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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Christmas 2014: The One Who Wore T-Shirt And Shorts To School

The Christmas 2014 series continues and I apologize if I've caused you to feel the Christmas blue in January. The bad news is that it would probably always feel like Christmas here on my blog for the whole of January as I still have got 2 more Christmas posts coming up.

*hears unanimous groans*

I was racking my brains for a title for this post and then T-shirt and shorts came to my mind.


This gal pal of mine used to stay in a hostel during university days and always went for lessons in T-shirt and shorts. I thought it was really comfortable to be clad in T-shirt and shorts too and started doing the same. TF was the first friend I made in one of the tutorial classes in NUS, not counting all other friends I've already known who went to the same university. We did a project together back then and I would sleep over in her room. From then onwards, many people assumed that I stayed in hall just from my dressing and from the fact that we sometimes hung out together.

Everywhere in Orchard was teeming with people of all shapes and sizes during the Christmas season. Hence, we decided to go to a less crowded mall and were surprised to see that Cedele at Wheelock had no queue at all. Cedele has since become one of my favourite "healthy restaurants" and it is also one of TF's favourite place.

I knew I would love the scarf that TF got me just from the muted tones of pink, cream and grey. I used it a few days later during my Hanoi trip. As for the earrings, she told me that it is supposed to be inspired from the Chanel trend which I totally had no clue about. To which she said "Yeah, I had no clue too." The best part of the present was the sweet letter that she wrote to me. I always love sweet notes, letters and cards more than any physical gifts.

TF was the only person who opened the magnet from the packaging as soon she she received it. From what I observed, many people left the packaging on and stuck it just like that. It looks pretty in the packaging but even prettier without, especially in photos with the reflection glare eliminated. I also got a Belif travel size Christmas gift set for her and other gal pals. Glad she likes the gifts but you know what, I think her nails are the focus of this photo. Lol. 

I forgot the name of the dishes we ordered but we ordered almost the same thing just that TF's one was chicken with fruity berry topping...

and mine was fish and aubergine with tangy salsa topping.

Trying to cut down on tea but it is so soothing to chat over a cup of tea.

It is really amazing how TF and I would always be able to pick up where we left off and we could talk about anything under the sun without awkward moments of silence. Time is never enough for us that we agreed that we have to meet up more regularly. We met up a couple of times over these 2 years but prior to that, the last was in 2010! And then when I was doing this post, I realised that I've not blogged about our past few meet ups and decided to consolidate all my meet ups with TF in this post.

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*Tears, Laughter and More Laughter*~

Throwback to September 2013, TF and I kept trying to arrange for a weekend meet up as we always felt that those after work dinner meet ups would never be enough for us. The last we met each other was in 2007! Although we continued to keep in touch via messaging and social media over the years, both of us had wanted to pour our hearts out face to face.

I remembered telling her that no matter what, I had wanted to meet up with all the friends I consider close in my life coz I thought I might just die. I said, "You are the last close friend whom I finally managed to meet up and now I can go away peacefully." and she went "touch wood". Well I won't be sharing much but let's just say that it was a bad phase for us in terms of whatever that lies under the umbrella of health. She, on the other hand, was so strong and I really admire all that she had gone through. But well, we would have to rise from the dumps and so aside from slight tears, there would always be lots of laughter with this gal around.

We had Nando's coz Nando's could never go wrong. This picture garnered 120 likes and was 4th 2013 best moments on Instagram from the Satigram app.

And this was the #1 top picture of 2013 best moments on Instagram with 156 likes which was quite a mean feat considering that my followers were only 200-300 back then. We both scratched our heads and wondered what was so likeable about our 2 collages of girls in nerdy glasses. And yes, TF is still the type who would pin up polaroid photos at her workstation's notice board whereas mine are currently lying on my side table collecting dust.

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*At Domani*~

Throwback to June 2014, TF and I met up a week before her wedding . I love how our eyes had a bluish tinge reflected from the blue light of a billboard in front of us.

We had dinner at Domani which looks sleek and modern now. It used to be a lot better when it wasn't called Domani and had rustic brick decor. TF's slipper lobster pasta was soooooo good.

My vongole was disappointing with no hint of white wine taste at all.

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

~*TF's Wedding*~

Still a throwback from June 2014 but a week after the meet up at Domani was TF's wedding which was held at Grand Shanghai. It was the first time I attended a wedding whereby I didn't know anyone else. Ok I do see some familiar faces but I'm not close to them and besides they were all in bigger groups seated with people they know. I sat at a table together with some of her good friends and made new friends that night.

It was my 2nd time attending a wedding at Grand Shanghai and I love that place. With the soothing Chinese music, smooth mesmerizing voice of the songstress and soft red drapings amidst dim lighting, I felt as if I was transported back to Shanghai in the 60s.

Food was not bad too. As we were seated at a smaller table, our food was portioned out individually for us at the side by the servers.

TF is a teacher and her Thank You speech was in the style of PowerPoint presentations! She drew much laughter from the ground with her "presentation" to her "students".

