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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gerra's Super Unconventional Wedding Part 1

My gal pal Gerra got married earlier this month.

Unlike most conventional Chinese weddings, Gerra opted for a Western sit-down dining at Skyve. And just like her fun personality, everything about her wedding was unconventional and loud. The keyword here is "over the top" and boy were most of the guests so spontaneous! Almost everyone followed the disco, retro, loud and colourful theme.

I only decided on the 60s A-go-go style on the morning itself when I found out that my bling blue dress looked weird on me, my long ponytail wig was nowhere to be found and my hair was in a total mess. I decided to wear the Valentino Circle Dress which I've only worn once during last year's Chinese New Year because the flare circle skirt with bright yellow and loud prints has slight reminiscence to the 60s Agogo style. That's me with Zanne who went by the Disco theme.

My nails were painted haphazardly that morning with Estee Lauder in Pink Fever which fortunately matched the earrings that Zanne had lent me that day. The 3rd picture in the collage is the wedding corsage for 姊妹 (bridesmaids) which was hand-made by Gerra.

I wanted those big messy hair and hence my hair was done in a side updo with pouffy fringe.

The complete look!

I brought along a nerd for my date. Hubby had long wanted to go as a nerd. He was more prepared than me when he bought a pair of suspenders the previous day. As for his fake lensless glasses, he has been wearing them on and off ever since he bought it from a poor old man peddling goods. Kh often wears them just to look intellectual or whenever I'm also in glasses.

We went slightly earlier to help with the decorations.

Those beautiful pinwheels were made by Gerra. As usual, creativity oozes in her veins.

Um... we all looked like we did not know what to do in this photo...

But I swear we did a decent job in decorating the reception table.

For most Chinese weddings held at hotel ballrooms, ang pow boxes are clearly indicated for the bride and the groom. Guests of either side should drop their ang pows into the correct box. Gerra and Clement only had one ang pow box. Now we know that money doesn't matter to them or does it?

Guests were encouraged to hashtag #gocrazy and #discolove for photos uploaded onto social media.

This was how the outdoor buffet set-up looked like.

The word "DISCO" would not even give a clue that Skyve's private event that evening was a wedding.

The interior decor by day...

The interior decor by night...

This was Gerra's wig that day. A blend of pink and blonde. Ooh la la... Have you ever seen a Chinese wedding like this before?

Gerra and Clement have 2 pre-wedding albums. One of which is the movie-set album.

The front cover of the movie set album features Clement the Late Groomer.

The back features Gerra the Bride to be.

Everything inside is just so fun and cool! Here's sharing with all of you their album. (Pages might not be in order).

A Lot Like Love
The 5 Year Engagement

Bonnie and Clyde
The Bounty Hunter

We Bought a Zoo (The guinea pig belongs to them.)
The Hunger Games

Crazy Stupid Love
My Sassy Girl


Date Night

Kungfu Hustle

Corpse Bride
Don Jon

Confessions of a Shopaholic

My favourite pictures from the whimsical album are these two.

And this. Love the whole feel and their expressions here. Reminds me of the movie In the Mood for Love in contemporary times.

Part 1 of this post features the pre-wedding detail shots and Part 2 would feature the wedding dinner itself.

The bride says, "Stay tuned for Part 2!"

Photos in this posts are taken using Canon S95, iPhone 4s and Samsung.


  1. Wow, looks like you guys at a fantastic time at the wedding! I love the retro theme, it must've made the atmosphere a lot more fun :)) Your hair and makeup looks really pretty too!! Congratulations on your friend btw!!!!


  2. Whoa, I love how creative their wedding albums are! Very fun!

  3. omg that looks like such an amazing wedding, totally different and creative which i love!! looks like you had so much fun!

  4. Hi Jo! Congrats to Gerra and Clement from my side too! This is the more uncovential wedding I ever saw sonfar and for sure must have been so amazing and exciting taking part in. Love the retro look you chose, you are just so lovely! Great nails amd make up top! Gerra is very creative, Inlime her handmade stuff. A movie set album? How fun! They are a sweet couple indeed! Many kisses Jo, have a good week ahead! xo

  5. That looks like one of the most fun pre-weddings I've ever seen. Terra might be one of my favorites among your friends. She's such a chameleon, I'm not 100% sure. lol!
    You and kh both dressed well for the event. I'm looking forward to part ll.

