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Sunday, June 07, 2015

Staycation at MBS Part 1 - Virtual Tour Of MBS Orchid Suite & The Club

Loooooooong picture-ful post. Go get your drinks and popcorn while waiting for the images to load. You could even savour your main dish in front of your computer. Those viewing this on your smartphones and other hand held devices, I suggest you skip reading this post till you get home or you might risk jamming your device and cursing at my blog in public. I know my turtle friend did that once minus the cursing in public. =P

Two weeks ago, the hubz and I had a 2D1N staycation at Marina Bay Sands (MBS).

Ever since Marina Bay Sands opened its doors to the public, I've been wanting to stay at their hotel and often dreamed of taking beautiful pool shots in the roof top infinity pool at SkyPark. Boasting the highest and largest infinity pool in the world, MBS and its iconic infinity pool have been featured on many international news and documentaries.

On many occasions when I stumbled upon new people on social media who knew I am from Singapore, they would link it to that country with that famous rooftop infinity pool. o_O

During the past few years, we have friends with complimentary room stay due to MBS casino membership (from their parents). We got to see the rooms and also went up to the 57th floor to sneak a peek at the SkyPark Observation Deck and the pool.

On those occasions, I was horrified by the CROWD at the pool. There was even once when I saw a group of uncouth _______ (Singaporeans would know which nationality to insert here) tourists slumped on the deck chairs fully dressed only with their naked feet soaking in the pool and talking at the top of their voices. I even spotted a slipper floating in the water!

You would never ever see the pool as empty as this image taken from MBS homepage at any time of the day! I will write about our experience at the pool in a separate post.

[Image source]

Over the years, I gave up the dream of staying at MBS in exchange for more cultural travels overseas and fun staycation experience like at Sentosa Hard Rock Hotel, emo experience during my illness after a check up at Fullerton Hotel and more recently, the unique experience like at Sentosa Tree Top Lofts with once in a lifetime dolphin interaction programme.

Nevertheless over the years, I also saw many non Singaporeans I knew from the Internet staying at MBS and posting such beautiful scenery and pool shots that it refuelled my interest in a staycation at MBS.

Kh has been really busy with work recently, overworked in fact, and often left me alone. Fortunately I'm a highly adaptable person with many great friends so I would just hang out with my good friends or with me, myself and I and be totally chilled about the whole thing. It caught me by surprise and I was in fact quite touched when he posted this status check-in on the day of our staycation before my birthday.

We reached MBS slightly earlier to request for an early check in. The Orchid Suite wasn't ready yet so the receptionist suggested that we go for the complimentary afternoon tea at The Club which was included in the room package.

I'm usually a tea person but I recently decided to try coffee every once in a while.

I was thrilled by the panoramic view of Marina Bay and part of Gardens by the Bay from where we sat.

I learnt so much about the various marine vessels from the hubz though there were still a couple of unidentified vessels.

We could see the Singapore Flyer and National Stadium which newly opened mid last year after years of demolition and construction. It looks like some futuristic dome whereby spaceships would zip in and out from. Guess which is the National Stadium?

I love to dip my sweet treats in fruit jam and butter but we hadn't had lunch and were craving for savoury food instead.

When we were about done with sweetness overload, we got a call from the staff that our suite was ready. The highest possible level they could get us was level 47 which is at Tower 3 all the way at the other end.

When kh booked, he asked for the city view instead of the gardens (Gardens by the Bay) view and we were thrilled to see this sight greeting us right at the end of the corridor where our door is. Did it mean that we got both views?
The Gardens by the Bay would be at the bottom right of this photo.
The left glassy portion of this photo is the living room area of our suite.

You could view the video tour of MBS Orchid Suite in my amateur video. Pardon the hub's way too hurried frown after his cheeky smile. He thought he would smile for my video but decided to throw a "Duh... you're disturbing me" frown instead.

The dining area was seriously underused by us. We only used the table to put our stuff and can you believe that my coffee-lover hubz did not even touch the Nespresso machine?

The living room and the hubby glued to the TV as usual. He could spend ANY holiday lazing in the hotel room and watching TV.

