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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

When was the last time you stepped into the Science Centre?

When you were in primary school or secondary school? When you as a parent or teacher brought your kids there?

Last Tuesday, instead of our monthly meeting, we had a company outing to the Science Centre! It was quite a fun learning journey. Imagine an entourage of about 50 adults and 2 kids (big boss’ kids) going for an excursion to the Science Centre!

Did not take any photos there as we were busy playing. Moreover, I’m not really used to the low ISO of my old fuji cam. It cannot capture indoor shots well w/o flash.

Some cute drawings on the walls of the renovated branch…
Figure them out.

Simple mathematical equation

8 - 5 = 3

Family life equation

Blissfully married couple = Not quite blissful family life
Mummy gets angry when the kid is lazy and naughty and refuses to study. Daddy has to bear the weight of it all.

After that, we went to Kinokuniya at Taka. I was so excited to see the lovely xmas decorations in town, It really puts me in a festive cum shopping mood. =)

Photos with my colleagues…

Next we went to Sakura for buffet. So many of my colleagues agreed that Sakura sucks but we still went anyway. It’s not the food, it’s the company. Those who had yet to try Sakura gave an immediate verdict that night that Sakura ISN'T great too. Some of them are suffering from stomach problems up till now! Indigestion, flatulence, bloatedness, diarrhoea and all.

Our table

Our ice-cream

Cyn, Apr and I went crazy scooping the ice-cream. We wanted to make an earthquake ice-cream to share with the whole table.

No photos of food coz they are not worth snapping. The ice-creams were good though. Love the mango ice-cream. YUM!

Next informal activity would be to catch “Prestige”. I had wanted to watch as I heard it was good and it was ending it runs at cinemas then. However, those people I hang out with all didn’t want to go. In the end, big boss whispered to us that he would pay and so we managed to attract more people to go. Upon buying the tickets, there were only the 1st 2 rows left. We were all so bloated and nauseous that we couldn’t possibly sit through a show of magic at the front row and not puke. They settled for Plan K instead.


I really marvel at how the people here love K-ing so much.

I always waste money at ktv as I only know how to sing those older songs from the 90s. But since big boss agreed to pay for us, I couldn’t care much. Heh…

They called us S-H-E-S

We sang so many old songs in unison and nobody could differentiate our voices. They were almost stupefied at how well our voices blend in. Not bad leh, considering chris and me don’t really know how to sing, while mich and jac were the champions in different years for the company’s karaoke competition. Now, chris and I dunno to feel flattered or for mich and jac to feel insulted. Wahaha…

Those who survived till 3am

A lizard dropped on me while I was about to enter my house. Stupid lizard was the same colour as my jacket! I felt something dropped on my chest and couldn’t find anything. It was only after I transfixed my eyes onto 2 black dots on my jacket that I realized they were the lizard’s eyes! Is it good luck or bad luck to have lizard dropping on you manz?


  1. hehe.. I saw the x'mas tree whenever I went to gramaphone to return my rented DVDs. Must go there take photo one time.

    I find sakura okay leh, the one I went to was the Tampines Branch.

    Really stamina, I find the kbox limited songs. I usually go for the buffet package one, keke, eat n sing..
    Eee..u not scare of lizards..?

  2. For Sakura, the quality of food varies with the different branches. I'm not as scared of lizards as I am of cockroaches. But I was quite scared at that time. Imagine it crawling on me. Luckily got jacket.


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