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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The short trip to Genting Highlands

Before I start on the photos galore, I would like to rant a little a lot so do bear with me. Please be free to feel angry for me. When I related all the unpleasant happenings to my family members and some colleagues, they felt pissed off for me too.

The impromptu plans

From Taiwan… to Banyan Tree resort… to any Thailand, Malaysia or Bintan beach resort… to Genting Highlands.

A trip to Genting? Who goes there anymore?

When people asked me where I was heading to, I’ll just go, “Genting… ya ya… of all places right?” And they would so totally agree with me. Genting is like so primary school and the last time we went there was more than ten years ago.

However, my colleagues understood perfectly and thought that even a simple place like Genting would be a great short getaway from hectic Singapore or rather hectic [insert company’s name]. At least, the weather is cool.

This whole trip was decided upon in a rush as I had too much work on hand to plan for a holiday. I’d even wanted to clear leave and just remain in Singapore so that I could do work anytime I wanted. When I’ve finally cleared enough work to go away without much worries, we decided on Genting since it was the only place that enabled us to do last minute booking of everything.

The hotel was booked only 3 or 4 days before the trip and the coach even later. Kh had planned to drive up initially but I was quite worried as he had never driven up before. My whole family inclusive of my sisters were advising against it too. My dad and da jie were saying “Singapore Subaru car drive up to Malaysia sure tio dai ji one”. In the end, we booked for a coach and put everybody’s mind at ease.

It was clearly a wrong decision as evident from the start of the trip.


Day 1

A super suay start to the trip

The coach would leave Golden Mile at 7.30am.

We didn’t sleep at all for fear of oversleeping. I was doing all the last minute preparations and packing. Then, I stayed over at kh’s place but instead of sleeping, I was marking and reading blogs to keep myself awake while he was happily thumbing on his PS2 console.

We gave ourselves ample time but we had no idea that the traffic at 6+am would be so dreadful. There was jam everywhere! Huge jams and many traffic accidents/ incidents all over Singapore was what we learnt from the radio after that.

To make matters worse, our cab driver arrived late and he wasn’t exactly very friendly. When we experienced the jam at CTE and asked for his advice on the best way to get to Golden Mile in the shortest possible time, he simply told us to make up our minds quickly.

“Don’t ask me turn right, turn left. Very troublesome,” he complained in Mandarin.

I was a little put off. Kh was obviously put off and he (kh) suggested the longer route via Kallang, Lavender by exiting from one of the amk exits along CTE. He (kh) said that it’s a much longer route but at least can beat the jam along CTE. However, we had to go past Hougang and Serangoon area and I thought it wasn’t a wise choice as there are many schools along the way. We were caught in the jam so much that by then, it was the going-to-school timing. Hence, we asked the cab driver if there would be jams if we go via that route and he brushed us off saying that at that time everywhere would jam so it did not matter. He said should be able to reach by 7.30 and implied that the decision is for us to make. Where got cab drivers so totally bo chup one? At least offer some views and suggestions la.

We didn’t go by the CTE way and still MAJOR JAM LOR!

Traffic was crawling at snail’s pace and I swear we could jog faster than that even with our luggage.

We kept throwing furtive glances and checking our watches very loudly. While we were stationary even as the lights turned green, other vehicles were tearing down the bus lane illegally. I spotted many cabs with passengers inside using the bus lane too.

I dunno about you but most decent cab drivers would try their best for their passengers upon knowing that they are rushing to catch a plane or a coach. They wouldn’t even mind going on the bus lane coz seriously, who bothers to catch these people??? But this cab driver? SBC manz… SIMPLY BO CHUP. He simply could not bother whether we miss our coach or not. Just happily wait in the jam and watch the meter jump.

When it was 7.20am at Serangoon, he kept on harping on the fact that we would not be able to make it liao and that how he knew the traffic was like that bla bla bla. We also knew we would miss the coach but we just didn’t wanna talk about it and feel so sore.

Finally when he noticed that we were so quiet, he shut up.

Kh tried calling the Grassland agency and asked if they could wait for us and they insisted that the coach would leave on the dot. Sigh… we should have known that too but we were just trying our luck.

We reached our destination at about 7.45am! We spent one hour plus “crawling” on the road when the journey would usually take less than half an hour.

The cab fare came up to about $30! There was a few cents worth of change and I waited to collect them. Usually, we would tip cab driver a little whenever we go to the airport or the likes but no way am I gonna tip this lousy driver man!

