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Monday, May 02, 2016

Instagram Snapshots ~*January, February, March 2016*~

From 2016 onward, I would post quarterly Instagram Snapshots instead of monthly ones. For more regular updates, follow me on Instagram and Facebook.

I figured that my blog should not always be updated once a month with only Instagram snapshots as it would get too boring to see repeat posts on my Instagram and blog.

I used to spend a lot of time during the weekend and public holidays, and pockets of time after work to do blog stuff. Doing blog stuff meant editing of photos, crafting of posts, replying to comments and visiting blogs. All these take up lots of time but to me, this is time well spent as I really enjoy blogging.

Nevertheless as I age, I spend more time on building up my health and getting a lot more sleep than what I was used to. I could no longer sleep 3-6 hours a day and still feel fresh. If I have gotten only a few hours of sleep during the weekdays, I would spend many hours over the weekend catching up on sleep debt.

I've been neglecting my blog but getting a lot more sleep. I do feel bad for neglecting my blog yet I feel good for pampering myself with sleep. But then I would feel unhappy if I do not update my blog as regularly as before.

The vicious cycle continues...

On top of getting enough rest, I also make sure I get my dose of exercise too. I've recently discovered that I enjoy yoga and pilates tremendously. I feel really positive after each yoga/pilates session and I would rather go for classes whenever I could find the time after work than to go home earlier to work on my blog.

Looking at how much less time I spent on my blog for the whole of last year and a quarter of this year, I feel like I need to dedicate more time to blogging. I've got so many backlog posts to share here on my blog. Some people might wonder what's the point on updating on say, my holidays that happened a few years back. My blog is my memory cache and I really want to seal these memories here for me to look back on. It is something I want to do for myself as my memory slowly fades.

Enough of random ramblings. Here's the first quarter of Instagram updates for the year.

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*1 January 2016*~
Spent the last day of 2015 and the first day of 2016 with an amazing group of old and new frenz. It was a wonderful evening of joy and laughter. And for those who stayed on to chat and drink till dawn broke, it had been a fun sharing session. I haven't stayed up and chat with a group of people till almost 6am without feeling tired at all. Thank you VIOS for the friendship and cheers to many more years! The sun is up and it's time to sleep coz I'm getting sleepy and we gotta wake up for our STAYCATION later!
#happynewyearseve #happynewyear #happy2016 #oldandnewfriends #ilovemyfriends #cheerstomanymore

~*1 January 2016*~
First meal of 2016 comes in the form of comforting local prawn mee soup. Yummy yummy yummy! #prawnmee #prawnnoodles #sgfood #localdelights #instafood #foodie #ilovefood #foodporn #eateateat #fatdieme

~*1 January 2016*~
First wefie with the hub in 2016 at W Hotel @wsingapore! No time to go for a vacation in 2015 so we would do a short staycation in 2016. Hoping to feel recharged for the new year. #whotel #wsingapore #wefie #ilovemyhubby #staycation

~*2 January 2016*~
It's a gloomy rainy day and the sea breeze is blowing all the sprinkles of rainwater in. Nobody is at the awesome pool (as dubbed by frenz who's been to W Singapore) so it's time to play with the mood lighting and the Bose sound system at @wsingapore. #whotel #wsingapore #staycation #moodlighting #purplelights #boliao

~*2 January 2016*~
OEDians, are we ready to rock our work stations with our super heroes nanoblocks? Man... These are damn tough to build. Not for long nails folks. Hubster built most of both. Batman is as cool as ever and I'll still insist that cute Raphael the Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle is giving the finger. #nanoblocks #raphaelninjaturtle #teenagedmutantninjaturtles #tmnt #batman #darkknight

~*3 January 2016*~
Saying goodbye to W Singapore Sentosa Cove. It's been a lazy and enjoyable 2 days to replenish all the sleep debt in 2015 and recharge for 2016. After hearing negative feedback from 3 different friends about W Singapore (the recounted incidents were really bad IMO), the hubz and I came here without expecting much and were pleasantly surprised. The service here is tip top! The various staff ranging from the concierge, check-in counters, housekeeping and restaurants were smiley and affable. Our few requests were also acceded smoothly. Save for the fact that the bed and pillows were too soft for our liking, we enjoyed every other aspect of our stay here a lot.
#staycation #whotel #wsingapore #goodservice #rarity #raritypony #mylittlepony #mylittleponyfriendshipismagic

