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Saturday, July 14, 2012

You are 7 years old on this very day

It is the 14th of July. A beautiful number. A beautiful date.

Happy birthday my darling Charchar! You would be 7 years old on this very day.


Mommy, Godma, Jase kor kor, together with so many other uncles, aunties, kor kor, jie jie, di di and mei mei miss you.


Reading back on your 6th birthday post and re-watching the videos reactivated the tap in my nose. Not teary-eyed yet, probably because you have healed part of my tear ducts.

It is difficult at times but we will continue to walk on this life journey with all the beautiful memories of you in our hearts.


You must be enjoying yourself with a princess birthday party up there.

Please watch over mommy as she hasn't been coping very well these few days.

Happy 7th birthday, our feisty little princess!

Godma Jolene

Photographs taken by Godson Jase. I understand that some (if not most) people may find it very disrespectful to post such pictures as they feel that death is a taboo topic. However for Cyn's family, every moment of pre and post Char is special and worth capturing. As much as we miss Charmaine, we are glad that she has found place where she could be totally freed from all pain. Death for our beloved Princess is not something we avoid. Neither do we treat it as a taboo. If you feel uncomfortable viewing these pictures, kindly leave the page and not say a word. 


  1. Death shouldn't be a taboo. Death's always a sad thing, but the people we love and have passed live on in our thoughts and stories, and that's how we cope with the loss.

    Life is so much more than just a physical presence, it's also the memories that were made, the silly things that were said or done, the good (as well as the bad) sides of a character...

    I think it's a wonderful thing that all of you keep little Char alive in your hearts through telling stories and celebrating her life. She continues to be a part of your lives. x

  2. aw, she must have been such a darling. recently my grandpa had past away because it was his time. it's okay though because Heaven exists, you know? i'm thankful for that.


  3. My grandmother experienced many, many things in her life. But when my mom died, grandma told me that was the hardest thing she ever had to deal with. I hope Cin knows that Char will always be with her--and wonderful godmom will too.

  4. happy 7th birthday to little Charmaine. much love.

  5. Y would it even be a taboo for anyone? But I do feel your pain reading this post though.

    Happy Birthday Char Char!!

  6. This was a beautifully written post Jo :) And I wish a very happy birthday to Charmaine as well. I agree with you that death shouldn't be considered a taboo. I think it's great that you and Cyn's family continue to celebrate Charmaine's birthday even after her passing so that you can all remember her and all the great memories you all shared together.

  7. she must be smiling up there while she's reading this post (: (: (: and 7 y.o Charmaine must be very pretty surrounded by angels there

  8. Hang in there. *hugs*
    Char's in heaven looking down, a place where there is no pain or suffering. She's such an angel n now she's surrounded by other angels too.
    Pls take care k.

  9. I know it must be hard for her mom. I feel for her. Just know she's out of her pain and at a better place. God Bless Her and Your Family!

  10. Bibi,
    You are back and back with lots of wise and comforting words no doubt. I really couldn't agree more with you and thank you so much for the heartfelt words.


    Yes that's absolutely right. I'm very sure they are watching us from above. I hope you are coping well yourself.


    It is always terribly difficult to deal with the death of one's own child. It takes lots, really. So kudos to your grandmama.

    Char would definitely be with us in memory but sometimes we just miss her physical presence.


    Thank you, dear.


    I had to include some disclaimer as you know, to Cyn and family, photos related to char's passing isn't a taboo. Unfortunately when Cyn's bro uploaded some pictures, obviously there were people who found him disrespectful. We could only come to terms that not many people think in the same line as us.

    Thank you for being able to identify with us. =)


    Thank you for being on the same plane with us and being able to identify with us.


    Joshua Christian,
    Thank you for your kind words. Albeit a newcomer, I could sense your warmth.


    Thank you for the kind words, dear. =)


    Thank you, dear. =)

  11. Happy 7th Birthday to dear Charmaine. I'm sure she is smiling from above.

  12. Thank you Nic Nic! It means a lot. =)


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