Her hubby, G, was so humorous that he even drew laughter while belting out songs for TF. He sang a Jacky Cheung's Cantonese song 每天愛你多一些 and an English song which I've forgotten the title, man he could sing really well! Ah yes, he is a teacher too and it seems the teacher tables were the rowdiest and most fun table to be at.

The candid, humorous and nonetheless lovely couple.

And finally a shot with the beautiful bride! And to quote your words in the letter, I love you a lottle too! xoxo

I'm always glad that my blog helps me keep my memory in check. I was clueless about the number of years TF and I haven't met prior to the more regular meet ups these 2 years and started using the search function of my blog to try to sieve out our past meet ups:

I often relive old memories when I read my posts from long ago. I couldn't even remember some of the things I wrote about that happened so it is always a mix feeling of joy and nostalgia when I look back and reminisce.

 photo blogseparatorflowersmall.gif

My Internet modem was down the past few days and I was doing everything on my phone. I had initially wanted to catch up on blog stuff but doing stuff on the phone has its limits. I've replied to some but not all of your comments on the past 2 posts so do remember to check back. Appreciate all who addressed the issues in my verbal diarrhoea of ranting. It had also been a really tiring week and work would only get more this coming week. I wished I could press a pause button in life to take a break. Don't you wish there was a pause button in your life too?


  1. Blog is a great journal to record memories. Aren't you glad we have it? :)
    Looks like you had a great time. The food looks heavenly too.

  2. Oh I have a friend like that too, we can talk about anything, anytime, but it's been 5 years since I last saw her in person :( Thank God for Skype and phones! :D

    Bella Pummarola

  3. Oh wow, this a great post dear! I really love seeing a bit into people's personal lives through photos! Throughout school I always was one who wore sporty baggy shorts and t-shirts! Not even jeans! (all my schools had no uniform overseas), I've yet to have the chance to meet up with many of my ex-classmates as they're all over the world but I totally would love to and go out and eat and catch up with them! Don't worry I won't be sick of seeing more posts from last year! Bring it on!

    1. Great to see a strong supporter for my neverending Christmas posts! =D I hope you get to meet up with the friends that you've thought of meeting.

  4. Hi Jo! I see you are very close to her, together you both look so sweet and cute! Is like your eyes sparkle! Love the earrings she gave you, I had a pair too but in red. Her nails are very cool, actually is the first thing I noticed when I saw the magnet you gave her lol!:) The throwback moments are lovely, she were a beautiful bride and I no wonder that pic took many likes on ig, made me want to cook french fries right now!:P Hope you are better Jo, many hugs and have a great week ahead! xo

  5. Oh my Jo... how I wish I could hit a pause button... but we can't :)

    Your friend sounds so wonderful ... isn't it amazing when you connect with someone where you can pick up a conversation and be talking for hours on end never be bored. I miss that... It is so wonderful to be that close to someone...

    I had a friend like this, we hung out together all the time and we told each other everything.. it was the best..
    Something changed after 25 years and we don't speak anymore. I have no ill feelings about her, I actually wish her the best but I really do treasure those times I had with her in the past..

    And then there was 'him', he came back into my life when I really needed someone that would listen to me and he showed me there was a lot of hope and even though it didn't work out romantically for us (I was sad). It was much more sad losing him as my friend. Although it has been very hard being without him in my life... I wish him so much happiness as I could never wish him less...

    I am so glad you are feeling better, sometimes our body just needs a break ... also as much as I love technology it can slow us down when it doesn't work... which is a good thing sometimes ;)

  6. It's really lovely to see how close you are and it reminds me of my best friend as well. You're absolutely right! I prefer giving sweet cards because I believe it's the effort that counts. I remember giving my best friend a scrap book on her birthday and how happy she was when I gave it to her. It's her first time receiving such gift. It's more personal rather than buying material things. Just like the card you received., It's the sweetest thing! :) Cheers for more wonderful moments with your close friend! :)

    Best Regards,

  7. Hi Jo. It's sounds so much fun hanging out with the gal pal:). I like it when the gal pal meet up is fun, and has lot to talk about and end up with laughing. I miss the old like that after kids, no time left for mom:). I Hope you feels better already. Me and my boys are getting better but coughing is still going around here. Hope you have a wonderful week ahead Jo.

    I must excuse myself to go to bed as my medicine is now kicking in:)

    Xo Tanya

  8. seems like you really had an awesome and great time jo! nice to know. :))

    xoxo, rae

  9. a pause bottom would sometimes really come in handy:) Meeting with friends is always wonderful and I'm glad you two had such a lovely time. I do know about the Chanel trend and like these oversize pearls...but as you say, hand written notes mean even more than physical gifts. I love both to write and to receive gift cards as it is such a sweet reminder of a certain occasion and time. Recently going trough my old stuff I found a letter from my friend written from Moscow when we were both about 15 and she was studying there...11 pages long letter it can imagine how sweet it was to read it- and I must really show it to you again.

    I'm sorry to hear about the health problems in the past...I had a few serious ones in the last few years so at least now I get less annoyed about common colds, viruses and flu (as bad as I feel when I get them)

    you both look adorable on all these pics, both old and new ones!
    p.s. teachers rock!