The view from the floor-to-ceiling living room was lovely even on an overcast day.
Left of the bay is the Marina Golf Course and the right would be the Gardens by the Bay.

The bathroom is always my favourite part of any hotel stay.

There is a traditional bath tub...

... double sinks with wall to wall mirror.
To the right are separate cubicles for the shower and toilet area which could be seen more clearly in my video from 1:03 to 1:40 min.

The toiletries are from Paiza. Honestly in my ignorant mind, I haven't heard of Paiza and thought it doesn't sound elegant at all. Name aside, I was seduced by their scent and felt immeasurable joy showering with their shampoo and bath wash. Kh and I also agreed that even though Paiza sounds so unknown, the scent is lovely.

While typing this portion, I googled and found out that Paiza is a trademark of Las Vegas Sands group and are quality products. No wonder!

I don't know if this is called the sitting area. Kh spent the most time on this couch being a couch potato and watching HBO and FOX movie channels.

Separated by the swivel TV is the bedroom area.

This is the city view from the floor-to-ceiling window in the bed room!

Panning from left, is the financial district of the CBD area at the background. In front of the CBD fringing the water are the Marina Boulevard, Collyer Quay, Clifford Pier and Fullerton area.

Zooming in on the "floating glass house" is Louis Vuitton.

Panning to the right, are the Raffles Place and City Hall area. All the tall buildings are the hotels. Fringing the water is The Esplanade, The Float @ Marina Bay where we have been holding our National Day Parade for the past few years and would be holding the last NDP this year, and the Helix Bridge. The white structure designed to resemble an open lotus flower in the foreground is the ArtScience Museum which I've not visited before.

I recently read an article which mentioned an old case about Gary Hoy's death by misadventure. In an attempt to prove to a group of prospective articling students that the glass in the Toronto-Dominion Centre was unbreakable. He threw himself through a glass wall on the 24th story and fell to his death after the window frame gave way.

Kh totally plastered himself on the slightly sloping thick glass as my heart crept out from my ribs. I kept reminding him of Gary Hoy's accidental autodefenestration. As for me, I didn't even lean on the glass when I posed. The only parts touching the glass were my palms.

Herein ends the pictorial tour of Orchid Suite and if you want a video tour, this is the same video in my previous link.

Mirror Wefie.

We spent the rest of the afternoon slumping in front of the TV while waiting for the Cocktail & Canapé Hour.
Aside: Am I the only one who thinks that this looks like a watch advert except that the watch is out of the photo?

There, Ebel watch advert! Lol...

I know, I know. A few people say I look good with short hair when they saw this photo. I love such chin length short hair style too, but I know that if I cut my hair to this length, the ends would stick out instead of falling effortlessly to frame my face. Already at this much shorter length (yes, I cut my hair again 2 weeks ago), it is super high maintenance. The after-shower blowing the night before could never keep the hair curled inwards like it did when it was long.

Sometimes I dislike one night staycation coz I would bring all my toiletries to the hotel. I even brought the L'Occitane Roses et Reines Hair Mist and body mist which my branch babes gave for my birthday just to bathe myself with the heavenly rose fragrance throughout my stay.

When the silly hubby saw these in the bathroom, he exclaimed, "Wah! MBS has your favourite L'Occitane rose!"

It was time for Cocktail & Canapé Hour at The Club! Oh my, I loved almost everything they served! If not for the fact that we had a dinner reservation at DB Bistro Moderne, we could just be cheap skates and simply ate our fill here. This could well be how many people make full use of what they paid for a memorable MBS stay.

From what we knew, non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary in the package but we got our sparkling at no extra charge.

I didn't quite like the pork slider mini burgers. I don't really fancy sweet meat.

Super love cheese platters and cold cuts in general.

Even their lightly flavoured crackers to go with the cheese were so delicious.

I was coughing nonstop at a point and when I asked for water, they gave me a bottle of Fiji!

We decided to go shopping and check out the pool just before dinner and was dismayed at the perpetual crowd. It is a really great place for people watching though!

