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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Not so suay to have contracted Dengue right?

On Sunday, I woke up feeling very hot and feverish and I could not sit up straight. I don’t know whether it was body ache or muscle ache but it could not be the latter as I’ve not exercised for months. I felt very dizzy and worn out, like a young soul trapped in an old lady’s fatigued body.

Then the next thing that came to my mind was Fever + Body ache = Dengue Fever?

Nah… can’t be so suay.

I spent my entire Sunday sleeping away. No stressful dreams of work. Ah… The peace! I could sleep throughout without dreaming of my student coming to school despite informing them that I’m sick. I could sleep throughout without dreaming of me conducting lessons. It was fortunate that I had colleagues to help me teach my classes for that day or I would have to make up the lessons and miss Christmas.

Doctor said that my body ache might be due to stress, my daily posture sitting at children’s tables and chairs, or I may have caught some virus from the kids. However if the fever persists and rash appears, I have to go for a blood test.

Can’t be so suay…

[To em: I don't think it's rotavirus coz I don't have diarrhoea and vomitting symptoms.]

Anyway I’m heading back to work soon as although I don’t have stressful dreams on Sunday, I have many yesterday. All my materials and stuff are at work and I feel useless sleeping at home. Also there won’t be anyone around on a Tuesday to catch anything from me if I had really caught some virus.

Kill with Shieldtox

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  1. Hola XoXo , me mola mucho te blog , besos wapa


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