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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Flying off to Tim Sum Land

Whenever I think of "Tim Sum", I think of this joke:

"Hi, My name is Timothy Sum. You may call me Tim Sum."

Something by tamk. But apparently, she doesn't even remember saying this.

Will be flying to Hong Kong on an early morning flight and I've yet to pack my luggage at all!

I will be bringing my main line over and will reply to sms if they are urgent. Please don't call me for I won't be picking up any calls. This time, not in time to pass my sms line to evan dear to "look after". Shall just leave it at home to rot.

Off to pack my luggage now...

Take care peeps!



  1. no, i do, i do! when i was reading the joke, i was like hey, that's what i used to say! and was surprised that you remembered. ha ha. i do remember! have a fun time in HK babe..

  2. Tour tour..envy envy..

    Have a great time..

  3. t,
    Haha... yeah babe! The way you said it was classic.Ü

    Thanx a lot! I had a great time. No time to do so many things and I'm already missing the weather there.

  4. u r back liao? so fast? I lose track of time these days.. Also forgot to pay colleague for meal, put parking coupon.. I feel like I am a mother than my wife.. haha..

    How's the weather over there at HK? The other time I went was in March I think, weather was quite cooling. hope to see some pics soon.

  5. Blogsearch direct me here for Jet Li but once I click out of it the photo is gone. All the photos are gone.

  6. bwilly,
    Yup. Only went for 4 days. I think it's too short but what to do? Have to work.

    Weather was great. Love it! Lowest was 12degC. Will update with lotsa pics soon. =)

    Oops. I think you were directed to my blog when I was manning it. The photos will be back soon. =)


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