Over at the agency, we learnt that there would be no other coach heading for Genting except for the one at night. As a result, we had to book tickets for a coach to KL.

On the way to KL and Genting

The ride was boring and sleepy. We spent most of our time sleeping and going to the loo. (Hate going to loos in Msia!)

Before we bade goodbye to the Singapore coach driver at KL, we enquired about the ways to get to Genting. He told us to take a cab which would bring us to an interchange a distance ahead.

We would have loved to explore KL a little but not with our luggage. Moreover, we have already wasted a few hours. We hailed a cab driven by a guy who looks like the perfect Malaysian Ah Beng. We were told that it cost RM5 more to bring us there. To save the trouble of hailing another cab, we hopped onto it. Anyway RM5 was nothing compared to SGD$5 right?

It was late afternoon and there was a jam in KL! The driver took lots of short cuts (which really did look like short cuts) to bypass certain areas. However, we were both unfamiliar with the roads there so we wouldn’t have known if he was going by a winding route.

The driver was poles apart from the sg driver. He was very chatty and friendly. However, we felt that it was only to distract us coz I saw him pressing a button on the meter twice. The first time he pressed, it went from RM14+ to RM21+. The second and final time he pressed it was when we were about to reach the interchange. From RM30+++ to RM43+. Plus the extra RM5 to the interchange, the fare was $48++. We gave him RM50 and told him to keep the change.

Not much of change la but in my heart, I was saying, “Keep the change, you filthy animal!” (This is my favourite quote from the movie Home Alone.)

When we were out of the cab, I informed kh of the meter jumping. He also noticed it but didn’t wanna say anything. It turned out that both of us were afraid that he would turn nasty and chase us off from his cab. Remember, he looked like a Malaysian Ah Beng… dunno whether he got parang under his seat… dunno whether he would drive us to somewhere where his xiong di could beat us up etc. Most importantly, we were afraid that he would chase us down and drive off with our luggage still in the boot. When we mentioned that, kh said that his luggage was too precious to be stolen.

At that time, I was wondering what was so precious about the things in his luggage. I would know the reason later in the night. =P

[Edited to add] When we boarded the bus to go Genting, we requested for the driver to let us alight at Awana since it was on the way. The driver actually forgot all about it and sped past Awana! By the time we told the driver, the bus was some distance away. We hopped off and walked all the way down.

To summarise our suayness in monetary value:

Cab fare (SG): $30
Forfeiting of Royal VIP tickets to Genting: 2 X $51 + Misc Fees = $102++
Purchasing of Super VIP Tickets to KL: 2 X $31 + Misc Fees = $62++
Cab fare (KL): RM$50
Bus fare (KL--Genting) : 2 X RM$5.50 = RM11
Experience: Priceless (Who needs such experience?)

We could have saved the money and hassle if we had driven up.

Bad things happen for a good cause

Despite all the unpleasantness at the start of the trip, I was glad that kh and I never once quarreled nor blamed each other.

He could have blamed me for putting on make up for five minutes more. I could have blamed him for calling the cab five minutes too late. He could have blamed me for not switching off the laptop earlier. I could have blamed him for wasting time on other matters.

Probably we may not have blamed or find fault with each other but could have vented our frustrations on each other when things go wrong and upset each other unwittingly.

However, we did none of those.

Instead, we comforted ourselves by saying that these things probably happened for a reason.

We missed the more expensive coach which includes TV but have managed to snitch a few hours of on off naps on the cheaper coach. With the catching up of sleep, we did not feel lethargic and enjoyed ourselves more.

We learnt to control our feelings and manage our tempers.

I am even tempered to all my friends and students but I lose my temper easily to my family members and especially to him. I was so thankful that I didn’t attempt to show my annoyance at all even though I was feeling so rotten. I knew that he felt rotten too and didn’t wanna add on to it. He is also quite an insensitive person at times and when he says things in anger even though it is not directed at me, I would feel very hurt. I was so glad that despite all the unlucky incidents, we did none of these. I know for sure that if it were me in the past, I would probably have initiated a major quarrel.

We learnt to appreciate the presence and support of each other.

I was just so glad to have his company and didn’t bother about all the unpleasant situations. As I held his hand and leaned on his shoulders, I felt like he is the best thing in my life.

I hope I haven’t bored all of you. Shall we enjoy the photos now?

