Sunday, August 09, 2009

New toy

Remember my hp got stolen by an a**hole the other time?

Yes yes... I've finally gotten myself a new hp after waiting for a good deal for so long.

Been living with my dad's sony ericsson for about 3 months and I was getting quite used to sony. Was comtemplating getting one of those music hps from that brand and to boycott nokia once and for all (for various reasons that all nokia boycotters would know).

And then I ended up getting this coz of the irresistible price in conjunction with a 3-day National Day promotion.

Nokia E71!

If even nokia boycotters can tell me this model is good, it has to be good.

Love the red... Just in time for National Day, don't you think?

kh's dad got an E71 for free just a week ago and decided to let kh use it. His is in gun metal and he is very jealous of my chio red now. Haha...

So cool... we've got couple hp unintentionally. But that kh keeps insisting that I copy him.


I'll be going to watch the NDP later. The 1st time ever in my whole life.

I wanna be a proud Singaporean so I would go find my red and white clothes now.

Tata for now.


PS: To the many who have been bugging me for my actual day wedding photos. I've to get my lazy ass down to see which photos outta the 800+ to post. My lazy ass is inching to the bed now.

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