~*5 January 2016*~
I went for my first Pilates class ever at the yoga studio and I nearly died along with half of the class who were new. When the instructor asked for feedback on whether the sequence was too tough for us and if she could tone it down, everyone gave constructive feedback. I simply said, "I dunno if it only applies to me but the whole of December was no exercise and lots of partying and feasting and drinking and eating and eating and eating..." Then the whole class burst out. I guess I'm not the only one. #afterworkoutselfie #healthylifestyle #eateateat

~*9 January 2016*~
My maiden attempt to use my new Copic markers on a mini farewell card isn't that great but it isn't that bad too. Bigger canvass needed for proper blending. I've only got these 5 colours to play with and I'm already coveting for more! Playing with Copic markers would be a really expensive hobby. #copic #copicmarkers #mylittlepony #unicorn #pastel #mydoodle #amateurart #nofilter #needbiggercanvas

~*9 January 2016*~
Salted egg yolk sotong! Salted egg anything is yummy indulgence. #saltedegg #saltedeggsquid #sotong #eateateat #fatdieme #foodie #foodporn #thefamouskitchen #名食小厨

~*10 January 2016*~
Good afternoon! Upon reminder by some good people on Instagram, this is my 1000th post on Instagram. It has been quite a fun journey here

My first 3 private photos were posted 194 weeks ago (about 4 years) when I used Instagram only for the filter. After which, there was a significant standstill. Then, I started posting more often and making my account public after seeing many of my blog friends both with running and defunct blogs on Instagram and being encouraged by some to hop on the IG bandwagon

To all my blog frenz, there's a short message for you on my latest blog post. Clickable link in IG profile. I reconnected with many blog frenz who do not blog anymore and also with current blog frenz. It is a great way to continue to keep ourselves updated on IG when we are too busy to catch up on blogs

I connected with people of similar interests whom i could perhaps call IG frenz. I love all the meaningful 2-way engagement with people who reply on their posts and people who comment on mine

I appreciate all my followers who frequently have activity on my posts and would try to return the favour whenever possible

To my inactive followers, I would love to see more activity from you. Either that, or you could unfollow me. It's perfectly ok

I'm somewhat surprised to see people whom I know or are not complete strangers unfollowing me. Perhaps my posts are just too bimbotic or my contents are just not their cup of tea. For me personally, I don't unfollow people I know as I feel that it's akin to unfriending on FB. Well, to each their own

I'm always thrilled whenever I get likes, comments, photo taken and credited, special mention and followers from establishments I visit. I appreciate it when these establishments engage their customers

All in all it has been an amazing experience here on IG connecting with people from all over the world. Thank you for the friendship. Cheers to the next 1000th!
#1000thpost #1000th #thankyou #cheerstomanymore

~*10 January 2016*~
F4 reunite as 4 after a year. So happy that everyone's back in Singapore! More meet ups from now on. #galpals #besties #ilovemyfriends #monochromefusionbistro

~*12 January 2016*~
Longchamp Le Pliage Neo in navy blue medium is my first bag purchase after being on a spontaneous bag shopping hiatus for the past 3 years

I wanted a dump-everything-in-it-bag on occasions when I go for sports after work

I LOVE the classy navy blue colour

I LOVE the nondescript sheen

I LOVE how the bag holds its structure pretty well when zipped and left standing unlike many Longchamp bags

I LOVE the shoulder straps for the sporty look

I LOVE the fragrant leather smell from the flap

I LOVED how I envisaged it to be a practical everyday bag but OMG how wrong I was

This bag is NOT PRACTICAL when put on the field test. The bag is so difficult to unzip and zip when carried cross body, sling on one shoulder and on the arm. It is so difficult to reach for my things inside. Even taking my ezlink card in and out of the bag is so challenging. The flap which smell I love so much kept getting in the way when opening the bag

