids that they should ask their parents before eating the chocolates and allow their parents to have them should they not permit them to eat.

 photo IMG_4967e_zpsf32f88f5.jpg

VeganBurg @ The Grandstand is the only outlet that has Toy Swap. It is a really innovative concept and you could read more about it from the text in the middle of the cabinets.

 photo IMG_4972e_zps9c896976.jpg

Cute toys for the girls.

 photo IMG_4973e_zps9d6046e5.jpg

And for the boys.

 photo IMG_4974e_zpsf245772d.jpg

Since it was a kid's party, the tables and chairs were all in mini size and we felt like Gandalf in a hobbit's home.

 photo IMG_4982e_zps9ef3fa7d.jpg

It was a kids' haven. The kids had fun with the toys and colouring sheets provided.

 photo IMG_4981e_zps31d65016.jpg

JV looking all innocent.

 photo IMG_4971e_zpsbdc7d700.jpg

 photo IMG_4970e_zps46924bda.jpg

What a lot of fun a Polaroid camera brought!

 photo IMG_4976e_zps66a51e0d.jpg

 photo IMG_4977e_zps4dea16c6.jpg

 photo IMG_4978e_zpsfefbf678.jpg

 photo IMG_4979e_zps80ec5ade.jpg

The package included 30 mini burgers and free flow of fries and sausages. Before the burgers were served, we could help ourselves with the fries and sausages. I almost forgot I was eating plant-based food when I happily munched on the sausages. They tasted just like sausages. The fries were very good. It could also be due to the fact that most of us were hungry.

 photo IMG_4983e_zps19620bc9.jpg

An artistic way to serve the burgers.

 photo IMG_4987e_zps79dd5356.jpg

I had two mini burgers. The Hawaiian Teriyaki...

 photo IMG_4988e_zps2db155de.jpg

... and Smoky BBQ.

 photo IMG_4990e_zps72b15142.jpg

HL, Pau and I were just trying to show how small the burgers were in relation to us.

 photo IMG_4989e_zps7b4fc42a.jpg

Pau had to leave earlier and hence after eating, we proceeded to do both the official and unofficial gift exchange.

 photo IMG_4995e_zps0f52d554.jpg

My secret santa was Shir. I was so thrilled by the Etude House packaging.

 photo IMG_4994e_zpse4b48b31.jpg

My secret santee was LP who upon feeling the gift, could guess that it was sleeves of Nespresso capsules.

 photo IMG_4999e_zpse8918c8b.jpg

HL's secret santee was Jac.

 photo IMG_4997e_zps54d6b108.jpg

Based on visual sensing, I felt that the gifts really suited Jac. I'm not sure if that's really the case. Lol.

 photo IMG_5001e_zps75bd3173.jpg

I don't know who is whose santas and santees so I can't write captions for the next few pictures. There are times when I would just pass my camera to the other ladies for them to snap.

 photo IMG_4998e_zps0b9a44ec.jpg

 photo IMG_4996e_zps8e593cd9.jpg

 photo IMG_5000e_zps5855c17e.jpg

 photo IMG_5002e_zps5757fc26.jpg

 photo IMG_5003e_zpscbb2953c.jpg

It's amazing. I've not known Cat before from work since she already left the dept when I came in but we could click quite well. I found somebody who is way lamer than me!

 photo IMG_5004e_zpsf64718d9.jpg

Jac was my predecessor and Sock was Jac's predecessor so this is a shot of predecessors!

 photo IMG_5015e_zps32c7a4df.jpg

We found a great backdrop!

 photo IMG_5005e_zpsb872d530.jpg

 photo IMG_5007e_zpsc64eb4f0.jpg

 photo IMG_5009e_zps40eedac2.jpg

Some family shots. Oops... the bottom right of the collage are those whose families were not available that day.

 photo collageVeganburg3_zps9f12c417.jpg

LP and her family.

 photo IMG_5010e_zps30231724.jpg

CW and her family.