This was taken the night before

I’m so glad to be finally able to use this Ashworth luggage. It’s a birthday gift from the company. While most of us are thrilled at having an Ashworth bag as a birthday gift, some of us have yet to find a good use for it. Coincidentally, it is the same bag that kh has. I'll just have to keep carrying the bag with the company's name facing in the inside and it'll be the exact same bag liao.

In the coach to KL

Up the slopes of Genting

While kh was doing the check-in procedure, I spotted this garden on the gound floor which I thought looks very enchanting.

Our suite at Awana

From the 24th floor...

It doesn't look as high eh?

Oh yes, Awana isn't air-conditioned. We had to open the windows to allow the cool air to drift in. Luckily there weren't insects flying around.

Some animals at the cable car station

They were marketing these animals as belonging to the amazing animal kingdom in Genting. I thought they looked nothing exotic. Oh but the mynah could talk.

From the cable car up to Genting

A fake Rafflesia

By the time we reached the plaza, it was already close to sunset. We could only cover the indoor theme park that night.

Sights in and around the indoor theme park

“This theme park is part of First World plaza which also has a shopping complex, restaurants, video arcade games etc. It has series of fun rides for children and six theme-based areas from all over the world - France (Champs Elysee), England (London), Italy (Venice), America (Times Square and Universal Walk), Switzerland (Swiss Alps) and Malaysia (Genting Walk). In Genting’s Venice, you can cruise on a canal in the Venice Gondola Ride, before hopping over to London to ride on the Ferris Wheel besides the mini Big Ben. Round the corner are Universal Walk, Times Square, and replicas of the Statue of Liberty and the Oscar.”

The pseudo-tourist-attraction like replicas of famous buildings, monuments and famous sights were supposed to be quite commercialized and off putting. Nevetheless, I thought that the indoor theme park looked quite pretty.

The first ride we took was the most exciting of all the rides available at the indoor theme park. It was the Euro Express.

It was stated as a thrill ride in the brochure. I thought that it was the only ride worth trying out as the rest really looked quite pathetic. There wasn’t a queue, only 2 kids in front of us but we waited about 15 minutes for it. They just had to service the car at that time!

The ride wasn’t thrilling at all. It was just a fast paced roller coaster that takes you around the plaza. I did enjoy the views and wind though. I wanted to take photos of the views but was afraid that my camera would fly off.

If we cannot go Taiwan to sit on the ferris wheel, we just had to settle for the lesser known Genting Ferris Wheel.

I was so upset when my camera low batt icon flashed. The next moment it switched off by itself. Hence, each time we wanna snap a pic, we would switch on the camera to try our luck.

Lover Bridge

This part is a replica of Venice. I do not know if there is indeed a Lover Bridge in Venice though. Probably just another commercial stint?

We were quite curious about the Van Helsing ride. Shucks we could not even tell if it was a ride or just a walk in a haunted house. The details on the brochure were rather vague. This "ride" isn’t included in the ticket and so we did not bother to find out what it was.

There is a Ripley’s Believe It or Not museum. If we hadn’t been to the one at Gold Coast, we would definitely have whiled our time away in the Genting one.

That left us with very few options.

We opted for some Dinosaur 4D motion master ride. It was really horrible! The graphics were blur and CARTOONY! The 3D glasses weren’t really working too well. It was really very dark peering through them. The motion wasn’t exciting at all. The wind blowing effect was redundant. As I was halfway through the show, I thought that some of the scenes looked like what I’ve watched 12 years back in Genting. They should seriously upgrade. It’s akin to playing Sega during PS3 and xbox era or listening to walkman when disman and mini discman had long surrendered to the ubiquitous ipod.

Next we went for the slow Reindeer Cruiser ride

Perfect for taking photos of the surroundings but damn my camera battery!

Our tummies started rumbling as it was way past dinner time but I felt we still hadn’t made full use of our tickets. We only sat on 3 rides! Kh couldn’t be bothered about making full use of our tickets as he thought that the rides were really boring. Satisfying his hunger was top prority. You know me la, even if the rides not nice also must make our money worth mah.

Seeing how reluctant I was to leave the place without trying out more rides, kh promised that we would come back after grabbing a bite.

Ever since we walked past this shop with mouth-watering photos of their local laksa and hor fun on our way to the theme park, I’ve made a mental note to try them out. We walked and walked and walked and after what seemed like eternity, we finally found the place again.