Seeing the hues of pink and orange in the sky at the SkyPark, I told kh that we had to catch the setting sun without any blockage. So back to our room we went coz that was our only evening in that room to catch the sun set behind the city skyline. The sun set scene looked a lot more beautiful in real life coz you could see the sun as a clear golden ball which couldn't be captured on my iPhone 6.

You never notice how fast the sun moves except during sunrise and sunset. Just within minutes, the sun had sunk so low and was a fiery red circle in the deep orange evening sky.

I thought kh was making me hold the sun when he asked me to pose like that. I was quite tickled by the end result of me blowing bubbles of Esplanades.

OOTD was an old and forgotten drape top (TANGS) which I dug out from my wardrobe paired with what else but my staple denim shorts (Cotton On) and comfort shoes (Pedal Works).

From my last hair cut in March, I cut my hair shorter again. It is slightly below shoulder length now and I've to curl my hair inwards with a curling tong for it to look as if it was an effortless I-woke-up-like-this style. My fringe is growing out pretty well now and you see that nice floppy wave? It was EFFORT! Lots of hair spraying and loosening and spraying again and loosening with blowing in between. Impractical too coz half the time, my hair was covering my left eye.

I do like my shorter and lighter hair. I like how unkempt it looks sticking out without styling and how it looks like an effortless hairstyle when styled. However, I've to spend 10-15 minutes on it now whereas in the past when I had long hair with bangs, it was ZERO minute. And that 10-15 minutes of effort doesn't last. Check out in my next post on the dinner at DB Bistro Moderne when my hair became so untidy in just one evening.


  1. Beautiful post, really interesting...thx for sharing! You look so adorable!

  2. oh, it's quite intriguing to know which nationality should be inserted there:) At the same time, I do think that impolite and uncouth people can be met in any nationality all over the world. This is really sad and disturbing.
    The pool looks so cool and calming on that picture taken from MBS homepage and how overcrowded it is in reality. But the view from the top is a knock-out!
    The hotel room looks adorable, I would love to spend sometime there too:) The photographs of you from the hotel room are so sweet and pretty:) I would say that I like the way you look with the short haircut but long hair appeals to me much more. So with long hair you look much more feminine and ladylike:)
    The separate compliment goes to the food:) Everything looks so delicious and original!
    You've promised a long post with many photographs, but well, I enjoyed each of them:))) Thanks for sharing a virtual trip to your day off;)

    1. Hello Alex, I'm glad you enjoyed my long picturesful post! And thanx for all your sweetness about everything. Hehehe... I won't reveal which nationality it is on my blog. It's an Asian nationality that is gaining lots of widespread criticism for their behaviour as tourists. I agree that uncivilized people can be met in any nationality all over the world.

  3. You look beautiful Jo... I like your new haircut... I know what you mean about mid length hair, I spend more time on mine than when it was longer.

    I love the look of the orange skyline, it's gorgeous... I could not have stood close to the window, let alone lean on the window... especially after the story you told... wow... scary and sad...

    The infinty pool sounds and looks awesome, I don't know if I could swim in it though... I'm terrified of heights, although I'm working on it xox ♡

    1. Launna, You have acrophobia right? I'm partly acrophobia, only afraid of heights when in shopping malls when the parapet is made of glass and the bottom would be the view of many stories of shopping mall. If the below are grass and nature, I won't be afraid. The sunset photo has got some tweaking done. The original photo didn't look as good as what my eyes saw.

  4. What a lovely romantic getaway! I think even I heard of this famous infinity pool. I'm actually not crazy about pools, for me they are a poor supstitute for sea and lakes but I might admit this one looks might impressive.
    Such a shame it is so over crowded! I imagine it totally takes away from its charm...but as you say there is always people watching...and we all love to do that from time to time!

    The view is magnificent...I love skyscrapers!and here I could watch them to my heart's content...those images with the sun setting down are stunning!

    I love the blowing bubbles shot too! Your hudband has a got eye! Btw when my husband takes my photos,he never bothers to explain what kind og photos they are so when I put on my best smile, he usually takes a photo of my legs or sth like that...

    You look totally cute with that shorther hair but I know what you mean that by making it even shorter it would be hard work keeping it in shape you want it to be.

