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Monday, March 31, 2014

Great Singapore Sale with Zalora Singapore

There seems to be no other word like ‘SALE’ which can capture a woman’s attention quite as well. For me, another word that could capture my attention is "food" but that would be another story.

The Great Singapore Sale (GSS) 2014 will be held from 30 May to 27 July 2014. However at Zalora Singapore, the Great Singapore Sale has already begun with sale of up to 80% discount!

I like sites which indulge in a little jest and I was rather tickled by their pop-up banner to save $10.

Upon clicking Zalora's GSS page, I was brought to a page where I could choose to shop either for women or for men. Of course, I clicked "women" (Duh... who needs to shop for the hubby) and that instantly narrowed down the range of products. It was really easy to navigate around as I could shop by colour, brand, price and discount. Being a bird that goes "cheap cheap cheap" during the GSS, I would usually shop by the amount of discount. This time, I went straight for "brand" as I was eyeing some Steve Madden shoes on their dot com page and was wondering if I could get them at Zalora for a discount.

These are some shoes which I like. Some are new, while some are from the older range.

~*SWINVISION Metal Embellished Sandals*~
One of gal pals has this and it is really beautiful.

~*SWTESSY Strappy Heels with Buckle*~
Love the pop of colour!

~*SWSPYCEE Gladiator Heels*~
Something to hit the clubs with.

~*SWHEADLNE Slip On Boots*~
Oh yes... Winter is officially over in the Northern Hemisphere and it is time to ditch those boots. Not these slip ons. These are really comfortable and suitable for Singapore's tropical weather. They look great when paired with short skirts.

~*SWTWYNKLE Studded Sneakers in pink*~
Their mint green one is really lovely too! For the first time, I think I would choose the mint green over the pink. Alas, I can't find a proper image of the mint green one anywhere to feature here except on Zalora's page.

~*SVP-BESSY Flip Flops*~
I lurve the fuchsia floral detail with the leopard print base. This pair of flip flops would definitely stand out on casual days. However, from SGD150 to SGD59, it is still too expensive for casual flip flops. I would strike this off my list. Moreover, this pair doesn't come in my size.

Of course there are other brands on discount too. Anne Klein, Converse, G-Star, Mango, Nine West. to name a few. There’s no better time than now get some special deals on your favourite items - all at a special price at Zalora's Great Singapore Sale. You’re guaranteed to be spoilt for choice with their impressive range of collection, so take your pick from the incredible plethora of footwear, apparel and accessories available. Be it the girl-next-door, corporate woman or the beach loving’ babe, you can definitely find something that suits your style with their vast selection of apparels.

[This is a scheduled post.]


  1. Sales sound good to me :) I love a good sale & even more good food ;) Happy Monday doll, I hope you have a great week xx

  2. Hi Jo, also for me the other word is food! (Also make up!). The sale on the site sounds great, there are many brands on discount. I like so much the sneakers with the studs, they are utterly nice! Have a great week! xo

    1. I would think make up appeals to you a lot too! Have a good Sunday!

  3. Great review sweetheart...thx for sharing..:-)

  4. Those are my two favorite words too Jo! HAHAHA I love those metallic heels.

  5. Os produtos são lindos!!
    Adorei as sandálias..
    Bjs e boa semana!!

    1. Used Google Translate for this. Thank you for stopping by. Love seeing newcomers around. Have a lovely week!

  6. I love the first sandals a great colour and like the detail. Have a fun week

  7. Thank you so much for commenting my post on the gel nails. I was super afraid but it turned out to be very easy. I guess sometimes you really have to try and risk a little.
    Love your choices of shoes. I really like the pink sneakers with the studs, though the mint version is very tempting too.

    You have a really cute blog and gained a new follower. Hope that’s ok!

    1. Thank you for visiting back. Of course it is NOT OK to have a new follower... it is GREAT! Would do the same for you too as I love to have meaningful interaction with my readers. =D


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