Yummy laksa

I love yellow noodles laksa! This one doesn't really taste like the laksa back home. It tasted a little like curry mee. Love the thick broth. Slurp! Too bad no “hump”.

Yummy hor fun

It tasted different from all the hor fun I’ve ever eaten. Love the soup.

After satisfying our tummies, we went back to the theme park.

I die die also wanna sit on the pseudo Venice gondola.

This was taken when we were under the Lover Bridge

Our wristband tickets

After all the rides, we thought of catching a movie but all the show timings weren’t right. Moreover, the cinema stank. It did! I was standing outside the door and I caught a whiff of the cinema. I almost gagged.

Hence, we made our way to the casino to look see look see. It was quite fun but we decided to try our hands only on the following day as we had to catch the last cable car down.

High crass… Low class… No class

I really cannot stand the people there. SUPER NO CLASS!

I really dunno where they come from. They walked in throngs, dashed in droves and sat all over the steps and floor with their legs open and huge bags strewn carelessly around. Some spoke in Hokkien; some in Cantonese; some in indescribable language. I dunno whether it was some other mainland dialects or other Southeast Asian countries. One thing constant was that all of them spoke at the top of their voices.

For the first time, I felt so ashamed to be an Asian. Please don’t slam me. I have always been proud to be yellow skinned but these uncouth and no class people really made me cringe. This bunch of people made the typical kiasu and unclassy Singaporeans appear high class.

The unexpected proposal

Later that night when we returned to our room, he made me sit on the bed and close my eyes. When I was told to open my eyes, he was kneeling in front of me with a lovely ring in a velvet case.

“Will you marry me?”

I thought he looked very cute with both knees on the floor instead of on one bended knee and his expression was almost like how he looked 7 years ago when he asked me to be his girlfriend. So silly but so cute.

I was really exhausted after the long and tiring day and felt as if I was dreaming.

Me being me, I didn’t agree immediately. I started raining questions on him while he was still on his knees.

“Why now?”

“Why this place?”




It turned out that he had planned to propose on our Dec-Jan trip. When Genting was decided upon at the last minute, he thought it wasn’t such a great venue but went ahead anyway coz there will not be any more significant period to do so.

After making him kneel for as long as possible, I finally said yes.

It was just like that.

No rose petals on the bed.

No lit candles spelling out the proposal.

No huge billboards.

No fireworks in the air.

Just the simple, classic way.

On my finger… a very simple but elegant ring

The diamond isn’t too big and it's just right for my tiny finger.

I was shocked when I found out that the ring is from Tiffany. I just didn’t believe in spending on a brand name no matter how much they claim that their diamonds are of superior quality. I don’t bother about all the Cs as long as he has sincerity. I just wished he hadn’t spent too much on the ring. He kept giving excuses that it’s Tiffany and that he went shopping around for a long time at many places but only the Tiffany one sparkled like it was saying “Buy me… Buy me…”

*rolls eyes at him*

I don't need a big rock. I don't need a branded ring. I’m contented with anything he gets.

The ring is too big and slips off very easily. It had to be resized so I did not wear it out..



Day 2

We planned to go to the outdoor theme park in the day and casino at night.

The complimentary breakfast was so so.

While waiting for the shuttle bus we went round taking photos.

Reflection shot is fun!

I liked this part of the lobby very much and tried to capture us with it as a background but failed.

So I tried to capture kh with it as the background.

Doesn’t he look like he is peeing?

Wahaha… he was clipping his waist pouch actually.

Reflection shot again

Trying to be funny but ended up being ugly

Check out these insects!

This is huge!

You know how big is this cicada?

Kh lent his face for comparison

I'm glad we had none of those in our non-airconditioned room.

The golf range

At the outdoor theme park

Our first ride was at Dinosaurland. We queued for ages for a bluff-small-children (pian4 xiao3 hai2 zi3) ride.

While waiting in the queue…

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder... WAhahaha...

I was trying to snap this gaudy old man. Check out his dressing!

I would have been very excited to see all these if I were a kid.

AAAHHHH!!! SAVE ME from the dinosaurs!!!

I cannot help but marvel at how gaudy First World Hotel looks.

Space Shot

This isn’t scary as we’ve sat the Giant Drop at Gold Coast before.

We sat on all the gripping rides at Dreamworld and Warner Bros Movie World before that no rides at Genting seemed as thrilling. It would be my dream to go to the States and try out the rides one day.

Imitating the Energizer battery behind.

