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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A mother's blessing

Recently, I’ve been staying overnight at kh’s house a lot. We’ll just have dinner together, watch tv together, sometimes do MY materials together and at other times, I do my stuff while he plays his PS2 and I watch on. By the time it would be quite late so I would just stay over.

My mum used to get mad and say all kinds of degrading things. She is also very concerned of what people would think of me. But as time passes, she doesn’t fume that much anymore. She kinda got used to it and washed her hands off the matter. I think she is also aware that both of us are old and wise enough and that she cannot really “control” me that much anymore.

So last night when I sms-ed her saying I would be staying over at kh’s house, she sms-ed back “Ok. I think you’re all better ROM.”

I think she is very cute. =)


  1. pls do invite me...

    thanks ah...Keke...

    i will push others away to catch ur bridal bouquet.



  2. I don't think it'll be anytime soon. =p


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