Monday, May 16, 2011

A lovely parcel & a lovely person

Don’t you love receiving parcels? I certainly do! Whenever I do online shopping, I can’t wait for my parcels to arrive.

Last month, I received a parcel even when I didn’t order anything off the internet.


The parcel came all the way from the UK.


It was sent by my blogger friend, Peh Sun aka Squeeze the Pug.

When I opened the parcel, I saw a handwritten note and something lovingly wrapped with pink wrapper and a cute little pink ribbon.


She drew in the tall hat, tuxedo and sleek boots for the puggy pug pug. How cute!


Unwrapping the pink package, a mini La Mer jar peeked at me. When I saw it, I just could not help exclaiming how cute it was that my hubby thought I was quite mad squealing at a jar.


It’s so lovely of Peh Sun to send me a mini La Mer for no rhyme or reason at all. Ok, she did have a reason. As seen from the handwritten note, she was inspired by my Lamer La Mer post a while back and decided to give me a surprise.


Isn’t she such a lovely and thoughtful lady?

If you haven’t already visited Peh Sun’s blog, you should. She’s a beautiful doctor who has a great penchant for Chanel. In fact, what led me to her blog was her very detailed post on the Chanel black classic flap. I’m in awe of her Chanel collection.

She’s really very sweet and sincere and you could definitely tell from the way she writes her comments. I’ll always look forward to reading what she has to say coz she always puts a smile on my face. After a few exchanges over blogger and emails, we realised how much we have in common. It’s really uncanny yet absolutely remarkable to have found someone on the internet with so many similarities. We both joked about how we could be related.

To rub her love for Chanel onto her readers, Peh Sun has this amazing giveaway with lots of Chanel goodies from the skincare and make up range. (Of course you weren’t expecting a classic flap, were you?) This is the most generous and coveted giveaway I’ve ever seen in the blogosphere.


THE Winner's prize:
Chanel Precision Lotion Confort Toner (full sized 200ml sealed bottle with box)
Chanel Travel Makeup palette (Full sized, new and boxed, complete with Chanel mirror compact, makeup tools/brushes and velvet black Chanel pouch)
Chanel No.5 Soap bar (full-sized & sealed)
Chanel Vitalumiere Ecalt Confort Radiance Compact Makeup B20 beige SPF 10 (mini powder compact with sponge)
Chanel Precision Purette Matifying Fluid (mini pot, 4ml)
Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Lift, firming Day cream (mini tube, boxed)
Chanel Precision Ultra Correction Lift, firming Night cream (mini tube, boxed)
Chanel Precision Ultra Sculpting Firming Concentrate (mini tube, boxed)
Chanel white hard box (from the No5 Chanel Paris, this box smells strongly of the iconic Chanel No.5)
Chanel white paper bag

What an impressive list! She has really set a very high benchmark for giveaways eh? After reading so many blogs, I realise it’s common for people to hold giveaways once they hit a certain number of followers and I thought of holding one when I hit 100. By then, I’ve to wrack my brains to come up with decent gifts.

I’m a bird that goes cheap cheap cheap when it comes to make up and skincare. Most of the low and middle range drugstore products work very well on me. Not counting gifts from friends, my most expensive skincare product is SK-II Facial Treatment Essence whereas my most expensive make up is SK-II Cellumination Pancake. I’ve thought of trying out some from the Chanel range when my skin gets more mature and just not long after that, I saw Peh Sun’s awesome giveaway.

I’ve to confess very honestly that I may not use some of the items in the giveaway but should I win, I would definitely know how to put them into good use even if I don’t use them for myself. So here I am spreading the word for Peh Sun.

If you’re a blogger and you want to try your luck in winning these items, why don’t you hop over to her blog, follow her and leave a comment? It’s open to international readers as well. The closing date is still far (12 July 2011) so no worries about being late.

And... even if you do not want to participate, visiting her blog will be a fruitful trip coz her entries are interesting to read.

And and... If you follow me and leave me a comment, I might put in a good word for you too. Nah... You didn't fall for that did you?