The Cockscrew

I remember that it was the first upside down roller coaster I’ve sat on years ago. Being an adult, nothing seems to thrill anymore.

Next stop… Pirate Ship

Well if even the drop-ride could not thrill us, why bother about Viking?

Coz it’s another blow-wind (chui chui feng) kinda ride and I die die wanna sit at either ends. Boy am I glad we tried that ride coz our “passengers” were really fun!

There was a group of friends and they purposely sat on opposite ends. When they did that, I thought they might be up for some screaming competition. I told kh that we must scream too. Anyway, we are those kind who always scream for fun to build up atmosphere one.

We just went “Woooo…” at every downward swing, visibly looking very bored.

When the ship reached the most vertical (with us being at the bottom), the group of friends at the opposite end who was now at the top started to “unleash their powers”. They raised their hands high up into the air and screamed like crazy.

Not wanting to lose out, we and the group of friends at our side followed suit and screamed even louder with our arms up too. Thereafter, other passengers also joined in the screaming contest and very soon, the two halves of the ship were taking turns to scream and doing very silly hand raising actions.

At the end of the ride, all of us clapped our hands and cheered.

That was the first time I experienced such spontaneous passengers. It was indeed a fun Viking ride! I regretted not taking a video.

Flying Coaster (otherwise known by us as the Superman cum Spiderman ride)

The flying coaster is their latest attraction and is not included in the unlimited rides. However as ticket holders, we were entitled to a discount with 2 consecutive rides.

Basically the ride was all about us being super heroes and “flying” about upside down, downside up, plunging into shallow depths etc.


We bought the photos since we did not have a proper shot of this ride.

Zoomed in…

Ok let’s zoom out to our “friends” of the same cart.

The smaller sized one on the left most looks like any or1 pi3 sai4 uncle or some puny but fierce da4 er3 long1. The one beside me is very big sized and looks like some mafia. We were both very tickled firstly at why such people would be out sitting rides at a theme park at that time of the day and secondly by their combi.

At first, we were wondering if they were friends or were they strangers sharing the same cart as us coz they looked very mismatched. It turned out that they were really friends/acquaintances or the likes coz after the ride, they were walking together side by side, front and back but only talking a little to each other.

I wondered aloud to kh about how they were related, whether they were relatives, friends, colleagues, business partners etc.

He answered very confidently, “Oh you dunno meh? They are colleagues.”

“HOW DO YOU KNOW???!!” I demanded excitedly.

“Oh, coz they they are da4 er3 long1 taking a day off to play mah.”

- _-|||

He really amuses me.

I like this little red London bus


This little red phone booth

Now, where are those little red mailboxes?

Pirate's Train

The lamest ride ever!

The ride was akin to those haunted train ride only minus the horror.

As we rode in the dark, we were greeted by strange noises which were supposed to scare us. I could see figurines at every dark corner and expected them to light up and jumped up each time our cart got near. After what seemed like ten seconds, we were OUT!

So lame.

The weather was just right for boating so off we went paddling.

We very zek arp one. See every crocodile and sea serpent also must go and “bang”.

Wet butt after the ride

Hahaha… Luckily my seat wasn’t wet.

Look at how the koi was crowding towards our direction!

The koi really recognised humans. To them humans = food

They swam in masses towards us with their mouths wide open like greedy idiots.

I was playing with them, walking to and fro the bridge and watching them swim here and there. Kh pitied them and bought food to feed them. I thought it was really dumb coz the park attendants would had fed them even if their fish food sale was naught that day.

Feeding time!

This photo is especially for viv who loves Guang Liang.

Flying Dragon ride

We purposely took the back seats and snap snap snap.

Look at the picture on the left. As I was snapping that, the roller coaster took a sharp bend and I hit my tailbone. Kh hit his butt lor. Luckily nothing hit my camera.

I liked it when it went into the indoor theme park. Remember I loved the pseudo tourist attractions view there?

Could only capture this shot coz we were moving too quickly.

Look at how foggy it was. Luckily we had already tried out boating.

Off to sit mine train. I’ve always loved mine rides.

The only photo of the 2 of us which we thought of asking people to help us snap. Do you notice that all the photos of the 2 of us are self taken?

Next was Cyclone

Wah.. Malaysia’s first roller coaster dunno now safe or not. Hahaha…

The spinner ride

This is basically a relaxing chui1 chui1 feng1 kinda ride, only that the feng in Genting is cold. ME LIKE!

