Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Over the weekend

Charmaine had been really active over the weekend.

She kept requesting to come down from the bed to take a walk.

That was troublesome to the adults as we had to push the bar with all the drips. More importantly, we were afraid of the line being jerked out from the port.

Most of the time instead of walking, she would be standing on the bars while being pushed around. It's much safer this way.

It was really cute… the way she got onto the “surf board”, hollered and waved goodbye to me while Charlene pushed her around. Indeed, she looked like she was surfing.

Sometimes, Jase would get onto the “surf board” as well. There was once when he put his hand on the small of Charmaine’s back and said,

“Mei mei still small. I must hold mei mei wait she fall down.”

I didn’t manage to capture that candid shot in time and I could kick myself for it. They looked really very cute.

On Sunday…

It was good fortune that my tutees’ mum cancelled both bro and sis’s sessions for she had to bring them to KL. Leaving with only 1 session of tuition with another tutee, I pushed that up and popped by cyn’s house to teach Jase in the evening.

I had a great time teaching him.

While he was taking his own sweet time eating, I took the liberty to pick some activity books from the shelf and chose a few exercises for him to do.

After Jase was done eating, he sat down obediently at the little wooden table and set about doing his task conscientiously. I was half expecting him to be pleading with me to play with him.

He has a keen interest in learning, often flipping the activity books on his own to choose the exercises which he would like to do. He is really very 好学! Whenever a page caught his interest, he would ask how to do the exercise. After listening to my explanations and upon understanding them, he would then waste no time in doing them.

I chose one exercise with a birthday cake for his birthday was next month. He was very excited to colour the cake and even requested for me to sing him a birthday song after he had finished colouring. After that, he pretended to blow the candles.

This boy can colour really well!

He did lots of matching exercises, joining dots and picture conversation. He breezed through all those. However, when it came to reading and writing, he faltered a little and said in a sad tone,

“It’s too difficult for me.”

Hence, I read out the sentences for him. Even though he is not really adept at recognizing words, he knew how to choose the correct words to fill in the blanks. I was pleasantly surprised when he got all the answers correct.

There was an exercise on different parts of the body and he was supposed to draw himself in the box. With some guidance, he finished drawing a boy to represent himself and said that he wanted to draw mei mei in the box too. After drawing Charmaine, he insisted on drawing mummy in as well.

Who could fault him for being out of point when he was being a loving son and brother?

Soon two hours flew by and I asked Jase if he was tired of writing. When he saw that the sun had set, he said,

“Hurry up. I got no time. I must go to the hospital.”

“Gong gong not here yet. 8 o’clock then go. Now only 7.45,” cyn’s mum said in the background.

After hearing that, he sat down and did more exercises.

When we were packing up, he chose two activity books to bring to NUH to show cyn mummy. He was so proud of his work that he held the books tightly to his chest and didn’t want me to hold it for him.

When we reached there, he was so eager to show cyn mummy what he had accomplished and cyn mummy was pleasantly surprised at what he could do too.

Charmaine as usual was elated to see us. She was in the process of "cooking" when we arrived.

Just the day before, Charmaine treated the “Connnect Four” game as a cheater blocking game. Why cheater? Coz she was always cheating. Haha… On Sunday, the game morphed into a cooking set. She told me that she was cooking char siew rice for me.

After that, brother and sister played the Little Tikes computer. The games in there are really cute!

That day, I realised that I’m not a good “surf board pusher”. I must practise more and learn from Charlene. Hahaha…

That day, I also realised that I like Meiji chocolate milk. This is really lame but I felt that it was so cool having a small bottle of Meiji chocolate milk each and sipping it with the kids.


  1. Hi Jolene
    I happened to find your blog. You wrote alot more things here about updates on Charmaine. I mean its your blog and I totally understand.

    I really like the way you wrote about describing the kids and your personal toughts and I think you can consider putting more information from here on ourfeistyprincess. To let people be aware of more of this. Afterall, its for a good cause.

    Let me say I also find you a truly amazing friend and godma.

    You are a very good writer here too and congrats on your wedding.

  2. Will you approve my comment?


  3. To anon on April 26,

    As what you have mentioned, this is my blog and I would definitely write more of my thoughts here.

    I've to be more objective when writing on Charmaine's blog as it is more widely read than this little mediocre blog of mine.

    I'm merely doing whatever I can do to help and sometimes I feel it's not enough. It's nothing amazing really. =)

    Thanx for penning a note for me. =)


    To anon on April 27 & 29 (Jo? T.?),

    Firstly, I would like to say that your initials look exactly like an old friend of mine but I'm sure you are not her. =)

    I've decided to put the approval for your long comment on hold for the time being. I may or may not publish it. I've read everything though.

    Thank you for informing me and I can see that you did it out of goodwill. From the way you draft your comment, I know you are not those "flamer" type.

    Well, this is similar to someone who warned me about Jessica Tan a while back. I mentioned on my blog how pretty and friendly Jessica Tan was and someone told me some true account which portray her in a very negative light.

    I would of course listen to what others say and learn something new. However my impression of the person would be based on my favorable impression of him/her since the person has done me no harm.

    Thank you for being so kind with your words with regards to the rest of the content of your comment. It seems like my long time readers are those who read silently.

    I've been trying to edit and make my photos into collages such that when I have the time, I would just blog about January to April's happenings in 1 post. I will try my best to update asap. =)


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