Friday, March 13, 2009

Mixed emotions

I dunno how to describe what I'm feeling now.

I'm feeling a mix of happy and sad, happy and sad, happy and sad.

Heck I dun even know what I'm feeling.

My mind isn't calm.

I think I need a good long sleep.

I think I would sleep before 12 for once.

Not anymore...

[Picture Credit: Chrissie White]

P/S: Don't worry. Just let me be. I'm a gemini who can cry one minute and laugh the next. I've read all the comments and will be back to reply when I feel more energetic.


  1. Whatever it is, I hope that you would wake up cheerful again. It is not easy to face joy and sadness together. Chin up. :-)

  2. 'allo feelin beta? any news on charmaine? blog is quiet.

  3. Hi Beanie,

    Yup... it must have been the lack of sleep. I've been feeling much better. Thanx!


    Hi anon,

    Yup. There are lots of updates but they are in bits and pieces. You can click on

    Angela has done a very concise summary of the updates thus far.

    Hey, do leave a pseudonym or initials next time ya? =)

  4. Copied and pasted from tagbox for remembrance

    12 Mar 09, 16:30
    Xtina: TO all St Nics girls: last party at your old sch b4 they pull it down. chk out tis website: JO maybe u wanna advertise for ya sch!

    14 Mar 09, 23:49
    Jo to Xtina: 1st time c a non st nicks gal so onz abt promoting sn. Wahaha... I can't go. Got something on. Plus I prefer more quiet affairs as I grow older. Already had a great time there w long lost fren in Dec.



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