Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Independent Wife

So the hubby went overseas for his detachment this morning (I mean yesterday morning since it's past midnight).

It's been 4 years since he left my side. I used to be this very independent gf whose bf was overseas for detachment half the time. I was the queen of LDR and I'm often asked how I managed to survive his frequent overseas postings. Well, I kept myself really busy during those days. It was just school and tuition, work and tuition every single day.

Then he returned to pursue his studies for 4 years and now he's back in the working world once more. I've since forgotten how I managed to survive without him.

This overseas posting is only for 3 weeks and I know I would definitely be able to assume the role of the independent wife for this short period of time.


  1. Ohh its been awhile since i visted your blog! I love seeing all your outfits. you look so pretty.

  2. can wan lah cousin ;)

    btw I can't quite tell what's with
    the photos. tbh they look okay so far. maybe next time you post a blog
    entry with photos then you make little
    notes then I see and compare? (:

    sorry ah, not much help now ><

  3. Nadine,

    Oh when you mouse over the photos, you can see which ones are uploaded on photobucket & which ones with blogger.

    Eg, in the I live in Singapura post, the NDP 2010 pic is uploaded via blogger and that's the biggest size chosen. But for most of my frenz who are using blogger to host, their pictures are as big as their blog width so I'm not sure if there's any problem with my blog template.

    Hope I've not succeeded in confusing you. Haha...

  4. Okay... I need to vent a little. I've been wondering why I haven't been getting updates on my blog roll for your blog for the longest time. I thought it was because you haven't been blogging but I was wrong. I wasn't a follower so I didn't get updates. How weird!!! I thought I followed your blog days ago... Mans. Shame on me!!

    Anyways... LDR are a toughy. I don't think I can do that again unless I know for sure he is the one. I realized recently I have trust issued when it comes to guys. I lost faith in guys a long time ago. =/ I'm scared of getting tricked all the time. *sigh
    I'm sure the next 3 weeks will to by fast. Just keep busy! Go out with friends, blog, shop, do whatever you want. If you were able to do long distance before it can't get any worse than before. {*hehe}

    Comment for your previous post: I think you should blog about whatever you like. I actually like your food reviews. They always make me drool. Only thing is I wish I lived over there so I could actually try these places out. {*LOL} I feel like the photos are such a tease. Maybe some day I'll be able to try these places out.
    Fashion... I think you have a great sense of fashion. I really like the outfit you posted when you were wearing that white top and shorts. Totally something I'd buy and wear.
    I don't think you should limit your blog to what a poll tells you. You only asked what you'd like to see MORE of.. Doesn't mean you can't blog about everything else! =D

    As for how much I paid for the drinks... They were $0.79 USD each. Probably pricey compared to how much they are over there. Lucky!!!! I wish I had Asian goodies everywhere. =(

    <3s Serena.

  5. Hey Serena,

    I always love reading your long long comments and thanx for following. I think there was something wrong with my widget for a while. Someone also commented that she tried to follow me but it wasn't showing on her side.

    LDR was fine for me once I kept myself bz. However, whenever my mind was idle, it was really difficult to handle. It was a tad difficult to survive during special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and other festivals. I'm sorry to hear about your distrust in guys. It takes just one jerk to hurt and the fear may remain for a long time. I hope that whatever hurt you've been through would only make you stronger. =D Gambatte gal!

    Thanx for your insights on the poll and the things you like to read on my blog. I'm glad to hear you like my food and fashion entries. =D Yup of course I won't limit myself to what the poll tells me. It's my blog after all and I would still write what I like. *Hehe* It's just fun to see what my readers like which also gives me an idea on how to craft my posts too.

    If you ever come to Singapore, I would be glad to show you around! You can stock up on all the asian goodies and cosmetics too.


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