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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

I've just found out how to insert video clips onto my blog!!!

Hello frenz!

I've just found out how to insert video clips onto my blog. *hAppiE* So the very first video clip I'll present to you would be my JaseJase shaking his bon bon. He shakes them so well, he puts Ricky Martin to shame.

Click here to watch 'Jase shaking bon bon'

Takes some time to download depending on your compueter speed. It's better to open in a new window.

2nd video clip would be my darling Simba, affectionately known as Baba. She was hiding in the toilet behind the shower screen from my dad who before that, spanked her and was chasing her with a hanger for sleeping in the closet. Ignore the small bald patch at the top of her neck. After switching to Science Diet, her fur is as smooth and luscious as before.

Click here to watch 'Simba-Hiding'

3rd video clip would be a 2 in 1 of evan and me preparing to look good before throwing our tassel hats and after that trying very hard not to look silly throwing.

Click here to watch 'Preparing-to-Throw'

Click here to watch 'Throwing-Our-Tassel-Hats'

And then suddenly the page had an error and so I've to stop uploading video clips for now.


  1. you look very pretty in pink. And I guess congratulations on your graduation whenever it was...

  2. Actually you do look abit like Fann Wong in the video clip. When I read that post saying that somebody said you look like Fann Wong, I thought no. But when I see you in action smiling some angle really look like. The part when you waved at the camera look really like an action that Fann did before.

    And yes, you look fabulous with your pink strap gown. Such a pretty colour!

  3. chris..

    Thank you very much. I thought the pink was pretty too and was glad I was in ARTS. Haha so ditsy. My graduation was last July. Had an entry on it. (


    Thank you very much for the compliment. And yes.. I love my gown too! I love it so much.. it's still sitting in the bag at the corner of my room being extremely useless.

  4. eh cuz, you quite mountain turtle leh *HAHAHAHA* :p

  5. I don't deny I'm a computer and IT idiot. But I asked soooooooooooooooo many people and nobody knows how to upload video too. So was very happy when finally found out how... =) Should have asked you right?


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