Next we went on the buggy ride. It was REEEEEAAAAALLLL SSSSSSLLLLOOOOOWWWWW…

I knew it was crawling at snail’s pace but I thought it would be perfect to take many pictures from the tram. The ride took like a freaking 15 minutes to tour round the park and we were both felt trapped in the tram.

When we finally arrived at the station, we took to our heels and pia all the way to the other side of the park. We ran as if we were contestants in The Amazing Race just to collect our Flying Coaster photo (shown a few scrolls up) as we had deposited at the kiosk for safe-keeping. It was close to 7pm when we reached there, just in time.

The whole theme park closes at 7pm on weekdays. I didn’t realise it and was disappointed to have missed the chance of sitting on the double decked carousel. Complete with mighty horses and grand chariots, the double decked carousel looked so magical with its dazzling lights. Oh well, I just found out that it’s in the Guinness Book of Records for the most number of coloured lights!

When we reached there, all the lights were off and the ride attendants were preparing to call it a day. I didn’t even get a good shot of the magical carousel!

Here’s something I got off the net to make up for it.

The kid’s version of the drop tower was still in operation.

They were sooo cute lor. The boy on the right kept laughing and laughing til his eyes mi1 mi1 yan3.

Before that when we walked past this kiddy version, I took a photo in comparison to the big one in the background.

At that time, I thought the small one was so cheesy that nobody would ride. There wasn’t anyone queuing at all and the ride attendant did not bother to hide his boredom. Haha… Never expected the kids to enjoy themselves so much.

We did so much walking and running that day. We scoured almost the whole park. I haven’t been exercising for that long.

To sum up the day’s rides…

We headed for the indoor theme park for dinner.

Now, this is what I call “Statue of LIBERTY”.

Our good lady finally got freedom liao.

Our dinner at Mmm Yum Yum Bak Kut Teh

The food was quite delicious but expensive. It wasn’t even a restaurant. More like a food court? The bak kut teh was in medium size and it cost RM30+. The rice wine chicken was in small size at RM20+.

After dinner, we went walking about “Venice” just to aim our coins to hit the bell of wealth, health and love which were in the “river”. Actually our main target was to hit the bell of wealth so that we can win lots lots at the casino later.

Doesn’t this look like what I did the day before?

Can’t seem to get a clear shot flash with or w/o flash.

We met with some very unpleasant people at the casino at the later part of our time there. Had wanted to blog about it but I don’t wanna anger myself again. They were so unpleasant and odious that whoever I related the incidents to felt that those people were downright ridiculous.

This was how foggy it was on our way down.

It was the last cable car down and the night was quiet save for the howling of wind. We could not even see the cable car in front of us at times. It seemed like Alien or Predator would burst out from the fog unexpectedly.

While waiting for the shuttle bus back to Awana.

Late night hunger pangs set in

Coffee & Chocolate

Mango smoothie & Earl Grey

I’m obsessed with loos

The enchanted garden by night was beautiful!

Time to retire for the day.


Day 3

From the balcony

Final Breakfast

The food was pretty much the same as before.


Forlorn look

Deformed looking left leg

Bye bye

So happening… Mamee Monster got birthday bash

Cheery bus

HO! So this was what we missed!

Spacious and reclining seats with remote controlled leg and foot rest… tv screen…

Check out the cheesy, laugh-inducing grassland ad.

That’s all for our Genting trip!

It was not really a dream holiday destination with all the unpleasant situations and people. Nevertheless, I enjoyed myself coz I always believe that it is not the place that matters but who you are with. This person brings me lots of happiness in my life and I thank God for letting our paths cross.


Movie Marathon

I finally caught 200 Pounds Beauty and Dreamgirls on the coach. Caught half of Flushed Away too.

I thought I would love Dreamgirls but I didn’t like it as much as 200 Pounds Beauty.

I actually teared till I cried while watching it. Of course, there were also funny parts in the show that made me LOL.

I’m falling in love with these songs.

별 - 유미 Byul by Kim Ah Joong (the lead actress)

별 - 유미 Byul By Yumi (full version)

Stand By Me (with a twist)

Beautiful Girl

This isn’t in the show but this vidz is so funny lor. Watch till the last part.


Some frivolous stuff

My wallet had been disgustingly fat

It’s so fat that it can’t be closed. Not fat with cash but fat with cards. Not fat with credit cards but fat with name cards.

I tried to clear it many times. However, each time I tried to clear, I would find that I still needed to refer to these name cards.