My idealistic practical bag turned out to be anything but practical

#rant #longchamplepliageneo #longchamp #longchampneo #bumped

~*16 January 2016*~
That Group That Shall Not Be Named (aka AVJ) is indeed meeting up a lot more than once a year. Kitchenette is great and we should continue to trawl the whole Novena for more eateries so that we could hang out longer! #galpals #ilovemyfriends #christmasoverthenewyear #kitchenette

~*17 January 2016*~
Indeed, sleep is the best medicine

After sleeping almost half the Saturday away, I've stopped coughing, sneezing and blowing my nose too much. The lumpy pain in the throat gave way to minor scratchy discomfort. The nausea stopped when sleeping... Duh... And the best part of it are the subsiding of pain in the left of the head, eye and jaw/tooth. Maybe to the hubz, my groaning and whining stopped too

And cross fingers... I'm trying as much as possible to avoid synthetic drugs. So it's just Olive leaf extract and TCM medication, together with loads of sleep

Sleep... You and I have lots to catch up!

~*21 January 2016*~
Purple hair update

My hidden 3-tone purple hair taken under sunlight streaming from window about 3 months after the colour job

The reddish purple and violet purple have faded the most with some parts turning GOLDEN LION TAMARIND at the ends esp after soaking in the pool

The indigo (bluish purple) streak is still going on strong but not very visible in nightlight and many indoor lighting

My dark brown base colour which faded to a lighter brown did not fade further

I've since included a series of non-filtered photos taken under sunlight, warm and cool indoor lighting as requested by some. Funky colours no longer only last for days and weeks

Now I'm tempted to do something more before CNY though it would still be nondescript enough for work

#purplehair #purplehairdontcare #longhairdontcare #instahair #mypurplehair #mylittlepony #unicornhair #nofilter

~*21 January 2016*~
Whatever @tifducky and I sweated out from yoga was put back with dosai/dosa. Hurhurhur. #indianfood #dosa #dosai #eateateat #foodie #foodporn

~*23 January 2016*~
Peek a boo purple hue is turning pinkish. Gonna do something more to my hair before the Chinese New Year but no inspiration yet. I like how my stylist Leslie from @privatehairstudiosg tastefully did my nondescript shades of purple the last time round. And then for the past few weeks, friends had been tagging me and sending me videos of hidden multicolor hair asking me to try those. Hahahaha. Nondescript, people, nondescript. Maybe I'll just touch up more purple. :p
#saturdayselfie #purplehair #mylittlepony #unicornhair #mypurplehair #mypinkhair

~*23 January 2016*~
Annual belated Christmas meet up with @tinsfans. So much to yak about! We should make it monthly! #christmasoverthenewyear #galpals #ilovemyfriends

~*24 January 2016*~
My current hair is a more classy black/dark brown and deep purple combined. We didn't do any colour rework at the salon coz whatever I wanted required rebleaching

My colours were still going strong and it would be a waste to subject them to rebleaching so I did colour toning in the end

The toner with purple in it adds gloss to the hair, making my hair look shiny with an overall darker look. The toner would fade in about a month and by then I hope all my colors would fade evenly. I'm really excited to start on my new colours after that with my stylist Leslie at @privatehairstudiosg

~*24 January 2016*~
Hubby has craving for Pasta J so here we are! Pesto pasta with prawns, Clammy addiction, lemon honey rosemary and ginger chicken wings and tried a new beer. Yummy! @pastajsg #pastaj #pastalover #chickenwings #instafood #foodie #foodporn #eateateat #fatdieme

~*27 January 2016*~
What a fulfilling day! Settled some urgent issues. Ran some errands. Did 1 pilates and 1 yoga class. I was supposed to go to the bank to exchange for new notes to bao ang pow for the Chinese New Year but the bimbotic me decided that doing my nails is more important than going to the bank coz today is the last day to use my gelish package coz of the "no using 10 days before Xmas and CNY" clause. I keep looking at my 招财猫 (fortune kitty) and smiling like how it is smiling. Too cute! #chinesenewyearnails #cny2016 #cnynails #cnynails2016 #fortunecat #招财猫 #nailart #catlover #ilovecats