 photo IMG_4986e_zps83da4955.jpg

JD was no longer as shy as the first time I saw him. In fact, he was so cute and cheeky. Can pose with the peace sign summore though he looked more like shooting himself and pointing upwards due to the angle.

 photo collageVeganburg2_zps6b1eb9f0.jpg

This anigif shows how cheeky JD was.

 photo anigifJD_zps6b1eadc8.gif

CQ and soon-to-be family.

 photo IMG_5011e_zpsdf6ab962.jpg

 photo IMG_5012e_zps10ae8aeb.jpg

Cat and her hub.

 photo IMG_5013e_zpsee8d3dd9.jpg

Back to friends shots!

Me and CW my unofficial buddy. Unfortunately, she sits in the same cubicle as me and I often had to bug her for many issues when I was new (up till now).

 photo IMG_5016e_zpscac5e48f.jpg

CW and Cat

 photo IMG_5017e_zps36b524c7.jpg

CW, Cat, Jac.

 photo IMG_5018e_zps6e9ac0a2.jpg

We simply had to have a parting shot with this pretty backdrop too.

 photo IMG_5019e_zps984dd4d1.jpg

A group shot minus Pau and HL who had since left.

 photo IMG_5020e_zps46eb6ba7.jpg

Takeaway bags.

 photo IMG_5022e_zps4686b00d.jpg

Gifts received that day.

 photo IMG_5027e_zps874f46fd.jpg

 photo collageVeganburg4_zpsf62c78af.jpg

I really love the 2013 Christmas wrapper and paper bag from Takashimaya. I could almost kick myself when I could not find anything to buy at Takashimaya just to get their paper bags. I love the muted earthy colours, the craft and patchwork feel and the quote "Live, Laugh, Love". I always get confused whether it is "Live, Laugh, Love" or "Live, Love, Laugh". I used to write the latter as I saw this version written in the Ronald McDonald House in New York where my god daughter was receiving treatment for her cancer a few years back. These three simple words which hold very powerful memories for me. Either way, it is a mantra I always strive to live by.

 photo IMG_5030e_zps1d5a3c86.jpg

[All photos in this section were taken using Canon S95.]

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*One Sunday, Four Venues*~

Last Sunday was my god daughter Mia baby shower aka 'full month' (满月) party. Unlike the western baby shower whereby it is celebrated when the mum is still expecting, the birth of a baby in the Chinese world is first celebrated on the child's one month anniversary. Since Mia is of British and Singaporean Chinese blood, it is expected to have a mixture of practices and names for practices. (I just crapped my way through the explanation but I'm sure Cyn herself doesn't really care too. LoL)

 photo IMG_9624e_zps45791acb.jpg

Since I got to see Mia twice before the baby shower, I did not attempt to carry her when many other guests were around. I figured it would be good to let others have a chance to hold and carry her that day. Finally when most of the guests had left. Godma Alexis and I had our turn to carry her and take pictures. Thanx Alexis for the lovely pictures! I love the shot on the right a lot. It seemed like Mia and I were talking when it wasn't so. Haha...

 photo collageMia1_zps02e19314.jpg

With Cyn Mommy-- one of my bestest gal pal ever!

 photo IMG_9622e_zpsb2f4df92.jpg

A little something for Mia.

 photo IMG_5042e_zps7e225ed9.jpg

I love the Baby Minnie and I hope she would love it too!

 photo IMG_5045e_zps5e2b5596.jpg

Got some good books for my godson Jase too. All these books had good ratings and reviews. After reading the synopsis and reviews, I wanted to read them too! The Incredible Journey was one of my favourite childhood movies. I didn't know it was an adaptation from a book.

 photo IMG_5047e_zpsa714823f.jpg

Jase has no excuse not to read them as he was supposed to relate the plot to me when he is done reading. That boy doesn't have the habit of reading and I hope to cultivate good reading habits in him.

