Sunday, August 15, 2010

Please take some time to vote in my poll

Bumped this post (dated 7th August) up to the top

Have you voted on my nuffnang poll on the right sidebar? -------------------->

Here are the current results:

~♥ 50% Photo updates of your everyday life

~♥ 0% Reviews on dining places and food related topics

~♥ 6% Anything artsy fartsy

~♥ 18% Inspirational & feel good posts

~♥ 25% Fashion, beauty, shopping & all things bimbotic

A majority of you are nosey kaypohs who love to read about my boring everyday life, a quarter of you are really bimbotic while nobody gives a hoot about my food reviews. LOLz

I spend lots of time writing reviews on eateries.

While typing, I would be doing lots of research on certain history of a cuisine and the fine art behind the preparation of the dish. Since I'm a "peasant" and unfamiliar with lots of atas ingredients, I look them up on the internet so that I could describe the dish better to my readers. I try my best to do a restaurant justice when they really deserve it. But seeing the 0% now, I would change my strategy, spend lesser time on food reviews and simply upload droolicious photos with minimal description. Besides, a picture speaks a thousand words.

I'm no beauty guru.

I dunno much about skincare, haircare, bodycare and make up but I simply lurve to try out products and many which I found good, I would recommend to my frenz. I would love to share my knowledge with more people but I don't want to bore the wrong audience. Beauty blogs are a dime a dozen out there on the blogosphere and I'm nowhere near these masters.

I'm also no fashion maverick; I do not have an impressive wardrobe or a collection of fine apparels and I do not shop as much as so many other gals I know of. Nevertheless, since fashion, beauty, shopping is ranked 2nd on the poll, I would look into writing more of such posts.

You're not obliged to poll of course but the results would give me a good gauge of what you babes and dudes like to read about here. This will certainly give me an idea on how to craft my posts.

You can also leave me a note to tell me what you would like to see here if it's not one of the options stated in the poll. FYI I've removed my tagboard due to an influx of spam. I dunno why this is happening but it's getting on my nerves. The cbox may or may not be back.

Updated on 9th August:
The poll does not seem to be showing the past few days. I looked up other blogs using the same nuffnang polls and their polls aren't showing too. *ponders*


  1. Dear Jolene~ Hello! It's *me* here!!! :D
    LoVe to read your wordy and sincere-from-heart BloG entries~ *hehe*!!! :D

    I still always reading your BLoG~
    Like to read about your daily life and your activities/ programs!!! :D Hope u continue BLoGGinG aLwaYs!!!
    And, always Take good care of your health!!!
    Especially your thoart hor??? :D

    LoVe, VIVIEN~!!! :D

  2. VIVIEN!!!

    Hey babelicious miniVV! How have you been? Woa... I haven't "seen" you around in ages and I really really miss your presence on the internet realm. All your cute & funny words, lovely comments, beautiful pictures. Really hope you can come back to the blogging sphere or the forum world. It's just so different w/o you around.

    Miss u!!!

  3. Wow, I voted for "food" before reading this post. I can;t believe that received so few votes. Oh well, I rarely go with the crowd, so I should have expected to be in the minority on the voting.

    I liked your somment on Stephanie's "Life in Pink". That was good advice. Her blog used to be called "365 Days of Being Single"...she had decided to spend a year alone after having a really bad experience with her ex. Then she reconnected with a fellow she knew in school...the guy she's dating now. She's a wonderful girl and based on your caring comment, it seems you're pretty nice too. =)

  4. Hi RicAdeMus,

    It's always heartwarming to read a thoughtful comment from a stranger. I supposed you blogwalked here via Stephanie's "Life in Pink"? =)

    Haha... Males usually like to read my food posts as I suppose the rest of the posts are too bimbotic for you all. *LoLz*

    Thanx for your words. I believe in the power of words to make people's day even if they're some random stranger. I can see that Stephanie is a nice gal and you are too!

    Please don't be a stranger. I would love to hear more from you.

  5. Hi Jo,

    Haha, no, not bimbotic at all! Life updates are fun because it's nice to get to know people and feel good posts are always welcome. I follow some bloggers who do mostly fashion and makeup, but even in those posts they usually include enough about themselves to make it interesting. So write whatever appeals to you at the moment.

    If it's okay, I've decided to stick around. =)

  6. Hi RicAdeMus,

    It's reassuring to know that my male readers are able to appreciate my beauty and fashion posts and all my bimbotic posts too. =D

    Cya around.


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