~*30 January 2016*~
Cat theme 2016 desk calendar
Audio used: River Flows in You by Sungha Jung

My cat theme desk calendar at work always makes me wanna go out to buy Copic markers or water colours to colour/paint some sweet images like those found in here

Special thanx to my cute dad who helped me flip the calendar while I snapped photos of it. He found whatever I was doing amusing when I told him I intended to put these photos in action

#deskcalendar #calendar #2016calendar #caturday #catlover #catcatcat

~*30 January 2016*~
Kutusita Nyanko Schedule Book 2016
Audio used: River Flows in You by Yiruma

Remember my complaints about Kinokuniya not bringing in the type of schedule books I wanted 3 years back?

Last year, Kinokuniya must have heard enough feedback from customers and brought back their popular Japanese schedule books. Those light, thin, spineless with cute illustrations of muted colours and enough space at dates to write down notes. Lots and lots of varieties! They are priced slightly cheaper than before too and I got 3 all at once for me and my sisters. My da jie @kappo77 and I chose this Kutusita Nyanko one as it was the only cat one available. It is not Mixed Cats but still, I love it. The friends around me have stopped using schedule books. "Key into your phone la" was what they said but I'm still a pen and paper gal

#schedulebook #2016schedulebook #kutusitanyanko #penandpaper #catlover #caturday #catcatcat #ilovecats

~*30 January 2016*~
Tarepanda Schedule Book 2016
Audio used: If I Could See You Again by Yiruma

My sis @kezel Tarepanda schedule book

I used to like Tarepanda a lot and was deciding between this and the Kutusita Nyanko one. We were spoilt for choice. I must have spent a good half an hour at the schedule book counter snapping photos of the various shortlisted ones and sending to my sisters to choose. And don't remind me that I missed out December page. I realised it when I was flipagramming the photos and by then I've already given my sis the book

#schedulebook #2016schedulebook #tarepanda #タレパンダ #penandpaper

~*31 January 2016*~
#招财猫 #fortunecat #cnynails #cnynails2016 #selfiesunday #thisisnotaselfie

~*2 February 2016*~
Finally hit more than 10,000 steps today since collecting my free actxa steptracker from Health Promotion Board. It might just be possible to reach my goal for the National Steps Challenge. #nationalstepschallenge #actxa #steptracker #healthpromotionboard #healthylifestyle

~*4 February 2016*~
Gotta have FEEL GOOD Omakase burgers, truffle fries, Root Beer float and Coke float to lighten up! Hmm... Lighten up spirits la. Not weight. @eccentrice I'm hungry now! #galpals #ilovemyfriends #christmasoverthenewyear #omakaseburger #pigout

~*6 February 2016*~
Early reunion dinner with hubz family coz hubz has duty on CNY eve. T_T ... And then Bob Marley photobombed! #cny2016 #全家福 #bobmarley

~*7 February 2016*~
Reunion dinner with Dad's side of the family at ah ma's house. Dad photobombed the delicious food. #cny2016 #ChineseNewYear #ChineseNewYear2016 #foodspread #yummy

~*8 February 2016*~
大年初一 CNY Day 1 wefie with hubz
#ChineseNewYear2016 #ChineseNewYear #cny2016 #yearofthemonkey #wefie

~*8 February 2016*~
Year of the Monkey CNY Day 1 with the Ng Family
It has since become an annual tradition to take a 全家福 at this spot
Aside: I thought we were supposed to do a HUAT AH
#ChineseNewYear2016 #cny2016 #ChineseNewYear #yearofthemonkey #全家福 #黄家 #familyportrait #NgFamily #flipagram

~*8 February 2016*~
Year of the Monkey CNY Day 1 with the Loh Family

If we looked silly in one of the shot, that's because we were supposed to be monkeys

It has also been an annual tradition to take a 全家福 on this sofa with the Loh Family. We didn't have one last year as my sis was in ICU during the CNY period. How time flies. She's almost reaching her one year safe mark. Yeah! She made this video and I merely stole it

