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Thursday, February 21, 2008


7 Feb 08, 13:21
canny: Hi babe!! Happy CNY! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!~ oh, now living with hb here, i no longer do that anymore, got to be more xian qi (not liang mu yet) =p so got 2b tidy & pack them nicely! I'm a NEAT person! Hehe
14 Feb 08, 15:08
canny: I certainly enjoyed d photos in the slides.. really a sweet sweet entry on Vday. So tian mi mi~
Canny babe, by the time I reply to your CNY wishes, it’s already so late but nvm got 15 days of CNY and I’m sure you would have read the tag I left you too. =) When be liang mu? Come back sg first? You and your darling hubby also very tian tian mi mi! Love to read your stories about life with him in the states.

12 Feb 08, 02:09
viv: yo girl, thanks for the clear instructions on my xmas card. Entertaining!
Ya lor, I every step also take photo all by myself. I scared in time to come the card will become old and worn out so at least got these photos as memories.

12 Feb 08, 10:01
ly: Jo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Update update leh. My off day come here nothing to read!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20 Feb 08, 14:39
ly: Jo! WA so many updates? Realize last wk said off day actually mean leave. The lizard looks scary leh. You mean its cute? The ladies all dare to touch? Brave leh. You make me want to eat French food
20 Feb 08, 14:42
ly: but it is cut throat ex leh. Great work with the slides. Makes me wanna go to New Zealand for holidays. Nice work with the old photos too golden hair gal. My long leave ending soon. *Cry
You’re lucky to have such a long leave!!! I would kill to be in your position. Hahaha… Yes I realize ju ju looks scary in the pictures but I think it’s really cute in real life. Yupz… a lot of the ladies at work dared to touch the iguana. Quite surprising eh? Once in a while indulge in food is fine. I live to eat. Yes, you should try French. It’s worth it.. NZ is indeed fun. Be prepared to spend a bomb but the memories are priceless.

15 Feb 08, 05:28
silver: so sweettttt, he proposed to u! nice one!!! =) and looking at ur v day entry, it so sweet! =)
Hottie mummy silver, thanx! Your life is sweet too!

15 Feb 08, 09:49
YY: The slides are really nice to look at with great music too. Look like great fun at NZ and both of u are meant for each other. The photos are just so sweet. A match made in heaven.
Thanx YY! I love the slides and music combination too. Thank you for the kind words. That’s very sweet!

18 Feb 08, 23:04
Missy T: I love the slides. They're really sweet. NZ looks fun. Shall put that on my list. Congrats, when is the wedding? The french food look ex jus from the photos. Sound delicious. Thanks for the review.
Hi there, you left a tag some time ago right? Thanx for your kind words. The wedding dinner won’t be so soon. You’re most welcome. Maybe you can try the food there. Looks pretty good but quite limited choices from the main menu.


  1. Yo jo!! Sending a shout out to you fr sdyney!

    no time to read any of your entries yet!

    Take care and hugs!


  2. Watcha doing at Sydney you lucky bitch???!!!


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