For the Genting trip, I cleared my wallet and didn’t bother putting the stuff back.

It feels so good to have a closeable wallet yet during these few days, I found that I really needed to refer to some name cards. Maybe I should get a name card holder.

I'm really used to this old wallet. I've seen kh changing 3 wallets due to wear and tear and I'm still using the same one. Planning to change to the Burberry one that I bought recently when my wallet is completely spoilt.

My long lasting nail polish from xmas had started to peel from the base of the nails so before the trip, I painted a dash of glittery purple over.

During and after the trip, they started to peel again so itchy fingers me just kept scraping and peeling whatever that could be peeled.

It was so difficult to remove the few coats with nail polish remover that I had to slowly peel the coat away.

Does it look like French tips?

After I came back from the trip, I was soooo la-la-la-lazy that even though I knew I had mountains of work to be done, I could not resist my sudden urge of beautifying my nails.

I 心血來潮, suddenly had some designs in mind to paint. Once I’m seized by a sudden whim, I would just drop all stuff and do whatever I want to do.

I love the shimmering nude shade as the base colour a lot. Almost like the OPI shade used on my toes the other time. Only thing is it is quite translucent so I had to paint a pastel nude shade first before glossing the shimmering nude over. A pity the photos could not capture the shimmers well.

Ok I know it doesn’t look professional at all. The flowers weren’t very well-drawn as I used white nail polish instead of the kinda white paint for nail art. The consistency was too gooey and not suitable for painting intricate details. Also, my fine motor skills are super lousy that I was only banking on my creativity to try to paint a good job. I know I failed miserably la but I’m still pleased with my very first attempt of DIY nail art. =)

Will come back and reply to tags and comments when I clear the next pile of marking. Continue to tag and comment! =)


  1. Hi dearest!

    Oh my!! That taxi uncle really SBC leh!!! And yes, bad things happens, shit things happens. But what most impt is the company we have got.

    It's showing the love you & kh are having. And towards the next stage of relationship between both of you. Learning to take things easy & appreciates one another, & knowing that having anger, frustration, complaining or blaming one another will leads to nowhere.

    Ah.. Such a sweet sweet couple!! *really like the few paragraphs you typed under 'Bad things happen for a good cause'*

    For me, I am still trying my best to be a good wife... heh heh... =p

  2. I'm really very envious of the love that you share with kh. When I read what you said about learning to control feeling and appreciate each other not many people will be able to do that in the bad situation. Thats really very hard to come by.

    No matter what bad things you meet along the way, suppose to feel angry but the sweetness at the end cleared it all away.

    Waiting to read more updates on your trip! Can't wait to see more sweeet and pretty photos.


  3. people wif relationship problem will commit sucide reading your blog

  4. Thursday I encounter such a bad jam on the way to work too. There are alot of vehicles breakdown and accident. The expressway TPE I took was badly hit too, I reached office at 10am.
    Haha... the latest in the office.

    Last nite when I was coming back from town, this comfort taxi driver cut into the yellowbox in front of me. When the traffic change to my favour, I squeeze in front of him. He honk me, and I purposely stop in front of him later in the front, when I saw a car signal from a small road to join my lane. Haha..This time he horn me again, I stopped my car, unwind the window and show him the finger. After tat no more tailgate from him, even when traffic was bumper to bumper. Haha.

    Your Malaysia incident reminds me when I took a cab in JB. This F1 inspired driver was driving like no morrow, I was the front passenger, and when I saw him took a U-turn with 4th gear. I told him I was in no hurry to get back. Haha.. Whenever he took a corner with no shift in lower gear, you can hear the screeching botak tyres complaining. Aiyo..

    Drivers these days..

    Good thing and show of patience. Sometimes I do squabble with wife on such matter. Esp when I need to drive like F1.

    Genting seem like a nice place, but I heard its not as cooling as previous due to climate changes.

    N congras..

  5. hello jo! eh, reg also keeps jabbing me for bringing her to KL for the dec hols can. haha... but i know tt you'd fully agree with me tt the person you're with is the most important thg on the trip, followed by the landscape(for me) or shopping (for reg and you)! terrible to know kh and you had to go thru tt crap but it's lovely to read how u two still found solace in each other amidst. all the best for ur wedding prep!

    p.s. worse things could have happened if you had driven up! =P

  6. Hey frenz!

    I will reply to your comments soon. Do check back. =)

  7. Hello!!!

    From the phone sms to the blog comments - I will continue to congratulate you till the wedding day. So am I going to be the jie mei confirm kind? Must go buy dress...

