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Monday, September 03, 2007

After visiting that famous Chinese Physician...

I realised that my Chinese really CMI. It was so bad that she had to speak to me in accented English at times. Haha... Luckily got my da jie there to help me translate some chinese medical terms too.

Ok of course that wasn't the only thing I realised.

I was very amazed by the physician's skills. Just by ba3 mai4 (reading pulse), she could tell what I was suffering from! So what you see on "Da Chang Jing" (Jewel in the Palace) is true.

It turned out that a lot of my sickness and symptoms all boil down to my sinus problem. My recent URI was exacerbated due to my sinus. My frequent headache, nauseous and vomiting too! So if I try to clear my sinus problem, all other problem would slowly be eradicated too. She commented that I was so young yet so lifeless, unlike my older sister who kept talking and arguing. I told her I sick mah and she said I full of excuses. Haha... she's damn funny lor.

I was really good and tried to refrain myself from drinking cold drinks. I've also taken to drinking warm water. I just finished my course of antibiotics and started on the chinese medicine today. I've got different medicine for morning, afternoon and night and so far, the morning and afternoon one have been quite pleasant to the tastebuds. =D Edited to add: The night one is horrid!

I also went for gua1 sha1. It was the first time I ever heard of gua sha. My skin looked as if I was being abused but the feeling was real shiok. I swear I was gonna have headache that Thursday but the gua sha lightened my muscles so much that I felt very energetic after that. I was also not coughing as much after the treatment.

I went to work after that and some of my colleagues commented that I looked visibly healthier and more lively as I still looked a little sick the night before during D&D.

The wonders of traditional healing!


We had a dinner celebration for mum at...

It was our 1st time there even though it's so near our place. My da jie went before and commented that the food was not bad. I've heard from many people who had been there that the food is very expensive but delicious.

Here's what we ordered...

The food was so-so only. Macpherson kopitiam the seafood even better!

How come mum's birthday only got picture of food, no human? That's coz all of them didn't really wanna take photo. Hmm...

Those who know me would know how I alwiz cannot stand some characteristic traits of my mum. However, those past few days I was sick, she really took good care of me. She didn't scold me like how she always do. She didn't retaliate when I was being very fussy and whiny in my sickness. She gave in to me and my spoilt demands coz I assumed I was the queen when I was sick.

I haven't gotten her a present. I cannot stand it when she always demands for presents that are not really practical. In the first place, presents should be given from the heart, not given coz we are reminded and pressured to do so every single day.

However, this time I may just get her what she has been openly hinting for. My turn not to scold, not to retaliate and to give in coz now she's the queen.


I caught Ratatouille on Saturday

It was a choice between Ratatouille and Hairspray both of which I wanna watch. I was feeling for some music and rhythmn that night and wanted Hairspray. Kh was in need for some actions (The Bourne Ultimatum) or cartoon (Ratatouille) so Ratatouille it was.

A movie that spurs me to spend time writing about it on my blog is certainly a good movie.

Ratatouille is simply dazzling. It is by far the best animation movie I’ve watched in 2007. If the highly raved about Finding Nemo and The Incredibles deserve a 5-star rating from so many reviewers, then perhaps Ratatouille truly deserves a 6-star.

It isn’t like the usual appeal to both adults and kids kinda animation where kids would laugh at the visual gags and adults at the witty remarks. It isn’t like the usual spoof kinda humour that so tickled me in Shrek and Shrek 2. It didn’t have the think out of the box creativity like Monsters, Inc that so captured my heart. Nevertheless, this show somehow charmed me with its simple comic brilliance.

Remy the rat is simply endearing with its innocent big eyes, adorable pink nose and determined character. The way it stands on its hind legs and flops its ears down is just so cute. I almost forgot that is a rat, not a mouse. There were a few times in the movie when I just went “so cuuuute” -- when it nodded its head, when it stood on its hind legs, when it cooked for his useless human counterpart, Linguini.

I love the ground level shots of Remy scurrying through the streets, holes, drains and Gustave’s kitchen. It was fun being miniature and seeing the world so big. I love the night scenes of Paris and the classy background music throughout the whole movie. I felt as if I was transported to Paris. The cooking sequence was a joy to watch too. When the rats scampered in one freaking large colony, it was really disgusting. However, it was fun to see them work in alpha, beta, charlie and delta teams; cutting and chopping ingredients, tossing them into the pots and churning out sauces.

In the end, the sneaky stealing rats became high class rodents which dined in a miniature restaurant above the featured restaurant in the movie.

I initially hated the snobbish food critic Anton Ego who looked like a character jumped up to life from one Tim Burton’s gothic film. In the end, he turned out to be such a likeable character under the veil of coldness. I liked the scene when he sampled Remy’s ratatouille dish.

“[It] is the single best moment in the film and it rivals the moment when the Grinch’s heart grows three sizes too big in the animated How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”
(quoted from

I initially thought that the title “Ratatouille” was the name of the culinary-skilled rat frenchified. It is actually the name for a commoner’s peasant stew. It isn't a fancy dish, but it's hearty and oozing with the taste of simple homeliness. Created from modest ingredients, a well prepared Ratatouille requires cooking the vegetables in separate stages, and then combining them for the last simmer. Dashes of spices leave satisfying and inspiring warmth when it's done, exactly like the movie.

The only thing I disagree in the movie would be the philosophy of "Anyone Can Cook”. Sure thing anyone can cook. Nice or not is another matter.

Next movie I wanna watch — Hairspray! Coz I love musical, I love John Travolta as a jolly fat woman and I love Zac Efron.

Zac Efron from High School Musical is the next cute young boy I like after Robert Pattinson (the one who acted as Cedric in HP Goblet of Fire). I’m such a cradle snatcher.

Anyway, I'm not those who are so crazy over Zac, they would kill to marry him. Isn't Zac and his reel-life and real-life girlfriend Vanessa of High School Musical the cutest couple ever?

Reel life

Real life

Ok I'm wide awake. If I go to bed now I'll just toss and turn like how I've been doing the 3 days. How to make myself sleep? I'm lazy to do work.


  1. Dear Jolene,

    I haven't been commenting on your blog for the longest time ever. I wanted to comment but you know me, always so long winded and alot of things happening in my life now. So finally I can slowly read every single word you written and comment.

    It's really happy to see that you are more well now. Really hor? August is all about you being sick. Good that you have fought the virus.

    Maybe you can include more details on the chinese doc? Sounds very amazing to me too. Please remember to take your medicine regularly okie?

    Oh from the photos, the food at Bottle Tree don't look good. Is it at Sembawang Park?

    I like the Rat show too. High 5. But really hor, it's very diffrent from other cartoon. I think this one more for adults. You can really write very well. Did you send your review in for any movie review side? I think you can write as well as those movie review people. Good job.

    Do take care and hope you recover 100%.


  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. Hi Yen,

    Good to hear from you again! Yes it has been some time since I last "saw" you. =)

    The chinese physician is located at BLK 202 Juring East Street 21. It's called Ying Chuan Medical Hall. It's a lady doc.

    Bottle Tree Park is at Yishun. The one at Sembawang is Bottle Tree Village. I never knew of the Sembawang branch till that night.

    Haha... no la.. I just write reviews on my blog only.

    And thanx for your well wishes.

    Seeya around! =D

  4. quite interesting post. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did you guys know that some chinese hacker had hacked twitter yesterday again.

  5. Hi anon,

    Where are you calling from?

    Not too sure about the Chinese hacker issue and I don't have a twitter account.


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