Saturday, March 06, 2010

Case: Cyn's birthday... Mission: Plan a surprise

As part of the surprise for cyn mommy, Godpa kh and Godma Jolene "kidnapped" Jase while char was sleepng after her radiation.

We went to The Icing Room to decorate a cake for cyn mommy.

Special shout out to pretty mummy Maggie:
Thanx for texting me the details on the Icing Room and for all your replies to my queries. Jase enjoyed himself and cyn loves the cake cos like you, a mother loves everything her child makes with his whole heart.

After that, Jase chose a bright and cheery "sunflower" bouquet for his mommy as he knew that Cynthia loves sunflower.

PS: We're aware that the flower pictured above seem to be some other species of flower instead of sunflower.

Before heading back, we went to buy some chicken wings. The stallholder who is every bit the benign-looking uncle asked Jase teasingly,

[loosely translated: All for you to eat?]

Jase who is usually uncomfortable in his mother tongue piped,

[loosely translated: No. It's for my mother. It's her birthday.]

The uncle laughed heartily and said,

"这样的话,记得跟你妈妈讲 uncle 祝她生日快乐!"
[loosely translated: If that is the case, remember to convey the message to your mother that uncle wish her a very happy birthday.]

With that, he passed the bag of chicken wings to Jase.

Back at home, Jase remembered to relay the message to mommy whereas godma has clean forgotten about it.

Before dinner started, a sweet old friend popped by with delicious fish head curry and pork knuckles. Together with some home-cooked food prepared by cyn's dad, we all tucked in.

Next came the moment the kids had all been waiting for-- singing, cutting and eating cake.

There are 2 cakes seen above as the delicious cheesecake was brought over by Charlene jie jie when she popped by during the day to surprise cyn.


Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!


  1. hi Jo! How's it going? i liked the comments you left me on the post i did on artist. glad you enjoyed the links. btw, I do have my page set up that when you click any of the links on my blog they open to a new window. hmm.. kinda weird that its not working. what browser do you use?

    Cute cake. was it good? B*days arent b*days without cake and wishing on candles. i have a weakness for cake! esp ESP chocolate cake. not too fond of icing tho. maybe that's why i dont like cupcakes.

  2. misscindee,

    Everything's going great and I hope you enjoyed your VC trip.

    Hmm... I'm using IE. After this, I'll go try out if the links open in a new window.

    The cake was surprisingly good! Haha... Usually I don't like creamy cakes but this one is light and fluffy with fruits in the sponge. Plus, the cake is made with love so it's truly delicious. I love chocolate cakes too. Those that are rich yet not overly sweet so that I can savour them whole w/o feeling like I've swallowed a jar of sugar. Certain cheesecakes are good too.

    I'm always inspired by your posts and links so don't stop blogging ever! =D

  3. Copied & pasted from tagboard for remembrance:

    12 Mar 10, 21:04
    Curious: No offence. You look slightly plumper than your usual looking at the photo with Cynthia. Is there any good news coming?

    13 Mar 10, 02:34
    Jo to Curious: Hmm.. u're rite. I look fatter w fat face, fat arms. My late sleeping & late night suppers are not doing my tummy gd too. But if by gd news u mean a baby then nope. I've still got my honeymoon to go.
    13 Mar 10, 02:37
    Jo to Curious: Meanwhile I'm running off to do some sit ups and crunches coz if u happen to c my tummy, i think u'll be convinced of the "good news". Haha...

    29 Mar 10, 22:32
    Curious: lol.. You are so cute and funny to talk like that about yourself. Sorry I didnt mean it but I really thought you might be pregnant. Btw the most recent Curious is not me! Don't be mistaken k?
    29 Mar 10, 22:40
    Curious: What you say about masks is very true. It makes me ponder too. Sometimes I put on mask to let people believe I'm certain character and I become that character after some time. Do you experience that?

    30 Mar 10, 02:12
    Jo to Curious (29 Mar): U prob have to start using another pseudonym coz someone is riding on ur name. Ha.. I alr knew it's nt e same person b4 u clarified. I'm not offended of coz. I'm hard to get angry. Well but ur tag
    30 Mar 10, 02:14
    Jo to Curious (29 Mar): really made me do 100 sit ups... but only for tt nite. Yup I exp tt. It's like wat I wrote. The outer mask encourging the inner mask to come out. Glad someone feels e same way as I do.



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