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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Since Friday, I have been... ...

Suffering from severe headache…


Gulping down medicine with antibiotic that taste like nail polish…

Sleeping the whole day…

With no appetite at all… eating only for the sake of taking medicine…

And ending up as skinny as a stick.

To those reading this, it is quite common to suffer from severe headaches to the extent of vomiting right?

I’ve been getting this (minus the vomiting) for quite some time and people around me have been advising (read: scolding and nagging) me to go for a full body check up.

Is it just me or is it common?


  1. migrane is something alot of people experience but few severe enough to make them sick. Could be a sign of anything from stress to bad posture at a desk to something not so good.

    You can find an hour to get to the doctor :)

    They'll be able to help.

  2. hey jojo...

    i hope u are feeling is my turn to fall sick and the doc said i have to go x-ray because i ahve coughed for three weeks and is chronic cough...furthermore diarrhoea somemore..
    i think you should go for check very extreme for pple to hv headache till they vomit...if u refuse..i dunnoe how how much weight u are gg to lose further...take care


  3. Thanx chris and raine for your concern. Not forgetting you darlings who sms me asking if I'm fine... *Big hugz*

    I'll go for a full body check up.... that is after i upgrade my insurance plan. Hehe...

    Hope your cough is nothing too serious... =)

  4. Hi jo,

    It's better to seek for a 2nd opinion. Just go for a check up to be clear about what is really happening.

    Hope you are well by now. Take care!

  5. Hi starz,

    Thanx for your concern. I'm fine from the headache ut now i'm nursing a running tap *sniff sniff*... slept almost the whole day. One ailment after another..

  6. Clock just strike 12!!!
    GONG XI FA CAI, dearest Jolene!!! :D

    And take good care hor!!!


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