 photo IMG_5048e_zpsc19b6652.jpg

After the baby shower, I went to town for an appointment and met Xtina at Din Tai Fung for dinner thereafter. Basically it was just me eating dinner which consisted of my usual beef soup la mian and xiao long bao. Xtina was too full from her dim sum lunch earlier on.

 photo collageDTF_zps3bd6d182.jpg

We love Din Tai Fung's Rosella drink and Earl Grey Iced Lemon Tea!

 photo IMG_9629e_zps8e2a7262.jpg

After dinner, we headed over to Bei's house for mulled wine, chocolates and company. Hahaha...
"I am offering mulled wine, chocolates and company" were her exact words when she suggested a gathering before the year ends. Everything was good, especially the company.

 photo IMG_5057e_zps0ac03ec4.jpg

This was taken outside on the porch where we saw a laser light show for split seconds from one of the buildings (MBS?) and then it was gone before I could snap.

 photo IMG_5058e_zps6a104268.jpg

I love this art piece in Bei's bedroom. It is really intriguing. The animal is a bear and it is out of proportion in relation to the fir trees and house. I wonder what went through the artist's mind when he was crafting this.

 photo collageBei1_zpsbdd6ad10.jpg

Criss cross mirror shot

 photo IMG_5071e_zps11c1614a.jpg

We sat at the bar for our mulled wine and chocolates.

 photo IMG_5063e_zpsaaa288c7.jpg

Bei made the wine herself by boiling spices, orange and sugar. It was great!

 photo IMG_5072e_zps52a4f614.jpg

And OMG, I love the chocolates and the Lebkuchen cookie! Lebkuchen is a traditional German baked Christmas treat, somewhat resembling gingerbread.

 photo IMG_5062e_zps81e49b6c.jpg

Beautiful wine bottles.

 photo IMG_5073e_zps8f697079.jpg

Soon the bar seats got a little uncomfortable for us so we headed upstairs as our chats and updates were neverending. While we sat at the dining table, Bei's new schnauzer puppy Whiskey kept barking incessantly. Once we let him out, he was totally quiet and affectionate.

 photo IMG_5049e_zps8c8a4376.jpg

Too affectionate... He kept trying to lick our faces.

 photo collageBei2_zps184f7b15.jpg

It was so difficult to get a good shot of him.

 photo collageBei3_zps9efdb1e6.jpg

He was so cute when he sat quietly or put his paws on our thighs and tried to be in the group. He also loved humping our legs. I have a video of how cheeky he is and you would see the video when I update on my December Instagram snapshots.

 photo collageBei4_zpse0cb7410.jpg

We have lots of mutual friends with overlapping cliques and it had been 2 years since the 3 of us caught up proper. I loved the quality time we spent together that night and love this photo and love our ghostly but loving reflection on the glass door depicting our interlocking arms behind our backs. After that night, Bei changed the WhatsApp group chat title to "20 years and more to come". We are really getting old but I love to believe that we age gracefully like wine.

 photo IMG_9663e_zpsdc452063.jpg

[All photos in this section were taken using Canon S95 and iPhone 4s.]

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

I wonder how many of you read up till the very end. I'm quite sure that many would scroll through this image-heavy post. As per every long post, I tend to write incoherently midway. Since I spent almost a whole weekend on and off to edit the photos and craft a post, I just could not wait to post it up. I had wanted to include the happenings on the New Year's Eve Eve and New Year's Eve too but decided to save them for another post as I'm too drained to continue.

I hope that the first official week of 2014 has been treating everyone kindly.

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Oh my goodness, dear. . That was a lot of pictures. The 2 things that stick with me most . Are you and you man in those matching bows and how stunning and elegant you looked in that black dress. All looks like so much fun :)

    1. The matching bows are from the same $2 place. Hahaha... And thanx for your compliment. Hope the first week of 2014 has been well with you.

  2. Despite all the shiny people at the pre-Christmas party, I think the kids party is my favorite--kids always steal the show! Lot's of good friends and good food...that's the perfect way to celebrate the holidays.