    Brows are always an interesting subject, yours look really near now, I can't see any little hairs...I reviewed that candice set once, but I'm on phone so I can't check it out is about 1am here, but I couln't take the heat from the laptop...maybe I should try sleeping on the balcony.

    1. Ivana, Thank you for your lovely words. Your comments always make me smile. I'm not surprised that you've heard of the MBS Infinity pool. It has a life on its own! I've to admit that the sunset photo has got some tweaking done. The original photo didn't look as good as what my eyes saw so I tried to edit till what I saw. I literally lol at the part when you talked about how your hubby takes your photos! Sounds like mine at times! I see so many beautiful outfit shots on your blog so I'm sure your hubz is good in his ways. You're good typing your comment on the phone! I could never leave a blog comment on the phone. Something would sure screw up after I typed an essay.

  5. Your city is so beautiful and unique, what a special place to take it all in and get away from it all at the same time. Cannot believe how busy that pool is. Maybe they should add a few more, I would hate to go swimming in such a place. You and your hair look so lovely, dear. Your self shots are so pretty and those legs are a welcome and wonderful sight :) There is certainly nothing like that in my town but I have been in a few nice hotels in my time. So glad you had a nice staycation :)

    1. If you ever come here or relocate here, you would have the chance to do s short little staycay and see the pool! But you know what? Nobody swims in that pool. It's full of selfie-taking people. A beautiful sporty Caucasian felt so shy trying to swim coz she was afraid of spoiling people's photos. Hahaha... The cam whore people rule that place! Thank you for the sweet words. Alas, my legs are so stumpy, I need heels now... and in the silhouette shot, I spy calf muscles! Gasp!

  6. Wow Jo! You and your hubs really looks like you had a fantastic time! Firstly, I really love your hair make over! It's super stylish and pretty on you! I used to have shoulder length hair when I was younger but my hair tended to get very frizzy when it was shorter! Currently loving my fringe and actually went for my first trim the other day!

    I too have always thought and preferred to travel overseas for my holidays just because I've always valued experiences away from what is familiar like yourself but recently I also realize that due to time constraints and what not it's actually a pretty good idea to take short getaways nearby or maybe even a staycation! Especially also since I don't have the allowance to spend a lot sometimes and would rather have small breaks now and again then just a big holiday!

    I totally could fill in that gap about which group of people were making all the noise and letting their slipper float off! LOL. That's just how it is unfortunately and sometimes you'd love to tell people of and ask them to be more considerate but no one wants to create trouble when everyone is there to relax and be on holiday!

    Totally envious of your small bites at DB moderne bistro! I've been there but a few years back and totally would love to go back with the bf for their burger! Also the sunset you guys had was gorgeous! I didn't even have the luck to have a beautiful sunset when I was at the Rock Bar in Bali, the sky was very cloudy and so we didn't get to see any orange/pink/purple in the sky.

    Lastly, your selfies together are so loving! You two just look so perfect and the way your hubs looks at you is so melting! Happy belated birthday and I hope you many more great staycations, vacations and travels! :)

    1. Hey Sharlynn, why is it so weird that for so many of us, short hair is so much more difficult to maintain? And then when some people think our long hair is too long and unkempt, they would suggest cutting. So far, I've gathered same views from people who cut their hair short. Glad to hear that you like the fringed look on yourself! You look like a little Hawaiian girl with those bangs.

      Totally true about the staycay! Sometimes we just need the time off to unwind, relax and simply enjoy not doing anything. The small bites of tea and canapes were at The Club. DB would be dinner and that's what I would write in the next instalment.

      I've to admit that the sunset photo has got some tweaking done. The original photo didn't look as good as what my eyes saw so I tried to edit till what I saw. And oh man! Whenever I was at beach resort, the same cloudy thing would happen or else then the sunset would look really beautiful but teh photos just don't show.

      Thank you for all your well wishes and sweetness!

  7. I managed to find the link to eyebrow set, I think it's one of a few make up reviews I've done so far....and again it reminds me that it is time to tweeze my brows.