    Actually, next time can drive up. We drove up several times too. It is usually safe - I know all those stories about ppl getting robbed and mishaps happening stuffs. But really, if you are not irritating and try to be snobbish and u know..some singaporean just feel they r superior kinda attitude, it is really fun. We treat them respectfully they did the same for us too :)

    Ok - we got to meet up soon. Maybe we should organize some night out to celebrate this joyous occasion.

    lala - i keep u informed on the LOBANGS.

    Slinky - newly acquired nick

  8. Congratulations Jolene!!! Sometimes, simple can be sweet too! haha .. tiffany ring .. i shall try to learn from your bf next time :)

    and if u going to Genting again .. that's a big IF .. can always take from sun plaza or boon lay. Much nearer and 99.9999% won't miss the bus!

    take care!

  9. Canny,
    Always love reading what you write! Well, you two are a sweet couple too and I’m sure you’ll make a great wife. It’s so evident in your blog. Haha.. Oozing with sweetness lor.

    I also always love reading what you write. Oh, I’ve already updated on the whole trip. Not many pretty photos though. Haha..

    Well, I can’t discern your tone so I dunno if it was meant as a joke or what. Anyhow, if you were referring to yourself don’t read, don’t read! I hope all’s well for you now.

    Wah! That driver drive until lidat I would expect him to show the middle finger too. Mei xiang dao, he so no balls (oops.. a bit chor lor here!)

    Genting was ok la. Still a nice place for short getaway with cool weather. The weather was fine… coldest was 16C. I was expecting it to be not as cold as few years back but not too much of a drop la. Awana which is mid way was like normal air con temperature.

    And thanx for your congrats.

    You’re always the xi ke so it’s always pleasant to receive a msg from you. Hahaha… Yes read about the KL trip from reg’s blog. And of coz, it’s always the company that matters, not the venue. Thanx for your well wishes. Same to you too! All the dates are not confirmed yet though.

    Tsk tsk tsk… As continued from our sms conversation, “Slinky” still sounds like got penis connotation. Wahahaha…

    YES! OF COZ YOU”LL BE MY JIE MEI! All the bimbo sistas will be. I also shun bian informed bimbo gera tru our last sms liao. I haven informed bimbo zhu though (coz I din go round sms-ing to announce) and I’ve forgotten if I told chris (from our last sms conversation). So only you and gera know for now.

    So go buy your dress!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not so soon though. Will update again. =)

    You drive to JB only or got drive as far as KL? K next time we’ll try driving. I need to get my ass to getting that damn license leh.

    Ya pls lobangs k? *HugZ*

    Wah… xi ke! Never knew you still come here. Thanx for your well wishes. How was the 6B gathering???

    Haha… You’re right about the big IF but thanx for this new nugget of info. I never knew we could take a bus from Sun Plaza. You mean like straight to Genting or KL? I thought it’s only JB.

    Take care too and I think I lost your new blog link. The one I have is the old one right?

  10. Got here some time back while searching for "accurate horoscope". Though I can't find the horoscope I was looking for on your blog, I started reading it since then.

    I really enjoy reading what you write a lot. I can hear your heart voice coming out very real. It's v.nice to read about the sweet love you share with your other party. It's also v.nice to read some funny parts. Though you keep complaining of things in Genting, you still make it like a fun place.

    Congratulations on your wedding. The ring is beautiful.

  11. OMgomgomgomg!!!! Congratulations!!! ^_^ So happy for ya :) Wow so many of the gals all married liao :)

  12. Hi luv^aries & lian,

    Sorry for this really late reply. I must have missed your comments out. So sorry!!!

    luv aries,

    It's funny how you got to my page. Accurate horoscope??! Gee... how on earth.. Thank you for your kind words and well wishes. It's always such a pleasant surprise to read comments by random strangers. =)


    Hey! You still come here! Thanx for your well wishes. Hope to see all of you peeps soon! *HugZ*

  13. dear jolene, congratulations.. i'm really so happy for you. the love that you share with kh is a great gift from god. both of you are made for each other. may you continue to be basked in love and contentment. oh and happy lunar new year.

  14. Thank you so much paperleaf. Always happy to see your comments. Happy CNY too. I'm not too late coz there are 15 days. Have a great year ahead! =)


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