    PS - Tiff was sparkly all on her own! :)

    1. The cute kids added a lot more vibrancy to the very colourful and artsy backdrop of the whole party venue. I love how those photos turn out so beautifully. Exactly! Good food and good friends are just the way to celebrate the festive seasons. Hope the first week of 2014 has been treating you well.

      PS: Tiff said her bling was Paul and we were all looking at Paul and thinking "You can't use figurative language to match the theme."

  3. Nice call on using the fancy wall for photoshoot! (And yay, I had ramen recently too...although for New Year's and not for Christmas holidays, hah)(+THE 'SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP' PRINT IS AWESOME)
    The animated pose shots are adorable, and I love using that function of the camera too! Makes pretty awesome/funny photo sequences
    You looked stunning/gorgeous for the 'Bling Bling' party! And laminated cards are beyond fancy, imo!
    I absolutely love shower gels--the Valentina one looks too beautiful to be put in the shower though!
    Ahhhhhh, I LOVE schnauzers! (Definitely don't want to see any dog humping though, but omg, doggie kisses are the best kisses though <3)

    Anyways, sounds like you had a hectic holiday! Hope you managed to enjoy the New Year's-ish, and I hope your tummy is hopefully much better now!(?)
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. Ooh... a long comment. Me likey! My gal pal's whole abode is a great place for photoshoot! She has a cozy room that is a whole mix of randomness. I like her house so much. Hehehehe... I love making anigif with all these photos. Even my family has gotten used to posing different poses at split seconds and love this function too. Too bad, I can't make anigif with higher resolution using the free software (Photoscape) that I'm using and hence the photos appear grainy. I'm a sucker for pretty bottles that I can't bear to use the stuff inside and they just get so old and unusuable so now I'm gonna make sure I use the contents and reuse the bottle. I am not a dog owner so I don't quite like doggie kisses. LOL... When Whiskey kept wanting to lick my face, I had to hold him as far away from me as possible. Thank you sweets. Hope the first week of 2014 has been treating you well.

  4. What a Christmas Jo! These pictures are fabulous. I need to pour a glass of Moscato and look at them again. I love those Christmas trees and how they were decorated. Fabulous gifts you all received and put together. You guys have the best food. OMG'd the humping dog. HAHAHA He's too precious. I love those pillows. Great post doll.

    1. You would need many glasses of Moscato for this long post. Lol... I had so much fun that I almost didn't want the year to end. Thanx for your kind words, sweetie. Hope the first week of 2014 has been treating you well.

  5. These pictures look super doll, everyone looks happy and having a great time. What a precious baby too :) So sweet!! Am glad you had a wonderful time. Have a gorgeous new week xx

    1. Had such a wonderful time that I almost wished the year didn't come to an end. Hahaha... Thanx for your kind words, sweetie. Hope the first week of 2014 has been treating you well.

  6. Happy New Year. The Nana place made me laugh as we have street shop called by the same name. Lovely photos and looks like a great time.

    1. I'm curious to know what the Nana shop over at your side sells? Thank you for your comment. Hope the first week of 2014 has been treating you well.

  7. Hi Jo! Wow, Im so impressed by each photos, you must have put so much effort to edit them. Im really glad you had a great Christmas time, looking forward to see the next photos. You look beautiful and love the make up you did. Mia is such a sweet baby, the photos of you with her are the sweetest. That bear Xmas tree is one of the most adorable thing I ever saw!:) Have a good week ahead dear and hope you are better! xo

    1. Hey Lilli. Yeah, I'm such a sucker when it comes to editing my pictures for my blog and Facebook. I just canot stand posting raw photos. The editing of photos is really pretty fast as I only adjust some colours, brightness, contrast, add borders and watermark. The crafting of words require a lot more effort. Thank you for all your kind words, sweetie. Hope the first week of 2014 has been treating you well.

