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Last Thursday…

Charlene and I were supposed to meet up in the evening for a play session with the kids at Cynthia's house. However, Charmaine had to be warded that very morning as her fever had hit 38 degree.

Recently, there is another setback for Cynthia. SIGH… How many trials and tribulations must Cynthia go through before it’s enough? To look on the bright side, Charmaine was so bubbly and lively despite running a temperature. Looking at all the positive energy emanating from her, one could not believe she is sick.

Charmaine assumed many roles that day.

She was a little doctor. She knew how to take her own temperature and read the values out.

Charmaine was a professional little photographer!

These shots were taken by her:

Little Charmaine wasn't just a photographer, she was a director that day. She was suggesting poses for us before she snapped each shot.

After a while, Cynthia's family arrived and both kor kor and mei mei were sooooo sweet to each other!

We spent quite some time "playing" with stickers.

They were really generous sharing their stickers with everyone. However, they were so notti and cheeky to always bully the ever nice Charlene jie jie by giving all the torn stickers to her. Haha... Whenever Charlene asked for stickers, they would say “No” in split second. However, once a sticker is torn, they would paste on her in lightning speed and say, “Nah for you. Broken one got no power.”

We kept laughing over that.

Charlene jie jie is used to being “bullied” by the kids. She said she is merely their playmate and even though we are of the same age, the kids treat her as belonging to their generation. Haha… While the rest of us addressed cyn’s parents as “uncle” and “auntie”, they said Charlene must address them “gong gong” and “po po”. Wahaha…

After many rounds of sticker pasting, everyone ended up wth Dora clothes. Cyn mummy's plain blue T looks just like a T with Dora prints.

There we were trying to imitate each other's pose. It was more of me imitating her actually.

左拥右抱! Lucky Lucky boy!

1 jo + 2 char

Look who's smiling the brightest?


There were two moments which I spent with lil char alone when cyn and charlene were away from the bed.

The first moment, I learnt a lot about Dora from char. I learnt all the names of the characters there as well. It’s such an educational programme. Char must have watched the reruns for the umpteenth time coz she could relate to me exactly what would happen next. She simply love watching Dora dvds over and over again.

I suspect my future kids would end up watching Dora too. However being the very nostalgic me, I would probably introduce some Sesame Street to them.

The second moment is something which still sets my heart stirring.

Char asked me, “Remember last time we married?” **

[** In case you are wondering, there was once at cyn’s house when Char was wearing a lanyard and she put another one over my head. She then hooked both hers and mine together and said, “We all married.”]

Char continued, “I also marry kor kor you know. Kor kor hold something then we all walk down…”

I was wondering if she was referring to the time when she and Jase were the ringbearers for cyn’s cousin.

For some moments, her eyes had this faraway look in them which I haven’t quite seen before. She continued recalling what happened and relating to me while laughing. I explained to her that she wasn’t marrying kor kor and that what kor kor was holding were the wedding rings for uncle and aunty.

I asked her if she likes walking down the aisle together with kor kor and she said “yes”.

I know I shouldn’t have but I asked her if she wanted to do this another time and she said “yes”.

And for a long time I didn’t know what to say. Of course char didn’t know why I asked her that but she was really excited when I told her she had to fight this naughty monster so that she could do that again.


Last Saturday…

Kh and I visted them and I was surprised to see Jase w/o cyn’s family around. Charlene was there too. It turned out that Charlene had brought Jase there. She had spent the entire day running errands, shuttling between NUH, cyn’s home and various places. She even bought notebooks and retractable twist crayons each for the kids.

They were having a whale of a time playing with the crayon, using them as all sorts of props like weapon, wand, syringe… everything except crayons!

Haha… But of course they did manage to write and draw some stuff with the crayons in the end.

It’s really sweet to see both the kids playing with each other and listening to the lovely things they say. There was once when Charmaine was hurt by Jase’s remark about her spoiling his notebook as she did not stick the sticker correctly. There was tension when Charmaine decided to give Jase the silent treatment. Of course like any squabble between siblings, all was back to normal in no time.

Oh yes… on that day, Uncle kh found out that he was relegated to the same rank as Charlene jie jie – serving as playmates for the kids and targets for bullying.

I didn't bring my camera that day but I took a few cute videos on my hp.

Little char was so cute. When cyn's dad arrived to pick Jase up, cyn went "lao dou" (or was it "lao ba"), Charlene, kh and I went "uncle", Jase went "gong gong" and little charmaine went "hello" with a wave of her hand.

That really set all of us in stitches.

Cute little girl!

When it was time to leave, the kids were both reluctant to see anyone go. I really cannot bear to see the look on little char's face whenever she knows her visitors or kor kor are leaving. As usual, I gave a goodbye hug and she wanted to kiss on the lips like always but gotta tell her not to as there are germs.

Next was to settle Jase, he wanted me to sit his gong gong cab together with Charlene jie jie. He kept on talking about me sitting his gong gong's cab back in KK and we've gotta explain to him that I've to sit Uncle kh's car. He asked what colour kh's car was and after knowing that it is blue, he said, "just like gong gong's car."

At the carpark, we've to split and we gave each other our goodbye hug and kiss. Upon reaching kh's car, we realised that cyn's dad had parked behind us. Jase was excited seeing kh's car.

"Wah! Blue car like black sports car!"


This little boy is such a car fanatic... all thanks to a certain Uncle M. Hahaha...

For the record, kh's car is nowhere near a black sports car.

Then for a short distance, their cab was right in front of our car. Jase was facing us and waving the whole time.

Reading all the heartwarming incidents char wrote in her blog, I’m full of praise for Jase. He’s a natural charmer, winning his way into everyone’s hearts, the cab driver, aunties in queue, stall vendors etc. He is such a sensible boy and a loving brother and son.

I’m really touched that Charlene has been such a wonderful jie jie to the kids and a great help to Cynthia even though she did not know know them personally at the beginning. However, I’m quite sure they are great frenz now.

I’m so glad having Charlene around to render so much help for Cynthia and I’m so happy to have such a great friend in her. *HuGz to Charlene*

It’s really nice to have so many wonderful people around Cynthia and her family.

Feisty Char needs bullets to fight!


  1. Hey Jolene, this post actually brought tears to my eyes! *sob*. It's really touching to know that Cynthia has lots of love & care from family & of cause from friends like you & Charlene =)

    It's really important @ this stage for them.

    Now i just pray all the unhappy events will end for them lah.

  2. I didn't do a lot... really. Charlene has been a GREAT help tho.


  3. Its always lovely to read what you wrote about your god kids. ^_^


  4. That's coz they're lovely kids. =)


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