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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Winner for Jo's 2nd Blog Giveaway

Thank you so much to those who have participated in my 2nd Blog Giveaway!

For transparency, I have provided the list of the final participants and the points awarded for each. Do note that some entries have been void. Please read the disclaimer.

The minimum requirement to enter is to follow me both on GFC and bloglovin'. However, I allowed anyone to enter as long as you followed me on one and explained why you were not able to follow on the other. I relaxed the rules for this portion as after all, this is all for fun. ;)

I regret to inform that if I was not able to find your username on the mediums that you mentioned you have followed, I would not count those points in. It was also difficult for me to check which requirements you had fulfilled without categorizing your answers in the template provided. =P

Your entry would be rendered void if I did not get any updates from you on totalling up the points yourself. I hope that you would understand that it was very difficult for me to total up the points for each and every one of you since I'm doing this manually.

Only exception to the above are my long-time blog friends and readers. For my long-time blog friends and readers, it was easy for me to know which mediums you have followed me and hence more straightforward for me to tally up your points. This is also to show my appreciation to all of you who have stuck by for years. =)

List of Participants
  1. MizzSandyChau – 21 points          (Entry #1 – #21)
  2. PAPS – 22                                   (Entry #22 – #43)
  3. Shamu Boo – 32                           (Entry #44 – #75)
  4. Mira – 17                                      (Entry #76 – #92)
  5. Shayne – 17                                  (Entry #93 – #109)
  6. Galaxia @ Hopeful Kiss – 37        (Entry #110 – #146)
  7. krystal ♥ – 32                               (Entry #147 – #178)
  8. Vanessa N – 17                            (Entry #179 – #195)
  9. Winda – 37                                   (Entry #196 – #232)
  10. The Dainty Dolls House – 27         (Entry #233 – #259)
  11. Rowena @ rolala loves – 17          (Entry #260 – #276)
  12. Thais Magalhães – 22                    (Entry #277 – #298)
  13. inge – 12                                       (Entry #299 – #310)
  14. Kim Alston – 27                            (Entry #311 – #337)
  15. Grace Hui – 16                              (Entry #338 – #353)
  16. Demi Mist – 32                              (Entry #354 – #385)
  17. Karina Melias – 37                        (Entry #386 – #422)
  18. Bianca Rogoveanu – 31                 (Entry #423 – #453)
  19. Melanie Miranda – 37                    (Entry #454 – #490)
  20. erma riestiana – 37                         (Entry #491 – #527)
  21. Tanya Soyer – 17                           (Entry #528 – #544)
  22. milkteayumi – 32                            (Entry #545 – #576)

The WINNER generated by is...

Congratulations, dear Shayne! You haven't provided your email address so please reply to this blog post within 72 hours before another winner is selected.

To all the lovely people who took part, I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. This giveaway wouldn't have been a success without all of you. I enjoyed reading all your comments and especially for those who took the effort to garner more points, to re-enter the giveaway due to Rafflecopter glitch and to categorize your entries neatly in the template provided, a BIG THANK YOU to you too.

Have a good mid week!

PS: For those of you whom I've emailed separately during Valentine's Day, I've yet to send out your little gift. So sorry and do bear with me. =P


  1. Congratulations Shayne! Woot Woot!

  2. Look how many entries you got!!! So wonderful how much exposure your superb blog has gotten from this. Very happy for you :)

  3. Wonderful, congrats to the winner, that is so great :) xx

  4. Shayne from Queen of All You See? Congrats to her!! :) And thanks for hosting such a great giveaway Jo! ♥

  5. Hi jo! You brightened up my day with this announcement! <3 thank you for being so generous and accomodating (sorry bout the missing email ad). :)

  6. Congratulations on successful giveaway and to the winner. I was in Singapore for a week and returned yesterday. I was thinking of you and some of the places you have recommended in your blog.

    1. Ah, were you in Singapore for a holiday? Do you like your stay here? It has been really hot and humid recently. I came back from Taiwan dreading Singapore's humidity. So sweet of you to think of me when you were here. xoxo

  7. Thank you all for your sweet comments to me and to Shayne! xoxo

  8. Congrats to Shayne!! Haha I was sooo close. Maybe I have more look the next time :)


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