  8. Hello Jo! Could you please stop to make me wish to be there so bad, packing and travel right now?! Lol! Kh is so romantic and I think he gave you such an unique and special gift, never stop to say you both are one of the sweetest and beautiful couple I ever saw. MBS is my dream, ive heard a lot of it and I follow with pleasure ur stay there on IG too. Is so crowded but the pool still looks fantastic. The view you got in ur room is breathtaking and I see also the food was great at the Cocktail hour. Love ur hair at this leng, still think to cut mine, will be ever brave? Happy Sunday to u and Kh! Many kisses! xo

    1. Lilli, Thank you. You are so sweet and you know, I really love to read your cute English. Like I always told you, I think your English is really good as a non-native speaker of English and sometimes your arrangement of words and expression is really adorable. I'm not surprised that you've heard of the MBS Infinity pool. It has a life on its own! I love your hair at this length in that pony tail picture on your IG recently!

  9. Loooved the pics and really enjoyed reading this post! So glad you had a wonderful birthday and a wonderful staycation. The room and hotel seem fabulous and you're right about the bathroom! Its heavenly. Loved all the food pics too! Looks so delicious. The mirror welfies of you and hubby are adorable. And lastly, I remember your reality vs instagram post about the pool! That was too good!!

    1. Hey June, Hahaha... That Reality vs Instagram self-made meme rocks right? I would have spent longer time in the bathroom if we had more time but in 2D1N, there was just so much more to do and admiring the scenery already takes up so much time. Thank you for your sweet comment!

  10. I've always loved that place. It's so stunning and really elegant. Good for you to have enjoyed your time there.

  11. Hello two look so adorable as always!! What a fantastic place and I loved all the pictures. Of course the food always gets my attention, haha!! Would be great to visit here too. Your hair is great, I need a hair cut sometime really. Happy week to you lovely xo

    1. Kizzy, Thank you for your compliments! I'm craving for some canapes now as I'm typing this. So hungry in the wee hours right now.

  12. I've always wanted to stay in MBS too but never got the chance to do so when I went to Singapore twice. Thanks for sharing the photos, it reminds me so much that I have to stay there the next time I visit the city. so beautiful.

    xo, Carla

    1. Thank you for stopping by Carla. I always love to see new faces here. There are many awesome hotels at a good price here though MBS is truly a price tag of experience and scenery.

  13. Jo, you look so beautiful! I love your hair!!! Very polished. Very sophisticated. I've also fallen in love with your top. Love the embellishments on it. The room was gorgeous and the food looked absolutely delicious.

    1. Hey Kim, I love my hair here too but oh... I just don't understand how to make the style last. My top was actually plain. My mum loved the ruched details and the flow of the top. So borrowed it from me many years back and it became her favourite top for a while. She sew on the embellishment as she thought the grey was too plain and that's the reward I got for lending her a top I like!

  14. Amazing pictures, wow seems very interesting about Dophins programme, hope you enyoyed, stunning city, food, and all places.

    1. Thank you for stopping by, dear. Yep the dolphin programme was an experience!

  15. Looks like you had amaaaaazing time there! Beautiful photos!

    1. Yes I did. Thank you for stopping by, Eliza. I always love to see new faces here.

  16. I will concentrate on good parts: the view is breath taking, you two are so lovely and funny. I can tell you have a great journey.
    best regards xo

    1. Yes I did. Thank you for your comment, Mihaela. =)

  17. Wow, this hotel looks magnificent, especially those views!!! Love all the pictures :)


    1. Thank you for stopping by, Rachel. I always love to see new faces here!

  18. This is absolutely beautiful!! I love all of the pictures you took~ and the food looks great *u*
    Also, I love your hair<3

    1. Thank you for your comment, Kiyomi. I always love to see new faces here!

  19. Looks like you had a wonderful staycation. The infinity pool looks amazing- but definitely it is a lot more crowded in real life than the brochure picture. :) It was great that you shared all of your pictures with us. I feel like I have a better idea of the hotel and surrounding city now. Also- I am now hungry for dinner. The food looks and sounds tasty. Glad you finally got to try MBS. :)

    Your haircut looks super cute. And I agree with you about the watch advert!

    1. Hey Jess, Haven't seen you here for a long time. Thank you for your sweet comment. And I thought I was the only one with the same thought about the watch advert. =)


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