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Monday, November 07, 2005

A simple request…

My parents and their generation people (meaning uncles and aunties and relatives and neighbours and whoever belonging in their generation) don’t know about my blog. So I would appreciate if the existence of this blog is kept only within people of this generation. =)

A big thank you!

Recently, my mum kept inquiring how so and so know about this and that. A few months ago, she asked how one of my aunts know about abc and def. To that, I was surprised coz that aunt could only know about abc and def if she reads my blog or if somebody else reads it and told her about it.

The other night I was talking to this friend who agrees that you never knew who is reading your blog. She reads my blog periodically and I didn’t even know. Some people just read silently and when they suddenly say something which surprises you coz you have never told them about it, they would reveal that they read your blog every now and then. Some people just read and not leave any comments or show any hints that they have read it. Some people read it everyday but claim they have no time to read silly boh liao blogs.

I thought the Internet realm is vast. It daunting how small it actually is.


  1. Are you hinting at anybody in particular?

  2. I'm addressing everybody in general.

    Do I know you?


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