  6. What an amazingly fun wedding! Loved the themes, and what a creative photo album! My hubby would have loved something like that as he is a giant movie buff! Great post Jo! Glad to see you had fun, you looked fantastic also! ^__^

  7. Super cool idea!
    ♥ ♥ ♥ Love ♥ ♥ ♥

  8. WOW this wedding looks like so much fun! so unique!!! I love love love the photo album they made with photos that looked like movie posters, that is so creative and fun! I wonder how much work it took for them to dress up like each character and look for all the props! I got married last October, I had a very traditional wedding and now after seeing this I wish I did something a little bit crazier haha I can't wait to see the second part of the wedding!


  9. Such a lively and cool event. Those movie posters are a genius idea and executed brilliantly. And your closeup, dear, my goodness you are a stunner. Looks like such a wonderful time. Look forward to part II. Thanks for your lovely comments on my last post, dear. So glad to see the responses. Yours are always so welcome! xoxo

  10. OMGGG what a cute ass event! I seriously want a wedding just like that! I'm totally stealing that movie star magazine idea hahaha! Thank you for sharing!!!


  11. Ha, I loved this. Amazing wedding, can't wait to see the next part. Everyone looks amazing xx

  12. Who can not love this wedding? It's so personal in a unique and creative way, it's perfect! I would love to see more weddings like this :)

  13. Wow what a wedding! I sure haven't seen anything like this. Seemed so fun and unique. Every guest will certainly remember. Love how they did the engagement photos, wonderful keepsake for years to come.

  14. Your friend Gerra sounds like so much fun and her wedding certainly looks incredibly fun and fabulous! I bet everyone who attended must've had such an amazing and unforgettable time. You and hubby look adorable!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  15. so unique. I love how the wedding turned out!

  16. This seems like such a fun wedding and you look so beautiful! I am mind blown by how creative the pre wedding album is with all the movie posters featuring the couple. This is so innovative and uber cool. We have nothing like this in India. And yes a theme wedding like this sounds like so much fun compared to a traditional ceremony! Cool post Jo!
    Keep in touch

  17. Quite an unusual and certainly unforgettable wedding! I like the idea of the book; really fun!

  18. Holy moly! I haven't seen a wedding like that before. First of all congrats to the beautiful couple Gerra and Clement!! Definitely over the top. I wish I were there to celebrate with you guys. The wedding albums are totally amazing. Esp. the movie set album. These two look like movie stars btw!! I love your 60s inspired outfit and your hubby is the best looking "nerd" I have seen ;-)
    Wow that's what I love about blogging. Being the "guest" of the coolest wedding ever. Thanks Jo. Have a wonderful day sweetheart :D

    xx Mira

  19. Hi Jo, you look so beautiful, adore the dress and your hair and makeup is stunning. I am in awe of this amazingly creative and unique wedding, I love bridal couples that take risks like this and go the non-traditional routes, it all looks like tons of fun. And their movie photo shoots! Thats the cutest thing ever, very inventive!! Congratulations to them, amy they have a lifetime of happiness! Thanks kindly for your comment, hope your week is going well :)

  20. This was FUN! What a cool wedding! I love how they role played. Jo, you and your husband looked fabulous doll.

  21. Looks like a really nice wedding, and super fun! :)

  22. Looks like an awesome wedding! I love unconventional weddings!

  23. You look seriosuly gorgeous here, Jo!! And I love the theme of the wedding--seriously, how often do you see/hear about a themed wedding?!! Congrats on the newlyweds!

  24. Thank you all for your sweet comments and well wishes to my gal pal. xoxo

  25. Hey Jo!!!! Super glad to read about your week and connect to you via blogging! I laughed at your hubs photobombing you like cray LOL (the vid was so funny!) and seemed like you had such a fun filled week and wedding! Yes, there is such a thing as back hair selfies (LOL) now let's see more of those!!!!

    xoxo, Mango ❤
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