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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oops... fingers too fast

My fingers were too fast and wham! My layout has been changed with parts I'm supposed to tweak left ugly as such.

Well, I remember saving my whole template in html coding somewhere but now I can't find it. I did a "control f" on my whole laptop and clicked every single likely document churned out but to no avail.

The misalignment of some of the items on the sidebar, the categories becoming a huge mass of untidy cloud, the clickable components changing from sweet pink to striking blue...

I will live with this ugly layout till I find the time to tweak my whole template.

Remember this post? I've been wanting to change my layout and I'm pretty calm for somebody who had clicked the button wrongly and not being able to find the saved html code for the previous template.

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

Updated on 27 July

I've managed to tweak all the uglies from what I've listed above and am slightly happier.

I mentioned that I had been pretty calm about the boo boo but the fact that my blog has become such an eyesore crept into my mind every now and then that I just had to do something about it asap.

It certainly looks a lot more pleasing to the eye now.

Now to figure out how to personalise my header and to add buttons under it.

Wish me luck!


  1. It is most important to not freak out and not forget how to breathe. Your old template will be saved somewhere under a "template-[lots of numbers].xml" file. So search for something like that first.

    And if you can't find it, no harm done, it's fun to play around! ^^

    RYCs: Welcome back, Jo! Hope you had an awesome holiday in Italy ^^

    I shake hands with you! Apparently, it's normal to feel bad and not be able to fix your problems right away. Who would've thought?! On those moments you just feel so lonely, it's almost as if there's nothing but you and that black cloud above your head. Luckily the sun's been peeking through my cloud again, so I'm good. Until the next freak-out :P

    As for Instagram: I feel like it's kind of a silly thing when you don't have a smartphone. I mean, what's the difference between uploading a picture on blogger via your computer, or a picture on instagram via your computer? And since my forum is my blog... Maybe when I buy a smartphone someday :)

  2. HAHAHA Jo! I've done that before. Take your time and tailor your blog to the way you want it. We all understand.

  3. Bibi,

    It's really good to hear from you! And even better to know that the rain clouds are clearing away from your beautiful curls with the sunbeams dancing on them. I hope the next freak out would be a long time later. =D

    Ah, yes. You do not have a smartphone. It seems to be a trend that many European denizens do not have smart phones. I think the plans for smart phones are a lot more expensive than in Asia. In Singapore, almost 90% of the educated population have smart phones. Well, I even see old man and old ladies being adept at smart phones recently! I do hope that when you get a smart phone, you would do all the wonderful things with it.

    I did a control F on my whole lappy but I couldn't find. Where exactly is this template saved? In blogger itself?



    I said I was calm. I still am but the fact that my blog is not even half done with ugly layout keeps creeping into my head. I'm comtemplating getting people to help me to do but I know I would feel really accomplished doing it myself.

  4. Most of the young people here do have smartphones, but I'm still waiting for my old one to die. I think I can wait for another couple of years though, he's 7 years old (or 8?) and still going strong.

    As for the .xml: it should be in your downloads folder on your computer itself.

  5. Bibi,

    You are so loyal to your phone! The best phones in terms of shelf life are those olden phones.

    Oh... those folders are empty. So I guess they are gone. =(

  6. Nah, I'm not loyal... just cheap :P

    Hm, that's too bad :/ It's weird though, since you downloaded the html format... Maybe something went wrong :/

  7. That's happened to me before. I try and remember to copy my codes first now, haha. I hope you get it all sorted ok. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  8. Now you get the fun of remaking the blog in whatever style you'd like. What a great opportunity!!!
    My problem is slow fingers.

  9. Oh dear! I hope that you can get things back up again, Miss Jo! Making blog layouts can be such a difficult task... especially when you accidently delete everything, woops! But no worries. I am sure that you will eithe rbe able to recover it or think of something EVEN BETTER! You're a lovely and smart lady. :) Sending happy thoughts your way!

    (send send sends)

  10. Bibi,

    I'm sure something went wrong. I've since spent half the Saturday tweaking and experimenting. Thanx for your help!

    No... I'm sure you are loyal!



    I'm so relieved to hear that it happened to so many of you before. I was beginning to think why mine was such an unfortunate case.



    What a positive way to put it! I only wished I had the time and creativity to personalise my blog. And hahaha... slow fingers!



    I've tweaked all the parts which were an eyesore but I still need to find the time and creativity to further personalise a white minimalist blog. You think so highly of me. LOL


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