  1. Dearest Jo,

    This is such a lovely post and you write so well. Thank you...You made made me blush with slight embarrassment. =)

    Sorry, I havent been writing and replying or commenting lately. My blogging activities (which includes writing and reading fellow bloggers' pages) have pretty much come to a halt as I have been quite bogged down with work and have been away too.

    Hopefully, I would be able to recover back to the usual soon. In the mean time, I hope you are keeping and doing well.


  2. Creme de la Mer!! You lucky girl, you! That's so sweet of Peh Sun to send it to you out of the blue like that! I'll definitely be checking out her blog and trying out my luck in her giveaway. I agree with you that I am not one for splurging on higher end makeup, but I definitely wouldn't mind adding those Chanel beauties to my collection! Thanks for sharing Jo! And best of luck to everyone who enters :)

  3. What an awesome giveaway! It's nice that you have a lovely friend who sends you La Mer products. That stuff ain't cheap. LoL HOpe you are doing well!

  4. A wonderful blogger being kind to a wonderful blogger. This post really makes me smile. I wish I knew more people like this in my real life.

  5. That is very sweet of her. Creme de la Mer has become my HG moisturizer, nothing works as good as it (for my skin type anyway).

  6. PS - Someone's comment on Kym's post about looking like a boy at some point in her life really made me laugh--thanks to you. The person wrote, "you are so friggin cute".


  7. Awwwww that's so sweet and indeed so thoughtful of her. :)

    I always smile whenever I see love package posts because I think it's very lovely for bloggers to maintain friendship despite the distance and their busy schedules. =)

  8. Wow! She's so kind. I've never seen a giveaway like that xD and the La Mer..I really want to try it one day. hohoo...

    Dreamy Princess

  9. Thank you all for commenting. I love reading what you have to say. Hopefully, I will slowly get back to all of you via your blogs.

    PS: Rick, I so totally laughed all the way while leaving a comment for Kym on that post.

  10. i love receiving parcels too! i used to be active on swap-bot so that was the crazy period of time when i receive parcels from people from all over the globe. sadly, have kinda remain MIA since start of this year because i've been so busy with work and other commitments. nonetheless, you should consider visiting swap-bot for an idea! :)

  11. blisschic,

    Ah yes, swapbot. I remember seeing some photos of the many lovely and intricate things you’ve received from swapping. I think it’s rather fun to be swapping with people all over the world, anticipating what’s in store and also wondering if yours have reached the other party. I would definitely try my hand at that when time is on my side. By then, maybe I’ve to look for you for pointers. Hope time will be on your side soon. =)

  12. hey there.

    any thing u want from the states?

    thank you for the lovely message. i am triumphing all odds and trying NOT to burn down someone's kitchen right now.

    you are my fren for life :)and nothing you say will change that.

    dutch apple.

  13. dutch apple!

    Shouldn’t you change your name to LApple or something? Hahaha...

    I do not wanna see any fire news on international news pages reporting that some Asian bimbo has burnt down a house. So you’d better triumph over these tasks.

    Nah... I don’t think I need anything from the States. I need something from Europe though.

  14. thats totally random! i am in the states! not EUROPE! besides u can get ur europe dream via your honey moon!

    i am super happy here so whatever pops up in ur mind to buy i will probably oblige.

    meanwhile, i got a new nickname. its called SADAKO. i like it.


  15. that is so sweet of her. i remember thinking of buying this creme a few years back when my acne was real bad, and i keep hearing that this cream is a miracle cream, but while i was still hesitating, my acne got alot better...i guess i was finally using the right products....but i have many friends who love this cream to death~~~~id luv to hear your review on it when you get the chance to do one.

    And i agree i luv luv getting parcels, its like x-mas all over again.


  16. Lol, Just out of curiosity, what are you look for in Europe?

  17. SADAKO,
    Why Sadako? It sounds scary thinking about Sadako from The Ring.

    I haven’t been using it consistently since it’s on the rich side and will feel oily in our humid climate. I would apply it whenever I sleep in air-conditioned room and it feels great. Not too sure if it’s a subconscious thought knowing that the cream is raved about.

    Squeeze the Pug,
    Hehe... You would have known what it is by the time I reply to your question here. ;)


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