#ChineseNewYear2016 #cny2016 #ChineseNewYear #yearofthemonkey #全家福 #盧家 #familyportrait #LohFamily

~*9 February 2016*~
It took me so many years of Christmas, Lunar New Year and National Day to realize that I really need a red dress in my wardrobe. So last year, I bought 3 red dresses over the course of one week and discovered that 3 is still not enough. This is one of them from Pandora's Box. I love the collar zip of this dress. Zip up for a poised look. Zip down for a more feminine look.
#redress #ootd #ChineseNewYear2016 #cny2016 #selfie #purplehair

~*10 February 2016*~
Year of the Monkey CNY Day 2 with the extended Ng Family

We had a super yummy steamboat BBQ dinner at the hub's 大伯's house. Still thinking about the delicious soup and marinated meat!
Posting this one day late on IG coz I came home with the longest tummy pain ever that is still happening as I'm typing this. It's strange coz I ate more rubbishy CNY goodies on Day 1 and none on Day 2. Still trying to cross and check if I'm gluten intolerant and which food works and doesn't work.
#ChineseNewYear2016 #cny2016 #ChineseNewYear #yearofthemonkey #全家福 #黄家 #familyportrait #NgFamily

~*11 February 2016*~
I miss my god kids, Jase and Mia. And I miss Cyn. And I dread the day you all wouldn't be in Singapore any more. 😢
#godkids #ilovemyfamily #hugs

~*13 February 2016*~
Nothing... just chilling with my empty wine glass and blatantly advertising for Bistecca. New post up on my blog Direct link in IG profile.
@bisteccatuscansteakhouse #bisteccatuscansteakhouse #bistecca #chilling #emptywineglass #christmas2015

~*14 February 2016*~
Being in love with each other doesn't mean you have to be Lovers, sometimes you just have to be Friends or Family or Anyone you care about. Lover, friends, family, everyone... Happy Valentine's Day!
#valentinesday #happyvalentinesday #pusheenvalentine #pusheen

~*17 February 2016*~
Bunny 🐰 says to Kitty 🐱,
"I think we could be best buddies."
Kitty 🐱 says to Bunny 🐰,
"I won't survive long, buddy. I won't survive long."
#fortunecat #招财猫 #kitty #bunny #pink

~*18 February 2016*~
The sweet and fresh aroma of strawberries and nectarines still lingers in my bag. These are the best nectarines I've ever eaten! #strawberries #nectarines #healthylifestyle #fruits #redredred

~*20 February 2016*~
CNY + Jan/Feb babies bday dinner with the VIOS at New Ubin Seafood.

~*22 February 2016*~
Took the MRT with the motley crew of Zootopia.
#zootopia #disneyzootopia #mrt #igsg #dailycommute

~*25 February 2016*~
Home-cooked pig stomach soup with abalone by my dad! Thick and rich broth with super clean tasting stomach and succulent abalone. Yummy! 😋😍💕
#pigstomachsoup #homecookedfood #daddyscooking #yummy #sgfood #eateateat #ilovefood

~*26 February 2016*~
Ushering the year of the Monkey with Schroders augmented reality app paired with their ang pow. The monkeys are so cute! My dad and sis had a fun time playing with the monkeys as if they were mini pets. 😂 Watch full video on my Facebook page
#cny2016 #schroders #schrodersangpow #yearofmonkey #cutemonkey #augmentedreality #smile #igsg

~*28 February 2016*~
So folks, let me bring your attention to this simple dish of stir fried garlic kangkong from PeraMakan. It is awesome to the max!

Why feature a kangkong dish in a Peranakan restaurant? That's because all their other traditional Peranakan dishes are so good that I would rather focus on how they have made such a simple vegetable dish something to shout about.

As the kangkong was dished out onto the table, wok hei fragrance wafted into our nostrils. And the wok hei taste... Omg! It continued to tantalize the taste buds. This kangkong has more wok hei taste than any other zi char dish I've ever eaten.

I just had this a few days ago when we celebrated @ange1ajane birthday and I was craving so much for it that I brought the hub here for dinner today.

Just a simple dish of kangkong...

