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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Good service goes a loooong way

Updated (8th November):
The Sony's are no good. Other than their sleek design, they have nothing much to offer. Very basic camera with a hefty price tag.

So now, Canon Ixus65 or Panasonic Lumix FX01?


I’ve always boycotted Canon due to their sucky service. From small fry promoters to big boss to the service centres, Canon had proven that they sucked big time over and over again. And it’s not just me, a few other people I know find Canon staffs very cocky. However, just now, a promoter by the name of Catherine and another guy who I forgot to ask for his name really changed my image of Canon.

Catherine was really very sincere and she went out of her way to serve her customers well. I wanted to test the darkness of the pictures taken without flash. Often, many cameras on auto mode w/o flash capture the objects much darker than the actual object that we see under the light. So I was trying out with the ixus65 as somebody I know uses it and his shots looked brighter than mine. Catherine offered to bend down and take a few shots of the dark corners. It seemed like nothing really praiseworthy, but she was the 1st Canon person to do that. Usually, people find my requests very weird. She also answered all my funny questions and demands very patiently with great enthusiasm and a big smile of course.

I was so wowed by her attitude that I decided to pay her a visit again after my dinner to tell her that she really changed my bad impression of canon people. Alas, she was busy attending another customer and this other canon guy attended to me. I made sure they were from canon and not Harvey Norman before rattling off. Haha… I think I’m so super zek arp that he was trying to defend why the canon staffs behaved as such with each bad experience I narrated.

I decided to lift my personal ban on Canon and now Canon ixus65 is on my list.

My choices:

Canon ixus65

Price: $569 at the Canon-Harvey Norman roadshow till next Sunday 12 November.
Freebies: 2 x 1GB card; 1 x 512 card; 1 battery; 1 leather case; 1 7in1 bag
Functions: WOW
Fashion scale: 6/10

Sony T10 in pink or white

Will “test drive” tomorrow and update.
Fashion scale: 9.5/10

Sony T50 in red

Will “test drive” tomorrow and update
Fashion scale: 9/10

Panasonic Lumix fx01

I still like Lumix very much.
Fashion scale: 8.5/10

Views and recommendations? Professional shutterbugs, please don’t suggest those bulky SLR please. Looking for a handy one. =)


  1. Nobody I was eating durian at geylang roadside and still sneezing.

    Anyway my vote - Fuji F30, won't regret it. I have been never a Point and Shoot cam fan till this bugger pop along. Seen the shot taken at ISO1600 and printed on A4. With the high sensitivity, you can do wonder when shooting at night or fast subject.
    The F30 can boast ISO up to 3200, double what my Canon can do.
    Lumix I always associate them with noise problem especially shooting in night, day time you can wonder shots.
    BTW, I do get good service from Canon. Actually even from Sim Lim Square infamous shops. Just do go a visiting during peak period.

    Camera shops to check, Alan Photo *SimLim - look for Steven*, Ms Color *Ang Mo Kio*, Cathay Photo *Peninsular Plaza*
    Any problem email me.

  2. Jolene often shoots indoor, so there are two important aspects to consider - high ISO performance and flash range.

    Fujifilm is best at high ISO, but it uses the dreaded xD card.

  3. Fuji only recent make it with the F30, the previous model though have ISO1600, it sux big time with noise control.

    In another month time, F31 will be coming out. Nothing wrong with XD card, bar its not a popular media card.

    All inbuild flash can't make it - short range, white stunned look - background all wash out. Unless you talking abt the external flash that I am using. One pop direct in the face, as long as downing a tiger.

  4. Jolene, This photo of the panasonic don't look as good as the other cameras you show. But I know how a pink panasonic look like and I think its quite nice.

    The canon look quite good from the photo. Look better than panasonic but the sony ones look the best. Xiaxue is using pink sony I think.

    The same Yen

  5. Shopping for new camera now? The red one look like for a cool fashionista.

  6. bwilly,
    You and my da jie same. She was intending to get F30 as a point and shoot. She has very high regards for that cam. I went online to search too... Seems like the rating is between 9-10. Unfortunately, I went to test it and found nothing spectacular. They also told me that you are paying for just the high ISO coz other than that it's a very basic camera and it's sooooo ex! High ISO also very noisy. The other functions are just like my old Fuji so I won't be getting that. My sis probabaly will though. Haha..

    And you are right about lumix. Very food quality other than night shots. The flash makes our faces too white and shocked, washing out the background; yet w/o flash it'll be too dark.

    Now I'm deciding between ixus65 and lumix fx01. I've checked out the Sonys and they are really nothing to shout about besides their looks.

    I'll email you re the places to go. Will be checking out AMK, Peninsular and Funan tomorrow. I don't quite understand some parts you've said. Catch no ball... heh

    Besides F30, all other fuji sucks at the brightness. Or maybe coz my old fuji turned out very dark so my mindset as that. XD card not a problem to me but I would prefer SD.

    You are the same Yen who left tags right? Sonys are out of my list now. Yes, I think I do remember XX decorating her camera with diamantes but I didn't know it was pink T10.

    That camera looks good but other than that, nothing else is good. =)

  7. disappointed ah..
    sob sob.. why dun get this wonder gadget F30. Though I am all in all Canon fan, this F30 with high ISO gives minimum noise. You really need high ISO when you are shooting indoor. A must must.. I am such a loser with my poor salesmanship.. boo hoo hoo..

    Have not seen my fren pic on the Ixus 65. Canon Ixus 65 are awarded during the 2006 TIPA, Europe preimum imaging showcase. (ie when Canon is the best DSLR at the 2006 TIPA, something I brought out and lord over Nikon DSLR users whenever they say their camera is better than Canon)

    Read somewhere Canon is offering underwater housing for Ixus 65, its any good if you do dive..

    Review on Canon Ixus65.

    ok.. one last pot shot..
    Fuji F30 review.. :) (check the take on noise on Canon with Fuji)

    Canon Ixus 65 - Best ultra compact digi cam
    Fuji F30 - Best compact digi cam

    SOny?? out of the ring..

  8. My latest addition: Olympus Mju1000!

    It just hit sg 2 weeks ago. Now it's the compact digital camera with the highest ISO of 6400!! Online review sites have not even reviewed this cam.

    When he demo F30 and mju1000 using a "dark box", I was stupefied at how the latter surpassed F30. He used Canon ixus 65 and pana lumix FX01 too. Since my main concern was darkness of pictures, he showed me how all the diff shots turned out. mju1000 captured the brightest image with virtually no noise, F30 had some noise, next in rank was FX01. Ixus 65 totally cannot make it in the dark and it has the lowest ISO.

    Functions, screen mode are all wonderful too. I'm gonna drag my sis (a loyal supporter of F30) to check out the wonders of this cam... hehe


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