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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

We have a new pet at work today

Presenting chit4 chit4 the iguana!

Now, you have to pronounce chit4 chit4 in staccato, 32 beat-count if possible and make it sound as if you are a lizard calling.

There you go... chit4 chit4. Sounds cute doesn’t it?

One of our animal lover colleagues (let’s call him A) caught it from the road lest it got knocked down and decided to keep it as a pet.

However the majority of us felt that A kidnapped it when it was simply minding its own business trying to cross the road…

… which made us ponder:

“Why did the iguana cross the road?”

To get to the other side?

To find its daddy and mummy?

To chase its girlfriend?

This was the first time I touched a WARM lizard. It was basking in the sun before this.

Its skin is a brilliant shade of green which looks like fabric and feels like fabric.

When I commented on the texture, colleague A said,

“Ya… your Prada bag is made of this what.”

Hahaha… If only I have a Prada bag.

Later, more and more colleagues streamed in to check out the latest "exhibit".

When more females commented about how it felt, he went, “Ok… so how? Coin purse? Pencil case?”

Poor lizard tried to sleep but we kept disturbing it…

It looks scary here but it is actually quite cute and harmless. Even joyce the lizard-hater thinks it's cuter than house lizards. So there, that attests to the fact that it is cute.

We learnt from colleague A that iguanas are herbivores and won’t bite.

See no sharp teeth.

It has very sharp claws though. They are for climbing and clinging onto trees. When it scratched the plastic tank, it made those fingernail-on-blackboard screech. Puts a shudder through your spine eh?

Taking a photo of it on one's shoulder was virtually impossible with its long and sharp claws.

We googled and learnt more facts about iguanas. We also you-tubed illegally during office hours and watched some iguana videos.

We’ve found out that iguanas can grow up to 1.7m in length and that it loves bananas and strawberries other than the usual plants.

However, when it was feeding time, it refused to eat.

I accidentally captured it licking the banana.

Now, don’t your dirty minds go wandering.

*sniggers and wags finger*

As much as we wanted chit4 chit4 to be our office pet, we knew it was quite impossible. A said that he would bring it back to show us how it has grown after 2 months.

When I related the whole iguana incident to kh, the ending snippets of our conversation went like this...

kh: Maybe two months later you all cannot see the iguana…

jo: Because it died?

kh: Because it takes another form -- a briefcase.


All photos taken using the lousy Nokia 7390.

BTW, my hp is spoilt again. Callers won't be able to hear me. It's a recurring problem which would fix by itself as and when it pleases and I totally hate it. I've already sent it for servicing once. I don't wanna lose all my contacts again.

Will update on CNY soon (how soon is soon?)

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