#kangkong #vegetables #peramakan #paranakanfood #ilovefood #eateateat #instafood #sgfood #idiedandwenttoheaven

~*29 February 2016*~
Happy Leap Day! This is the day to seal the date "29 February" on social media so I shared some cool Leap Year facts on my blog. Link in IG profile.
#happyleapday #leapday #leapyear #leapyear2016 #29feb

~*2 March 2016*~
Whenever I said I ate so much till I burst at the seams, I didn't really mean it literally. Not until today... #OMFG! (This is the dart of the dress.)
#fatdieme #fatfatfat #eateateat #burstingattheseams

~*6 March 2016*~
This is the purr-fect GIFT for cat lovers! @tabbypawstore is offering this cute and adorable "Kitty Paw Print" Love pendant and other merchandise FREE in celebration of their launch.

All you need to do is to pay for shipping ($6.99). Ships worldwide. Promotion is valid for a limited time.

Picture credit:

#TabbyPaw #pawpaw #catpaws #ilovecats #catlover #necklace #pendant #heart

~*12 March 2016*~
I always wonder how to edit photos to such an effect.
I'm still wondering.
Photo credit by Bzein on PicsArt
#picsart #madewithpicsart #lightmask #melancholy #reanimationjutsu #inspiration #lensflare #artyfarty

~*12 March 2016*~
Vios' first and most possibly the last trip out to Singapore's only modern kelong. We were taken aback at the lack of activities to do at such a modern kelong but it's the company that matters... and the food wasn't too bad too.
#kelong #singaporekelong #smithmarinekelong #vios #itsthecompanythatmatters

~*13 March 2016*~
Throwback post. Kinda miss my shoulder length hair sometimes. Erm... Even if the shoulders are missing here. 😱
#shoulderlengthhair #hairstyle #shorthair #selfiesunday

~*13 March 2016*~
Super duper belated CNY 拜年 visit from my other family. This is the only wefie shot out of a million that all of us looked good in except Mia who looked like she's picking her nose even as she went "cheeeeeeeeeeese".
#cny2016 #ilovemyfamily #godkids #besties #smile

~*17 March 2016*~
Having a date with me, myself and I over a delectable lunch at Maccha House after medical appointment. They revamped their menu and didn't have the salmon ikura avocado salad meal anymore. Sad max! Pork ginger rice set seldom goes wrong and damn I'm right. Light and yummy! 😋

Whatever one posts on social media isn't the full depiction of one's life and being morbid, I really wanna talk about blood. My blood always spurt out a lot more than the required vials. I am better off donating blood. I could take a picture but then you would rather look at delicious pork ginger rice set than a plaster with blood leaking out on two corners right?
#macchahouse #japanesefood #porkginger #japanesesalad #metime #adatewithmyself #immorbid

~*19 March 2016*~
Cheers to the weekend!
#cheers #weekend #drinkdrankdrunk

~*19 March 2016*~
Whenever the hubz has pesto pasta craving, we would wind up at @pastajsg. It was the hub's first meal for the day and he lapped up everything like a wolf which hadn't eaten for days. As for me, I had such a filling breakfast and stupidly ordered a new dish -- wholesome chicken soup pasta. The soup is wholesome but I couldn't finish my meal. Waste food!
#PastaJ #pestopasta #ilovefood #foodporn #eateateat #fatdieme #sgfoodies #igsg #instafood_sg

~*19 March 2016*~
Hubz said he wanted to eat a good meal before he flies off and so we did.
First time eating Sayori sashimi aka Japanese Half Beak. It is by far the BEST SASHIMI we have ever eaten! Firm and sweet flesh with a clean taste. We never expected such lean fish could make such mean sashimi.
Sumiya -- Singapore's First Irori Genshiyaki which is Japan's ancient style of grilling over charcoal flame -- was an accidental discovery. We tried lots of new dishes which I won't post on Instagram coz this place deserves a whole blog post on its own.
#sumiya #sumiyasg #japanesefood #sashimi #sayori #instafood #instafood_sg #yummy #fatdieme #foodporn #sgfoodies #igsg #eateateat