    1. 11 pages long letter! What a nice long little letter. Do share on your blog if you ever want to. I kept all my letters too but all those from school days are buried in a bag in my family home. I'm afraid to open it as I remembered I once put a small bar of chocolate in there. I can't remember if I threw the chocolate away and I dread to think of what would greet me when I open the bag. I hope you are rid of all serious illness too.

    2. yes, it was a lovely letter...I made a little typo, I meant to say that I really have to show it to her...I doubt she would be ecstatic about me sharing her adolescent experiences and thoughts on the blog ha ha..

      btw I don't think you have to be that afraid of chocolate, today's food has lots of chemicals in it to prevent it from going bad, so it shouldn't be that green. I remember I once kept a tiny chocolate that same friend gave me and nothing happened to it (but I never did open it).

      I do love letters...I still exchange letters with some friends. It's one of the things that I miss in this post internet and email world:) but maybe this way it is more special because it is more of a gesture.

    3. Hahaha... No wonder! I was puzzled. Oh I'm glad the chocolate is in the wrapper.

  10. This is a cute post. I'm glad you and your friend can pick up where you left off without any awkwardness even though you don't see each other often. I love when that happens. :)
    Also, all the food looks so delicious!

  11. You and your friends are so cute, love that!! xx

  12. Sounds like so much fun! Spending time with friends are the best :) Lovely photos and the food looks so good as well hehe :P

  13. Looks like you had a fabulous time with your friend. Beautiful pictures.

  14. Hi Jo! How is it possible that you girls look more beautiful with each year? It's so lovely that you have your blog as a reminder of the good ol' days. Sweet cards mean much more to me than other gifts. I have kept every single card that was given to me. Yes TF's nails look pretty rad btw! I can't help it but your posts always make me hungry. I wish you a wonderful Monday and thanks for your kind words. I try to update both blogs as much as I can but it's sooo much work. Okay I have to go cooking now cos you made me hungry :D

    Btw I can totally understand your verbal diarrhea. You should have heard me yesterday ( I can't right that stuff on the blog sadly). I'm so friggin mad at some guys we work with. I want to kick their butts. Can't wait to get rid of them :D

    xx /

    1. A reminder to self to follow your personal blog too! I feel like that would be a lot more connection since you're the one who is aways doing the replying outta you 3 sisters. I hope you get to kick the butts of those who deserve it.

  15. What a fabulous friend Jo! I really enjoyed reading about the history between you two. She's so pretty and I bet she had a cool collection of tshirts. I love her eyeglass frames. What nice gifts! Written notes always mean so much. She had a fabulous wedding. Thanks for sharing this Jo!

  16. This is such a sweet post! Blogs are great with keeping memories in check - I do it way too often too! There's something special about certain friends when you can always pick up where you left off even if it's been years! That's what I believe a true friend is :)

  17. cute photo's , the food looks yummy :)


  18. Your friendship seems really lovely and I love all of your images of food - yum! Also, I agree that in the gift-swapping photos, her nails are beautifully ombre! :)


  19. What a lovely friendship and the wedding looks fun. An original thank you speech too! Thank you for your comment. In the weeks before Christmas it was not too cold over here but we seem to be having a very cold spell so plenty of layers are needed. I hope your husband is coping with these lower temperatures during his trip.

  20. Love these pictures!!!

  21. Ah yes, you can NEVER go wrong with Nando's. Mmmm I'm craving some right now. I avoid the malls at all costs during Christmas. Not so much for the crown inside but for the crazies that roam around the parking lots looking for parking spaces. Now that is something scary. I can't tell you the last time I received a hand written note. It was an awful while away. People just don't do that anymore, even on birthday cards. I think the majority have gotten too accustomed to "liking" posts than using words to articulate why it is they liked that. This is something that makes me very sad about todays world.


  22. Dear Jo, it's wonderful to have such a good friend like you have with TF! It is really to recognisable in the pictures that you have a impressing good relationship together. And I'm like you, I appreciate it also if one writes my something by heart. Further I'm convinced the power presentation which TF prepared and presented was a wonderful gift for the new couple and this wedding seemed to be amazing - and obviously kind of other like the weddings here in Bavaria :)
    Wish you all the best, dear Jo!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Hehe... Actually TF was the bride and the PowerPoint presentation was her own thank you speech. =)

  23. Friend's reunion is something so special and I always enjoy it so much! A friend of mine comes to my mind right now. We know each other for quite some time, but we rarely see each other. I feel so bad about it... I wish we could see each other more often. I totally understand your feelings, Jo! Your blog is your diary and one day, baby, we'll be old and we'll be reading our blogs (if something else doesn't happen and they disappear). But it's always such a pleasant time to catch up with friends! Have a lovely week, Jo! Hope you're doing fine!

  24. That is nice that you guys picked up where you left off, and haha t shirt and shorts- i used to always wear that in the summer! it is indeed very comfortable! and all the food pics in your post, yum!

  25. Thank you all for your sweet and (some) touching comments. I enjoyed reading them all and I'm glad to hear that some of you have friendships like this too. I will get back to all of you ether here and/or your blogs soon. xoxo


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