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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I suck at multi-tasking but I'm trying

For the whole day, I've been marking, eating, packing my side of mess in the house, surfing LD, uploading photos on Multiply all at once.

I still need to go buy CNY clothes, go buy some knick knacks, continue my marking, continue packing my mess, and continue uploading photos. Not to mention updating all my backdated blog entries strewn about somewhere in my laptop collecting virtual dust. Those could be put on hold for now. I’m very determined to finish ALL my marking that I have at home by tonight. I’ve only finished one class! *SOBZ*

Speaking of CNY clothes, I realised that I’m in deep shit this cny coz I can’t wear many clothes due to my very very ugly uneven tan lines. I can’t even wear many tops on my usual days. Where got time to go indoor tanning to tan away all the lines by cny?

And speaking of clothes, I went to my house nearby to alter my clothes just now and I nearly got knocked down by a BIKE!

BIKE as in bicycle.

You didn’t hear wrongly, it’s a freaking BICYCLE.


As I was crossing the little carpark road, he was tearing down the lane at breakneck speed. I walked even faster so that he could cycle past my back. However that nincompoop actually cycled even faster and went by my front. He was so fast that I could feel the wind. If wind could cut, it would have cut my front across.

I’m not exaggerating at all. I’ve never felt my heart beating that quickly for a long time. I was actually in shock for a few seconds. If he were to knock into me at that speed he was traveling, I could have been flung onto the road or part of his bike could have pierced me and I could have died.

Now I could really understand how Misss Hamimah from NYJC had passed away years ago due to a bicycle accident.

After the initial shock, I was overwhelmed with anger. I kept throwing dagger stares at that imbecile but he did not dare to look at me at all. Even as he turned to cycle on the pavement, he did not look my direction.

Ok gonna eat and go for tuition now, something which I cannot multi task.


Replies to tags

7 Jan 08, 09:32
sherin: hey babe, congrats !!
Thank you very much!

9 Jan 08, 22:45
big guy: i am so paiseh.
You will pai seh one meh?!

10 Jan 08, 11:15
YY: I can melt jus reading wat u say bt bad things happen for a reason.. wish bf n me can b lke both of u too. Do u haf details of the taxi driver? U can write in to complain for bad attitude.
Both parties must work towards it. It takes time. You can do it! Too bad, I didn’t note down any details of the cab driver. But then again, nothing much to complain about. He didn’t exactly do anything very bad. Ok, maybe just bad service.

12 Jan 08, 20:37
evan: Meet up soon! Show me your bling!
Bling bling on its way to New York leh. Went to resize it. Have to wait 6-8 weeks. But we can still meet up!

16 Jan 08, 10:48
joyce: think u will have loads of fun in six flags!!!
I think I am dumb. I dunno how to navigate around the site. I’ll figure it soon.


Edited to add at 2.50am

Kh read my blog (after a few months?) and said my Genting post had some discrepencies such that I left out one more unpleasant situation. I've since added that part in.

For frenz who asked about photos, the photos from November to half of December have been uploaded onto Multiply. I'll upload the rest another day. Oh and they're uploaded as high resolution now so you all can develop them and not complain. =)

I said I was determined to finish all the marking which I have at home earlier on right? That was way too ambitious. I could only finish all the worksheets for the P5 and the compositions for one P2 class. Just 1 class only! SIGH...

I'm so not sleepy but I've to force myself to sleep coz it's my early day in later.

A short note to viv and Wonderbrahaha,
Hey the latest (this) post is not meant to be funny. I'm serious that I could have died if that imbecile were to knock into me.

K time to sleep. Dreaming of Beauty World... cha cha cha...

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