~*22 March 2016*~
We are over the moon at #ilightmarinabay!
#igsg #instasg #overthemoon #smile #ilovemyfriends #marinabay

~*22 March 2016*~
I was just trying to be a Victoria's Secret Angel... NOT.
#ilightmarinabay #igsg #instasg #angelpose #VictoriasSecretAngel #marinabay #ilovepurple #angelwings

~*26 March 2016*~
I'm not a kid who needs a toy mouse.
I'm older than you in cat years.
Humans are stupid.
And psst... slippers are way more fun.
#caturday #stupidcat #ilovecats #catlover #catsrule #igsg #instasg

~*27 March 2016*~
Craving for the Squid Ink Risotto at @monobistro right now.

I don't usually order risotto as I do not like mushy rice that could easily go wrong. The risotto here changed my mind. The rice was wonderfully flavourful with an impeccable texture. I also loved the juicy succulent scallops, alfalfa and beans which added varied texture to the dish. And you have to agree that everything at Monochrome Fusion Bistro is Instagram worthy.

Blogged about Monochrome Fusion Bistro and all the lovely company in the first quarter of 2016. Clickable link in Instagram profile.

Happy Easter!

#monobistro #monochromebistro #squidinkrisotto #ilovefood #instafood #instafood_sg #eateateat #foodporn #foodlover #igsg #sgblogger #vsco

~*28 March 2016*~
Instagram is updating to an algorithmically-ordered feed. This means that it will show the most popular posts on your feed instead of displaying posts in the old chronological manner.
This also means that if you are following lots of popular accounts, the poor peasant accounts like mine might not appear on your feed as frequently.
I'm not too sure if turning on my post notifications would help but since everyone on Instagram be like "turn on notifications if you still want to see my posts", I'll be like everyone too!
PS: This image is created by me. If you are going to screengrab it, I would appreciate if you could credit me.
#turnonnotifications #instagramupdate #instagramlogo #colorpencildrawing #colorpencilart #igsg #sgblogger #turnonpostnotifications


  1. You look lovely dear!Really interesting post...thx for sharing! xx

  2. I adore following your IG feed, if for nothing else the random and welcome interruptions of my day with your beautiful selfies. Unlike most IG shots, those always make me stop and look closer. You are so gorgeous and wow, dear!! Glad to read you are taking better care of yourself, finding a balance. Hopefully it will inspire me to do the same.

    All Things Bright and Lovely

    1. I love your kind words. You are always so sweet. Thank you! xo

  3. Hello, Jo! Now following your wonderful blog. Do not feel bad for neglecting your blog in order to have more sleep...the blog will always be there, whereas we cannot really get back lost sleep :)

    1. I'm nodding vigorously at your wise words. Thank you for the follow. Always love seeing new people around!

  4. Jo, I think getting sleep is very important, it changes our mood totally... and exercise is a must if we want to stay healthy. I am glad you have found Yoga and Pilates... I always say find something you love to do and you will continue doing it... xox

    As far as blogging, do it when you can... I know I enjoy your updates and it is a good way for you to keep your memories... Have a great week Jo xox

    1. Thank you, Launna. You're always so sweet and kind.It's always heartening to hear that people enjoy my updates! I'll strive to update more... after all the sleep and exercise. xo

  5. I absolutely love your purple hair! And it looks like you had a fun staycation to start the year off with, too!

  6. I only scanned the post. I'm sorry. I've always enjoyed reading everything here. But I feel like I don't have any energy, like everything is too much for me. Definitely not myself.

    1. You don't have to be sorry, Rick. You are not obliged to read everything. I hope that the challenges you are facing now have calmed and that you are able to manage everything in stride. It sucks not to be yourself. =( I can totally relate to that. Hugz buddy. xo

  7. Omg the purple hair~!!!
    So super nice!
    You sure took a lot of picture :)
    Good memories are the best

    1. Thank you for your sweet comment. Love seeing newcomers here and would check out your blog soon!

  8. great insta recap...that one with cat saying how slippers are mor fun really made me smile.

    1. Hahaha... the generalized thoughts of an evil cat.


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