  8. My goodness Jo, two thumbs up for editing and making this post. Bummer for sickness but you look great especially in that white dress and black one. And look at your long tress, beautiful when you let your hair down from the back view. So many fun gatherings and gifts. Looking through those photo make me smile. Fun times with friends.

    1. Nelah, So nice to see you around more frequently. Thank you for your sweet comments. There are times which I would think of getting a new look and cutting my hair but then I would always think of how curls look nicer with much longer hair. Hope the first week of 2014 has been treating you well.

  9. OMGOSH! i have to say i'm TOTALLY envious and jealous of your christmas!! looked so amazing i was sadly in germany just me and the hubs and our two fur babies.. i would have loved to be able to have spent it with friends!! love all the pics of you and your girlfriends can really tell you guys really love and care for each other!!!

    the pics of you and your hubs are so cute!! you guys are such an adorable couple and that steak oh man.. looks so good. i do that sometimes. order all mac & cheese. it's so unhealthy but i loveeee mashed potatos and mac & cheese. i have a really bad carb addiction lol!!

    thanks so much for all your contact lens info it's really super helpful! i actually was just thinking i was going to order a one months supply of the acuvue moist and a one month supply of the acuvue trueye!!! that way i can test which one is less irritating to me. as i heard the acuvue moist is really good and the trueye is THE NEW acuvue moist hehehe :p but it's the most expensive.

    good to know about the colored contacts as i know NOTHING about colored contacts. yeah i only wanted to try using them for like special occassions ect. not for everyday wear. my husband doesn't like them. he says it looks weird lol. but i want to try anyways. thats what scares me.. which one did you use that gave you the cornea infection so i'll know NOT to order from them!!! and do you order your freshkon online?? where do you go? have you tried the geo's i always see them on beauty bloggers do you like it?

    1. You had a very Christmassy Christmas in Germany with your hubz too. It's a different kind of amazing altogether!

      You're most welcome! Do let me know how's moist. If moist is good enough, I might switch to that instead of trueye as the latter is really the most expensive outta the whole lot of acuvue. The one I used before my cornea infection is sadly GEO. However, I don't think it's the brand of coloured lens per se that lef to the infection. It's a combination of many other factors like my lens hygiene etc or probably even a sheer stroke of bad luck.

      I still have a pair of purple GEO lens which I've not used as I'm not very sure how purple would look on me and I'm not very sure if I would get infection again. I think since I've already tried other brands of colours in between the infection till now, it should be safe for me to try the Geo lens again.

  10. Wow Jo, this post was kind of amazing, the photos all look so wonderful! (although I must say, my laptop was having a crisis trying to load this post up haha!)
    Eithr way, I didn't get to wish you before the holidays but I hope you've had an amazing holiday season darling and I so look forward to your new posts and all your lovely comments :)


    1. Sorry that the post jammed your laptop loading for quite a while. Hehehe... Thank you for your wishes, Sweetie. Same to you and will pop by your blog real soon!

  11. Wow what an amazing shiny Christmas you had and you looked marvelous in that dress. I have to say you could have made at least five posts with that many photos. I will come back and read all of it but right now I'm in a hurry (have to run errands). Haha I never keep my resolutions too but I still make them. Wish you a wonderful weekend Jo!!

    xx Mira

    1. That's so sweet of you to pop by here even when you are in a hurry to run errands. Same to you, dear. Have a lovely weekend!

  12. You definitely win the prize for longest post ever. What fun you had love the party photos, the food hungry now the adorable kids and then the cute dog. This post had everything have a fun week

    1. Hahaha... I tend to win that prize. I'm always behind in blogging and updating too much at once. LOL. Have a lovely weekend!

  13. OMG those food, those present :O
    I ove your super long post anyway. Hahaha. You got a lot of fun though :DD
    and, I love that kitty on your header :*


    1. Thank you for dropping by my blog and your sweet words, hun. I love seeing newcomers around! xoxo


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